Last Living WWI Vet Passes Away

Frank Buckles, the last WWI known to exist, has died.

It is amazing how people of his time had such noble character and virtues found in their respective lifetimes.

From PJTV:

Mr. Buckles said he was just a naive schoolboy chasing adventure when he enlisted Aug. 14, 1917, after the United States joined a war that had been raging for three years, with millions dead. “I knew what was happening in Europe, even though I was quite young,” he told a Washington Post reporter when he was 105. “And I thought, well, ‘I want to get over there and see what it’s about.” …

“Every last one of us Yanks believed we’d wrap this thing up in a month or two and head back home before harvest,” he said. “In other words, we were the typical cocky Americans no one wants around until they need help winning a war.” …

He weathered the Depression at sea on his purser’s salary, regularly making port calls in newly Nazified Germany. He saw Adolf Hitler at the 1936 Summer Olympics, he said, and watched Jesse Owens anger the dictator by sprinting to victory in Berlin’s Reichssportfeld.

Then, in December 1941, he was working in a shipping company’s Manila office when Japanese invaders landed in Luzon after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

“Three years, two months,” he said of his captivity in the Philippines, eventually at a notorious camp in Los Banos. There, under pitiless Japanese guards, hundreds of Allied civilian and military internees lived in squalor, subsisting on often wormy rations.

“Zenga Zenga” is Ironically the Libyan Theme for Freedom

Eager to expel dictator Gaddafi, Libyans have adopted the following anthem from Israeli DJ Noy Alooshe.

Caution: The women dancing might be inappropriate for younger audiences.

It is a remix to Pitbull’s “Hey Baby.”

Note the irony…

Sorry Barry, America is Through With You

The American people have spoken, and they are through with you and your radical transformation of America, President Obama and company.

This song is a tribute to your deception and subsequent punking of the American people.

FYI: they are over you!

Enjoy this song from Betty Everett entitled, “You’re No Good.”

Leftist “Brilliance” and “Civility” Emanates Following Protests

After Van Jones and other progressive organizers called for rallies nationwide this past weekend, the unhinged left continued their “civil” tactics amid the passage of Governor Walker’s (R-WI) anti-union bill.

While they accuse conservatives of being “fascist,” “mean-spirited,” and “oppressive,” it is public sector union members who must learn a thing or two about manners and upholding decency.

Below are proven examples why the Left is mired by hypocrisy, intolerance, and an unabashed embrace of violence.

Case #1: Assaulting and disrespecting a reporter is revolting, not noble.

Fox News is the most-watched and trusted name in news, regardless of what liberals and the MSM spin. Protesters continually shouted “Fox lies!” and interrupted this reporter on the job. Talk about reverence for journalists…unless they are affiliated with Fox News.


Case #2:  Blatant intolerance.

If blacks, gays, Hispanics, and other groups commonly swayed by the Democratic Party retreat to the TEA Party Movement and Republican Party, they will be faced with vicious scorn. From Gateway Pundit:

A pro-public union SEIU rally turned ugly today outside the Colorado Capitol in Denver.
The Colorado union supporters started out the day chanting, “Tax the rich!”

But later the unhinged SEIU thugs accosted a gay black tea partyer.
This verbal assault lasted for several minutes.
In this segment the pro-union leftists asks this black tea partyer,

“I just want to know how you can vote against your own best interest.”

Case 3: When disgruntled about imminent budget cuts, calling effective governors “fascist” will hurt your cause:

This assault on unions is not fascist or oppressive. Americans are taking massive cuts to their pay and are suffering from financial hardships. Union members continue to whine and complain that they’ve been attacked. News flash:  these unappreciative leeches should expect to pay for themselves. It is time to opt out of babysitting thugs, socialists, and communists.

One columnist, who is anti-Walker, pointed out the idiocy surrounding this name-calling in the Daily Cardinal:

The individuals who make such comparisons are just desperate for ammunition. They find the slightest similarity so that they can justify their argument. Perhaps Hitler didn’t like unions. Maybe Obama’s health-care system has slight similarities to Nazi Germany’s social policies. But that’s not the point.

Case #4: Fleeing your state and reneging on governmental duties shows weakness, not strength.

The “Wisconsin 14″–Democratic state senators who deliberately put the vote on Governor Walker’s bill on hold–have embarrassed their state and their constituents. WI voters voted for change in November 2010-the change Governor Walker promised while campaigning and subsequently delivered this past week.

Case #5: Shoving your fellow citizens is impolite, not honorable.

In Sacramento, Calif., this past weekend, a TEA Partier was repeatedly shoved and pushed around by an SEIU supporter.



The opposing rallies were divided by 10th Street, west of the State Capitol. All was peaceful, until members supporting unions crossed the street.

An amateur videographer caught a shoving match on tape. The video showed a face to face argument right before Richard Andazola, 28, of Stockton, shoved a tea party activist.

“He bum rushed across the street, came right at us, swung his bullhorn at me, hit me in the hand and then put his hand around my throat and started choking me,” Rodney Stanhope of Placerville said.

The video doesn’t show the choking incident, but clearly shows the shoving. Because of it, Sacramento Police officers cited Andazola for battery.

FreedomWorks employee and conservative activist Tabitha Hale was attacked by union thugs as well.

From Big Government:

Tabitha Hale, a FreedomWorks employee, got in a heated exchange while filming a union member outside of her office when she was attacked by the thug. We at Eyeblast personally know Tabitha, and she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and is definitely not an instigator. Not to mention hitting a girl is one of the most cowardly things a man can do.

Just imagine if a Tea Party member were caught on video doing this. All the major media outlets would been looping this for the next 6 months.

…and a cohort was called a “bad Jew” for not siding with unions.

Clearly, union thugs need to learn some etiquette. Maybe anger management while they are at it. How about some medicine to calm their nerves? Check out this gem below:

Until then, the real agitators cannot go unnoticed.

The Anti V-Day Movement is Becoming a Full-Fledged Force

Hiroshima 2008 Vagina Monologues Poster by Nic...

Image via Wikipedia

After I wrote an op-ed for The Washington Times on Valentine’s Day about the repulsive nature of The Vagina Monologues, more pro-woman activists followed suit.

Most notably, True Feminist of Miami University officer Christine Barilleaux wrote an enlightening piece in The Miami Student offering her criticism of the play and her school’s response to their anti-VDay campaign.

On behalf of the True Feminists of Miami University, I am responding to the critique of the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute (CBLPI) posters hung in response to the Eve Ensler play The Vagina Monologues. We’d like to explain why we chose to hang them up. We don’t deny that the monologues have been meaningful to many who have seen and participated in them. However, there are many others who have seen them and been humiliated and angered by them. The posters actually said that the CBLPI “offers truly inspirational alternatives” to the monologues and gave the website, They are not a denial that rape, sexual assault or female sexuality are truly important issues for women and everyone in our society. Rather, they state that there are more effective ways of discussing these issues and empowering women. I have personally spoken with many people who have expressed that the plays do not empower them, but instead make them feel as though their female identity has been reduced to a single body part. After seeing the plays myself, I have to agree. Why can we not offer an alternative way to showcase the power that women have and the great things they have done throughout history? Why can we not demand that people show respect for our intellect and stop focusing on our bodies alone? As for alternate sources of discourse, we plan to have a forum next year to discuss these issues.

Activism requires taking risks and speaking up about often very controversial topics in very controversial ways at times. We applaud the Association of Women Students for taking their activism seriously and for raising awareness about issues of rape, sexual assault, et cetera. However, being an activist and “putting yourself out there” comes with a responsibility as well. It requires being prepared to hear criticism. The posters are not an attack on the Association of Women Students or on anyone participating in or seeing the plays. Activism challenges ideas. Furthermore, The Vagina Monologues are not unique to the Association of Women Students, nor are they unique to Miami University. They have been performed all over the country every February for the last 15 years. Rarely have I ever encountered anyone publicly speaking up against them. These posters give voice to those who identify with the root causes and issues of the monologues, but who are, for fear of social ostracism, afraid to voice their concerns for the manner in which the plays deal with the issues.

Finally, True Feminism is also a nationwide movement with which we chose to align ourselves. This movement embodies the idea that women are equal to yet different from men and should be given the same rights as men without having to behave like men. It is also a feminism that values the dignity and rights of every human person, including the unborn child. It is both pro-woman and pro-child.

Praise Walker, WI Assembly For Passing Anti-Union Bill!

Governor Walker should be applauded for implementing real budget reform, which includes cuts for public workers as well.

It is time for Democrats to accept real change and the outcomes of elections.  Let’s hope that this improvement comes to more  states, as well. Nevertheless, this is indicative of an anti-union sentiment that will shape the course of the 2012 elections.

From Fox News:

MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin Assembly early Friday passed a bill that would strip most public workers of their collective bargaining rights — the first significant action on the new Republican governor’s plan.

The vote put an end to three straight days of punishing debate, but the political standoff over the bill is far from over. The measure now goes to the Senate, where minority Democrats have been missing for a week, preventing a vote in that chamber.

No one knows when — or if — the Senate Democrats will return from their hideout in Illinois. Republicans who control the chamber sent state troopers out looking for them at their homes on Thursday, but they turned up nothing.

Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal contains a number of provisions he says are designed to fill the state’s $137 million deficit and lay the groundwork for fixing a projected $3.6 billion shortfall in the upcoming 2011-13 budget. The flashpoint is language that would strip almost all public sector workers of their right to collectively bargain benefits and work conditions.

Democrats and unions see the measure as an attack on workers’ rights and an attempt to cripple union support for Democrats. Unions have said they would be willing to accept a provision that would increase workers’ contributions to their pensions and health care, provided they could still bargain collectively. But Walker has refused to compromise.