New Counter Cultured Column: Communism Leads to Slavery, Not Equality

In a time where government continues to expand and debt continues to pile on, leftists are convinced they are best equipped to solve America’s economic woes. Socialism, or Marxism, is the answer while free enterprise is always the enemy. What will alleviate income inequality this year? Rolling Stone’s Jesse Myerson says communism is the answer.

Myerson penned a rather telling article on January 3rd called “Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For.” Here are his suggestions: “guaranteed work for everybody”, “social security for all”, “take back the land”, “make everything owned by everybody,” and “a public bank in every state.”

What’s Myerson’s grand conclusion? Rich people suck and the economy “blows.” Take Myerson’s proposal for ameliorating joblessness—a living wage:

A job guarantee that paid a living wage would anchor prices, drive up conditions for workers at megacorporations like Walmart and McDonald’s, and target employment for the poor and long-term unemployed – people to whom conventional stimulus money rarely trickles all the way down.

In actuality, raising the minimum wage hurts those in lower income brackets and kills jobs. It’s a useless anti-poverty mechanism that doesn’t benefit the poor.

Another proposal is to nationalize everything by financially burdening America’s top income earners: Think of it like a big investment fund that buys up assets from the private sector and pays dividends to all permanent U.S. residents in the form of a universal basic income.

The United States is unique because our government was founded on the premise of securing private property rights. Confiscating private property always leads to tyranny.

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Campus Reform OP-ED: Pro-Palestinian groups don’t respect free speech on campus

I’ve penned another column at Campus Reform. This week, it is centered around a video from Portland State University featuring MSA and SJP students denouncing a pro-Israel event hosted by the College Republicans.

Here’s an excerpt:

College is meant to be a place where free speech comes alive. Different viewpoints are supposed to be welcome and intellectual diversity celebrated.

For at least one loud minority on college campuses, however, the rights and the privileges afforded by the First Amendment only extend to those who share their exact beliefs.

Let me give you one recent example.

The College Republicans of Portland State University, hosted a viewing of the 2005 documentary film “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” only to leave after the pro-Palestinian group attempt a hostile takeover of the event.

Before the event began, pro-Palestinian activists attempted to route the event by storming the stage making loud announcements about a competing event in the hallway outside where students could “meet real Muslims.”

When the documentary ended things got worse. The “activists” yelled, shouted and attempted to pick fights with the organizers. The scene was reminiscent of feeding time at the zoo.

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Blogging Update: Column

As a young conservative activist and blogger, I’m often enlisted with the task of communicating my thoughts over social media and in print.  I’ve been blogging for nearly four years, and with each year I enjoy seeing my articles improve and reach thousands of people. I sincerely hope my words and thoughts inspire others to find their voice and speak out in favor of conservatism.

I had my first column at published today titled, “Surging Support for Joseph Stalin in Post-Soviet Russia is Troubling.”  I wrote about the 60th anniversary of Joseph Stalin’s death and the significance it carries today with respect to condemning the Soviet butcher.

I plan to contribute regularly, so stay tuned!

Smart Girls Are Armed, Conservative, and Fabulous: My “Youth in Action” Interview

smart girl

Teen conservative and Smart Girl Politics activist Bethany Bowra (@bethanybowra) interviewed me for the latest installment of Smart Girl Politics’ “Youth in Action” series profiling young conservative female activists. Those of you who know me are familiar with my hold-no-prisoners approach to conservative politics, anti-Communist tendencies, and desire to lure in more young people to our movement.

I hope my thoughts and sentiments in this interview inspire other freedom-loving youngsters to speak out and reject collectivism. Without a doubt, we must encourage more young conservatives…especially young conservative females.


While Planned Parenthood and Democrat women in Congress claim to speak for all women, these young women have something to say about that. Contrary to popular belief, those groups do not speak for all young women— many young women my age have views that are quite the opposite. Below is my interview with conservative activist, Gabriella Hoffman!

Why did you get involved in politics?

I got involved in conservative politics because of my parents. My mother and my father are Lithuanian immigrants who escaped from Soviet communism 27 years ago. The Left’s policies remind them too much of the Old Country, so conservatism came naturally to them. Their stories and perspective on life really brought me to conservatism. Both sides of my family suffered immensely in the former Soviet Union. I’m in this fight to honor their memories and remind people that freedom must be safeguarded for future generations to come.

How did you get involved?

In 2006 when I was 15, I started writing a column in a local Orange County, CA community paper, The Coto Voice, called “Teen Beat.” I maintained this column for three years. I primarily focused on topics ranging from volunteering in high school to upholding traditional values. After I graduated from high school and moved onto college, I began to write about politics for The California Review, the conservative paper at UC-San Diego. From there, I went onto running a YAF chapter and hosting David Horowitz on campus- an event which landed on national news. After the event garnered a lot of attention, I started working for The Rick Amato Show as an Executive Assistant and landed a coveted role at Eagle Forum of San Diego as the Director of Youth Outreach.  I also started blogging for various websites and publications.

What issues have you been focused on since you became active?

I’m a firm believer in sound conservatism (social and fiscal conservatism), and I also believe in strong national defense. During my time at UC-San Diego, I heavily focused on support for Israel (I have family there and support a healthy U.S.-Israel relationship) and exposing militant leftists on campus. I also exposed radical feminism and openly condemned the Vagina Monologues. Now, I concentrate on a plethora of issues ranging from traditional values to Israel advocacy to media/leftist/campus bias to free enterprise.

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Eagle Forum Collegians Summit – July 19-20, 2012 – Washington, DC

Conservative in college? Want to hear from movers and shakers? Attend Eagle Forum’s Collegian Summit in Washington, DC this July 19-20, 2012.

I highly suggest you attend this conference. I had the honor of being one of ten youth panelists at last year’s summit. I got to hear Paul Ryan, Allen West, and many other remarkable speakers. I also got to meet other like-minded college kids and see some old friends.

If you’re looking for a great networking opportunity in an intimate setting, this event is for you!

Here’s the promo video:

Also, here are Allen West’s thoughts on college conservatives:


Register for the event here. Students in the DC metro area can attend the event for free. Those residing outside of the DC metro area can apply for scholarships here.


New Freedom Center Video Confirms Obama Hates Israel

It is undeniable that President Obama is the most anti-Israel president in American history.

He has snubbed PM Benjamin Netanyahu on numerous occasions, called for Israel to return to pre-1967 borders, and recently referred to Jews as “Jew-janitors.”

It is imperative that come 2012, we elect a conservative Republican president that supports Israel, the Jewish people, and a healthy U.S.-Israel relationship.

Watch the video below and please share it with your friends.

H/T: David Horowitz Freedom Center


Former Soviet satellites, republics still pay homage to Ronald Reagan

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Former Disney Pop Tart and Admitted “Stoner” Miley Cyrus Serenades “Occupy Wall Street”

Miley Cyrus at the premiere for Hannah Montana...

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“Occupy Wall Street” has found another apparatchik in Miley Cyrus. She joins the ranks of Kanye West, Michael Moore, Anne Hathaway, and other self-hating rich folk that have come out in support of “Occupy Wall Street.”

Entitled “It’s a Liberty Walk,” Cyrus’ ode to the predominantly white, college-kid crowd is as follows:

This is Dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in. Miley Cyrus

“Occupy Wall Street” to young people: Shirk hard work and bemoan self-reliance

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Glenn Beck successfully launches GBTV

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