VIDEO: Gun Girls at CPAC 2014

Tony of Bullets First interviewed me and countless other young women attending CPAC about our support for the Second Amendment.

As I was taking a shuttle to the convention center that was holding CPAC, a young woman struck up a conversation with me when she saw my media credentials. When you have something that says “Bullets First” on it, gun owners tend to take notice. While on the ride to the National Harbor in Maryland she told me the story of how she got involved in firearms and what the right to keep and bear arms meant to her.

Now, while I am used to women gun owners I began to think of all the stereotypes the gun controllers like to spew forth. So I decided to document gun owners at CPAC who did not fit the stereotype. Once I got rolling though the project took on a life of its own. Not only gun carriers but those who will soon be carrying, those who are denied their self protection by school or state, wanted to say their peace…so I let them.

Here’s the video. I start talking at 11:04.

It’s undeniable that girls just wanna have guns. We’re growing in numbers and are here to stay. Deal with it!


Write Your Delegates to Stop Gov. McAuliffe’s Anti-Gun Amendments to HB962

It was brought to my attention that our new governor, Terry McAuliffe, is trying to insert anti-gun amendments into House Bill 962. Back in January, McAuliffe’s first attempt to undermine the Second Amendment was thwarted by Republicans in the House of Delegates.

HB 962 “provides that for purposes of the exception to the prohibition against carrying a concealed weapon if it is in a secured container or compartment in a personal, private motor vehicle or vessel, the term “compartment” includes a console, glove compartment, or any other area within or on the vehicle or vessel that possesses the ability to be closed. The bill also provides that the term “secured” does not require that a container or compartment be locked, but merely closed.”

Concealed carry law in Virginia says a concealed handgun permit “is not necessary when carrying a handgun while in a personal, private motor vehicle or vessel and such handgun is secured in a container or compartment in the vehicle or vessel.  The term “secured” as used does not require the compartment to be locked.” McAuliffe’s amendments would undermine current law in place.

Virginia Citizens Defense League has a great tool to write delegates and pressure them to reject McAuliffe’s amendments to a law already in the books. Here’s the text that is sent out to one’s respective delegate upon completion of the application:

As a constituent I urge you to REJECT Governor McAuliffe’s suggested amendments to HB 962!

HB 962 is Delegate Cline’s bill that clarifies the current law both as interpreted by an Attorney General’s opinion and as established in case law.  HB 962 makes it clear that a person without a concealed handgun permit can lawfully store a loaded gun in a CLOSED, but not necessarily LOCKED, compartment or container in a vehicle or vessel.

HB 962 should not be controversial, as it is merely a clarification to prevent more false arrests because the police and magistrates are misreading current law.

The Governor’s amendments wouldn’t clarify current law, but would CHANGE it completely by requiring that the compartment or container be LOCKED.  That reduces the usefulness of a handgun in an emergency situation and was not the intent of the General Assembly when the law was passed.

Please let me know how you are going to vote on this bill.

Write your delegates here.

Fellow Virginia voters: Make sure you write your delegates and urge them to reject McAuliffe’s amendments to HB962. If people in uber liberal Connecticut are fighting to keep their guns, we shouldn’t capitulate either.

Keep calm and CARRY on!

GOOD NEWS: Anti-Gun, Wife-Beating Congressman Jim Moran Retiring From VA-8

According to a Politico report, Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) representing Virginia’s 8th district is about to announce his retirement:

Moran, a longtime former Alexandria, Va., city official, is expected to make the announcement Wednesday morning, according to party sources.

As a resident and taxpayer in Alexandria, Virginia, I couldn’t be more thrilled by the news.
Moran occupied the seat for 23 years and is the former Alexandria mayor. He’s a notorious anti-gunner, wife-beater, and anti-Semite.
At a anti-gun townhall last year, my friend Celia Bigelow and I (with me filming) confronted Jim Moran about his support for gun control and denying women the choice to keep and bear arms. The video made national news. Watch below:
This could be an opportunity for a Republican to take the seat, although the district is heavily left-leaning and the state is now run by Terry McAuliffe. Alas, it’ll be fun to watch Democrats eat each other alive during the primary.
Hello 2014 election cycle!

ICYMI: NRA News Appearance About Young Women Who Shoot – February 4, 2013

Yesterday, I was a guest on NRA News’ Cam and Company Show. I discussed my Counter Cultured article “Dear Fellow Females: Firearms, Not Rape Whistles, Best Deter Criminals.


Go to February 4 and click “Gabriella Hoffman”:

My original article was also linked on Legal Insurrection.

CA Law Could Outlaw Open Carry, Infringe on 2nd Amendment Rights

Here in California, state lawmakers intend to place more restrictions on gun usage.

The Blaze reports:

For 99.9% of Californians, you can’t carry your handgun concealed, you can’t open carry it loaded, but you can open carry it unloaded. That is unless a growing effort in the state legislature succeeds to make the 2nd Amendment null and void in the Golden State.

Watch a video from Reason Magazine featuring San Diego gun advocate Sam Wolanyk explaining why a new law will infringe on our right to bear arms in the Golden State:


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