UCSD Students: Sign AMCHA Initiative Petition Condemning Campus Anti-Semitism, Anti-Israelism

The AMCHA Initiative has a new petition out condemning UCSD’s administration for ignoring the concerns of Jewish students on campus. If you’re Jewish and go to UCSD, I highly suggest you sign it.

Here’s the letter:

Dear Chancellor Fox, Vice Chancellor Rue, and President Yudof:

We are Jewish students at UCSD who are deeply dismayed and offended that the following UCSD academic departments and administrative offices were listed as Endorsers and Sponsors of the Muslim Students Association’s “Justice in Palestine Week: 21st Century Apartheid” (See posters here), which took place 5/14 – 5/17:

African American Studies Minor
Critical Gender Studies
Chican@/Latin@ Arts and Humanities Minor
Ethnic Studies Department
Cross Cultural Center

As in previous years, the MSA’s week of events included numerous speakers and exhibits that demonized Israel through rhetoric and imagery deemed anti-Semitic by the U.S. State Department and promoted efforts to harm the Jewish state through boycott, divestment, and sanctions campaigns.

We feel that these annual events foment hatred and hostility not only towards Israel, but towards Jewish students like ourselves who identify with Israel, causing us to feel uncomfortable and unsafe on our own campus. Moreover, we believe these events violate UCSD’s Principles of Community, which “reject acts of discrimination,” “promote open expression.. within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity…and respect,” and support a community “where all people can work and learn together in an atmosphere free of abusive or demeaning treatment.”

While we acknowledge the MSA students’ right to freedom of speech, we are outraged and distressed that university departments and administrative offices condone and support such hateful and divisive behavior, which so blatantly violates UCSD’s Principles of Community.

As you may remember, two years ago a delegation of Jewish students met with you and Vice Chancellor Penny Rue to express their distress that so many university departments and administrative offices had endorsed or sponsored the MSA’s “Justice in Palestine Week 2010: End the Apartheid.” Unfortunately, the serious and legitimate concerns which the students raised were not addressed at that meeting, and consequently Jewish students like ourselves continue to feel that faculty and administrative endorsement and sponsorship of anti-Semitic events contribute to a hostile environment for many on our campus.

We are aware that as a result of an investigation by the Department of Justice and the Department of Education into incidents of racist bigotry occurring at UCSD in 2010, the University recently agreed to adopt a comprehensive set of remedial programs and activities directed specifically at addressing racial discrimination and harassment. We believe that nothing less is required for Jewish students, who feel harassed and intimidated not only by the lies, defamation, and anti-Jewish bigotry promoted during the annual “Justice in Palestine” events, but especially by their endorsement and sponsorship by UCSD academic and administrative units.

Therefore, we urge you to do the following:

1) ensure that no University money or endorsement is given to events that are hateful and discriminatory towards a particular group of students or that violate UCSD’s Principles of Community;

2) broaden the scope of the remedial programs and activities outlined in the Resolution Agreement between UCSD, the DOJ, and the DOE to include anti-Semitic discrimination and harassment.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, The Undersigned

Sign the petition here.

Young Conservatives Mobilize, Join Resistance 44 to Counter the Left’s Dangerous Policies

Are you tired of the Left’s disastrous policies? Dissatisfied with high youth employment? Tired of crony capitalism? Unhappy with moral relativism? Want to change the course of politics? Join Resistance 44!

Justen Charters and I started this movement two months after seeing the need to create an outlet for young conservatives. After much thought and consideration, we came up with Resistance 44 to “resist” the leftist policies that are ruining this country.

Read articles from Justen and yours truly on why we started it.

Also, watch and share our first video.


If interested in getting involved, sign up here: http://resist44.com/join.php

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MUST WATCH: #Resist44 Activist Spoofs President Obama to the Tune of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”

Bailey Connell – who is known for her singing talents, blogging, and work with Resistance 44 – has released a new music video. In it, she raps and sings about the need to defeat Obama…to the tune of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend.”

Watch it, and do your part to make it go viral. Kindly share!

Prager U Post on Why Israel Isn’t an Apartheid State

Good news: I will be guest blogging for Prager University.

In my first post, I debunked the claim that Israel is an “apartheid” state.

Below is the entire post, as found on the Prager University Facebook page:

By: Gabriella Hoffman, Contributor and College Senior


This past week, my university – UC-San Diego – played host to “Israel Apartheid Week.” The Muslim Students Association (MSA) and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) clubs unveiled an “apartheid” wall that displayed alleged human rights abuses in Israel. The wall—which can be found on college campuses—claims Israel oppresses non-Jews, commits genocide, and behaves like Nazi Germany. Moreover, the organizers of this week-long event invite notorious anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist speakers to advance their cause. Without a doubt, it’s the most hostile week on campus each school year.

Supporters of the Palestinian cause are keen to undermine the Jewish state by painting it as an “apartheid” state. While this comparison is illusory and illogical at best, it’s imperative to counter it with the truth.

The MSA’s and SJP’s use of the word “apartheid” is misleading and offensive, says the Vanguard Leadership Group – a coalition of black students that supports Israel’s right to exist and defend itself. In an article in IsraelNationalNews.com, the group said: “We request that you immediately stop referring to Israel as an apartheid society and to acknowledge that the Arab minority in Israel enjoys full citizenship with voting rights and representation in the government.” (http://bit.ly/KzS52w)

Additionally, if Israel were an apartheid state, Arabs wouldn’t hold the same rights as Jews and Christians. Arabs vote, practice their religion, hold office, and live peacefully in Israel much to the chagrin of the MSA and SJP.

Dennis Prager’s video about the subject further illustrates why Israel is not an apartheid state: http://bit.ly/n5c7YE

(Note: you can follow Ms. Hoffman on Twitter at @gabby_hoffman)

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In America, Teacher Suppresses Conservative Student’s Views!

If you have attended public school in America, you know very well what goes on in classrooms. (I will recap my time in public school from K to 12 and college after I graduate.)

This video recently surfaced, and it’s rather telling of indoctrination in the classroom.

From Chicks on the Right:

A heated conversation took place in a North Carolina high school. The social studies teacher in the classroom was OUT OF CONTROL and screaming at her students, because they asked the question, “Hey – didn’t Obama admit to bullying someone in school too?” (Apparently, the conversation started about that over-hyped, completely irrelevant story of Mitt Romney bullying someone like a billion years ago.)

The teacher simply WOULD NOT HAVE anyone in her classroom suggest that Obama is anything other than a total saint. And she claimed that people were arrested for saying bad things about President Bush (who, by the way, she called “sh*tty. TO HER STUDENTS.)

There are two things that struck me about this video. The first and obvious thing is that this teacher is a complete idiot who is unable to control her emotions or say anything remotely factual. But secondly, even though the kid in this video is absolutely right, I’m amazed that this is how a classroom operates. There’s yelling, cussing, interrupting – on both sides. When I was in school, kids simply didn’t behave this way, because we were taught to respect our teachers and stay quiet and follow the rules, etc. Granted, this teacher is an idiot and probably one of the least deserving people of respect EVER. But WOW – I’m just blown away that this is how ANY classroom functions now.

Kindly share.


Attend Eagle Forum of San Diego’s “Rise Up” Convention This June 1st

If you live in Southern California and are looking for an event to attend, then check out EFSD’s “Rise Up” Convention.

Speakers include Dinesh D’Souza, Brian Brown, Frank Gaffney, and more!

The event will take place at Skyline Church in San Diego from 4-9pm on June 1, 2012.

Register for the event here. Tickets cost $20. (Bring your children!)

If you’re interested in having a booth there, inquire here.

“Like” the event page and RSVP on Facebook.

Hope to see you there!

A Night with Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending an event with comedian Adam Carolla and conservative broadcaster Dennis Prager. Prager University’s RJ Moeller was kind enough to invite me as his guest. I would never pass up an opportunity to spend time in beautiful  downtown San Diego, especially when coupled with a show like this. (Thank you, RJ! Everyone – If you aren’t aware of Prager University, then please acquaint yourself with it.)

An Evening with Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager” stopped here in America’s Finest City and left attendees satisfied. This show is part of a larger nationwide tour that is making rounds across the country. The San Diego show was held in historic Spreckles Theater in the heart of downtown  – undoubtedly the perfect venue for this affair.

Overall, I had a great time. I was expecting crude jokes from Adam Carolla, given what I previously knew about him.  I had my doubts about him until I heard him lambast “Occupy Wall Street” on his show back in December 2011. Astonishingly enough, he was funny and very quick-witted. (He gained a fan in me.) Prager balanced out the rough edges, making the two-man show enjoyable and fun. I was laughing at the jokes and commentary throughout the night. Who could ever see Carolla and Prager  complementing one another?  I didn’t until yesterday.

Here are some memorable quotes from last night’s event:

“The higher the self-esteem as a kid, the worse the adult you are.” – Dennis Prager

“Mom-nurturer, Dad-standard keeper.” – Dennis Prager

“The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.” – Dennis Prager

“If you grow up with constant praise, I don’t know if you can actually achieve anything.” – Dennis Prager

“I rushed a frat at Prager U.” – Adam Carolla

“Sometimes just saying “I love you” is an easy way for bad parents or people to get away with being bad” -Adam Carolla

“I wasn’t raised w/low self esteem. I was raised w/NO self esteem. And look at me!” – Adam Carolla

“Love is dangerous…I don’t care how you fell, I care how you act.” – Dennis Prager

“God is love, war, justice, evil.”  – Dennis Prager

I am pictured here with Dennis Prager. Note: I’m 5’3” and am wearing 2-3” boots. Dennis Prager stands at 6’4″.

Among the many things I took away from the show, the discussion about relationships and marriage particularly caught my interest. (I learned that Dennis Prager dedicates an hour of his radio show each Wednesday to this subject in a segment called the “Male-Female Hour.”)  During Q&A , one audience member asked both men their advice about breaking up with his girlfriend. The guy lamented that he isn’t in love with her, that they cohabitate, that she’s emotionally dependent on him, and that if he were to leave her she’d have to move back to Italy. Carolla joked that Italy has endless red wine, beautiful coasts, and other appealing things, so moving back there wouldn’t be unbearable. Then he seriously remarked that he should end it. Prager affirmed the notion that cohabitation leads to divorce, and that live-in couples are more doomed to fail. (Ding ding ding!) People, especially those in my age group, need to learn the truth about cohabitation and the ills of hooking-up. I’m confident that others would have found this bit enlightening, as well.

All in all, seeing Carolla and Prager made my day. I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend a Saturday night before the heyday of my last-ever college midterms.

Ron Paul Mania Hits UC-San Diego

This past evening, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul delivered a speech here on campus. Amid the pot smoke (gotta love those pot smokers!) and warm sun, San Diegans congregated at Warren Mall to see the colorful and equally lively perennial presidential candidate.

Ron Paul – best known for his die-hard college fans – addressed several thousand students and community members.

Interestingly enough, Ron Paul has a theme song:

Here are some pictures from the event:

Many of you know I do not support a Ron Paul candidacy. For one, Mitt Romney will be the Republican presidential nominee (I will be holding my nose. I’m voting non-Marxist and against Obama). And two – his anti-Israelism, support for drug legalization, and libertine social policies run counter to my views.

The Israel issue sticks out the most. Paul is ignorant when it comes to Iran’s nuclear program and radical Islam. During his speech he said, “I think sanctions [on Iran] are wrong…are an act of war.” Also, he previously lamented American military involvement in freeing Holocaust victims and has blamed Israel for the creation of Hamas. I cannot compromise on my support for Israel; I simply won’t budge.

Oddly enough, I agree with most of Ron Paul’s economic views. I believe we should do away with the United Nations; Departments of Education, Commerce, Energy; and the EPA – best known as the “Employment Prevention Agency.”  I also agree with auditing (and even abolishing) the Fed. I’m opposed to governmental waste and globalist, hypocritical international bodies abusing our tax dollars. If Paul weren’t so hostile to Israel and libertine on social issues, I might reconsider. Alas, I won’t.

The reality is this: Ron Paul will not secure the nomination. If his supporters are determined to defeat Obama, then they must vote for the eventual GOP nominee (I know, it pains me to write this – but we have no other choice but Romney). Please don’t split the vote, guys!

I will concede that Ron Paul knows how to energize a crowd. It still amazes me that he attracts so many people to his events. His young followers worship him like God, which is a tad odd. (Never EVER put a politician on a pedestal.) And he’s quite the sensationalist. That aside,  he put on quite the show last night.

Without a doubt, this event will go down in UCSD history. Kudos to the event organizers.