New Counter Cultured Article: Glad UCSD is Evicting Ché Cafe From Campus

This is one of the rare times I offer some praise to my alma mater, UCSD. Kudos to the administration for following through with the Che Cafe’s eviction from campus. You can read about it at Counter Cultured today. Below is an excerpt:

On Tuesday, the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) allowed the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department to seize the Ché Cafe. The co-op was handed an eviction notice on March 17, 2015, after more than a decade of back-and-forth over the building’s decrepit state.

The controversial cafe- which pays homage to communist Ché Guevara and is a backronym for “Cheap Healthy Eats” – first opened in 1980 and is considered a “hip” concert venue among UCSD students. However, not all of us who attended UCSD hold that same view.

When I attended UCSD from 2009 to 2012, I viewed that place as a worn-out, shabby communist compound. Many campus leftists had congregated there. Admittedly, it was a scary place to stumble upon (especially at night). More importantly, few of my classmates questioned its very name and corresponding tribute to communist thug Ché Guevara.

The proposed eviction, which was tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, has generated a lot of attention. Though outrage has been placed on the eviction, it’s greatly misplaced. Students and community members should be outraged by what the Ché Cafe stands for.

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NRA News Appearance on Article Criticizing Everytown for Gun Safety

NRA News

I appeared on NRA News on Tuesday, March 24th, 2015, to discuss the problem with Everytown for Gun Safety’s latest misinformation campaign targeting young women who support gun rights and concealed carry. Here’s more on the appearance:

At the Counter Cultured blog, Gabriella Hoffman has written about Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, and its assertion that young women can’t handle firearms. A series of tweets from the gun control group characterizes young women as drunk, irresponsible, and a danger to themselves. Hoffman describes the responsible behavior of young gun owners, and the effect of reduced crime from concealed carry on campus. Originally aired on NRA News Cam & Co 03/24/15.

Click here to listen to the full NRA News segment.

Update I: Here’s the full YouTube clip from my March 24th NRA News appearance:

Kaminsky’s Baking Company: Southern Delight in Dessert Form

Gabriella Hoffman:

Here’s my latest restaurant review! I profiled Kaminsky’s Bake Shop in Charleston, SC.

Originally posted on A Taste of Patriarchy:

I ventured to Charleston, SC several weeks ago for a work-related event and happened to stumble upon some delicious cuisine. From Hominy Grill to Bowen’s Island Restaurant to Tattooed Moose, I was able to immerse myself in some of the best dining spots Chuck Town had to offer. One place that stuck out to me was Kaminsky’s Baking Company in downtown Charleston.

Kaminsky’s is a local favorite and a foodie’s paradise. If you have a sweet tooth, this place is for you! I ordered a Toasted Marshmallow Steamer and a slice of Bourbon Pecan Pie. They’re pictured below:

Toasted Marshmallow Steamer and Bourbon Pecan PieEvery dessert is freshly prepared and made daily in-house. There’s a large assortment of desserts and dessert drinks to chose from. Check out the full menu here.

If you find yourself in Charleston, pay a visit to Kaminsky’s!

Follow Kaminsky’s on Twitter and like their Facebook pageHave…

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New Counter Cultured Article: Everytown for Gun Safety Hates Young Empowered Females

I’ve penned a new column up at Counter Cultured today. Below is an excerpt:

Everytown for Gun Safety,  a Michael Bloomberg-funded arm of the gun control lobby, issued a series of tweets last week suggesting college-aged women are too dumb to handle firearms.

This is the usual banter that emanates from the Left –especially those entrenched in efforts to disarm Americans under the guise of “gun safety.”  Women aren’t capable of being independent and self-sufficient unless government has a say, they claim. Any woman who defies conventional wisdom and takes up gun ownership – let alone any woman who rejects nanny statism – apparently can’t be empowered unless she sips the female victimhood Kool-Aid.

Continue reading at Counter Cultured.

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Ted Cruz First Candidate to Announce Bid for the Presidency: Why It’s A Good Thing


Last night, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) formally announced he’s running for President of the United States.

He addressed Liberty University. (Watch his speech here.)

Below are some of my tweets from his TedTalk at Liberty:

Now, naysayers have suggested that his campaign will be a flop because he doesn’t own the domain (He does have ownership of, however.) Though this is a bit disconcerting, it’s nothing major to worry about. Clarification on this can be found at Twitchy.

Not that my opinion counts for much, but this could be very interesting–in a good way. Without a doubt, Cruz is a viable candidate. He’s smart, he cares about this country, he understands the importance of gauging young people, and he can duke it out on the cultural battlefield. Can he win the primary? Possibly. Regardless of who you may or may not be supporting this early in the race, it’s important for serious contenders to come about and mute passé ideas belonging to those in the party who are out of touch. It’s important for a candidate to unite conservatives and libertarians while espousing our ideas in an articulate manner; they must also champion true limited government in the face of crony capitalism/big government. ‪#‎DisruptDC‬ ‪#‎MakeDCListen‬

What will the senator bring to the table? Below are some points:

1) He’s smart and doesn’t need to read from a teleprompter.

2) He’s a sound conservative and is liberty-minded. (Fiscal, social cons can gravitate to him.)

3) He excites the grassroots.

4) He gets conservative policy and is consistent in the U.S. Senate.

5) He’s not an Obama reincarnate in Republican cloth. (Solicitor General of Texas, anyone? Accomplished lawyer much?)

6) He’s against big government. (See his opinions on Export-Import Bank, subsidies, NSA spying, Common Core, high taxes, bloated government departments, etc.)

7) He can rally conservatives, libertarians, independents behind a banner of faith, freedom, and free enterprise. (Few can actually do this.)

I can list more positive qualities about a Cruz bid for the presidency at a later time. Even if he doesn’t advance too far in the primary – though it’s plausible he could – his presence in the 2016 field will make squishes like Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, and others squirm. It’ll help narrow down what is expected to be a crowded field.

What do you think about Cruz’s presidential bid? Is it good or bad? Please remain civil in the comments section. Thanks!

Thank You for the Birthday Wishes, Everyone!


Yesterday I celebrated my 24th birthday. (Am I really in my mid-20s now? Say it ain’t so!)

First and foremost, I want to thank my family and friends for their unwavering love, support, and friendship. Grateful for my parents, my sister, aunts, uncles, and cousins for showering me with love! Thank you for making me feel especially loved and valued! From my oldest childhood friends back in California to my DC friends to friends in America’s Heartland: thank you for the countless texts, calls, Facebook messages/posts – especially from those of you I haven’t heard from in a bit. I am continually uplifted and inspired by your friendship. Thank you for the continual laughs and being the absolute gracious friends a girl like me could ask for. To my coworkers, to the college students I work with, and readers of my articles: thank you for the well wishes! I’m absolutely overwhelmed by the kindness shown and displayed from so many of you. (Over 600 Facebook posts and countless tweets- wow! I’m flattered by the compliments and support many of you have offered me over the years.) I’m truly grateful!

I truly mean it when I say I’m blessed for everything in my life. Thank you for the continual encouragement and support!

Here’s to not being a bore at 24! :)


Sad: American Millennials Are Highly Educated But Unskilled

A new study from Princeton University concludes Millennials are highly educated but highly unskilled in the modern day.

My dad, who is a general contractor, recently lamented how hard it is to find guys around my age to hire as workers for his construction business. Most want to make a lot of money doing minimal work. Others can’t handle manual labor and refuse to get their hands dirty. As a result, vocational trades lag behind and our economy subsequently suffers. This is a troubling trend in other industries, as well. Many Millennials -regardless of gender – can’t comprehend an honest day’s work. They want instant gratification or a quick buck.

What best explains this? There’s this ridiculous expectation that a college degree will buy one success and happiness. (That’s patently false!) The quality of higher education – depending upon the university one graduates from – varies and is generally mediocre today compared to prior decades. (Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but a degree in Feminist/Gender Studies has a poor return on investment (ROI) and isn’t a marketable area of concentration.) With this inherent expectation that everyone must go to college, the higher education bubble is slated to burst. Millennials are graduating with mountains of debt and limited-to-no job prospects in sight. Opportunities to bask in prosperity are becoming increasingly dismal.

Having graduated with a B.A. from a reputable university in California, I can personally say that a college degree essentially is a piece of paper. Admittedly, I had the distinct pleasure of attending UCSD- an opportunity many still kill for today. (I earned my place there; I worked very hard in high school to get in there.) I made some great friends, graduated from a top political science program, learned a lot, and got my start in politics through campus activism there. That is a chapter in my life that I will always cherish. However, if having a college degree weren’t a prerequisite for getting a job today, I may have reconsidered college. Studying political science primarily comprised of theory rather than real-world application. If it weren’t for spending numerous hours volunteering or working part-time jobs/internships centered around conservative politics during college, I wouldn’t be where I am today. If you have a college degree but no work experience, prospective employers will glance over your application and not give any thought to hiring you. Yes, a college degree will set you apart from others – but if you can’t work hard or challenge yourself, the real world will work against you. Employers still care about quality work. If Millennials think waving a college degree in an employer’s’ face will compel them to hire them, they’re wrong.

Can our country have a highly educated populace AND a highly-skilled populace? I’d argue yes. (This is how we historically stood out from the rest of the world!) I’d also like to pose that education is a subjective term. One can be educated in a classroom or on a construction site; on a farm or in a factory; on the battlefield or on a base; in a family business or independent of the government, etc. There are many ways to be educated beyond a classroom!

It’s disheartening a real conversation on choice in education has yet to take place…

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