Chopped Caprese Salad for Every Season

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Here’s my first recipe up at A Taste of Patriarchy. Check it out!

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If you’re looking to make a salad that’s flavorful and refreshing, the chopped caprese salad is right for you! Most salads can be bland and bitter if they aren’t prepared properly. Those who don’t boast a palate for leafy greens will reconsider after sampling this salad.

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  • Fresh basil leaves
  • 12 ounces seasoned mozzarella balls (sliced in half) or 1/8 of 16 oz. Whole Milk mozzarella slab (chopped into little squares)
  • 1 package of grape tomatoes (slice each in half)
  • 1 cup of balsamic vinegar
  • 1/2 cup of olive oil or avocado oil
  • Himalayan salt

First begin by washing basil leaves and grape tomatoes. Make sure basil leaves aren’t rotten by picking out unsavory parts, if needed. Use a strainer to rinse them. After basil leaves are washed, begin rinsing grape tomatoes. Set these aside to prepare the mozzarella.

After rinsing basil leaves and grape tomatoes, prepare mozzarella to…

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Happy Cider Week, Virginia!

Gabriella Hoffman:

Check out my thoughts on the third annual Cider Week Virginia!

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Here at A Taste of Patriarchy, we showcase recipes and write musings about food from a political edge. On occasion, we’ll profile drinks–even those of the alcoholic variety. This post will be dedicated to Cider Week here in Virginia.

Today through November 23th, the Commonwealth of Virginia will celebrate its third annual Cider Week. For fellow denizens of Northern Virginia, sadly there are few events in the vicinity as most events are taking place in Richmond or in SW Virginia. (Though there is a free cider and cheese pairing event on November 20th from 5-6pm in Washington, D.C.) Nevertheless, you can find your nearest cider fix or venture to real Virginia for a Cider Week event.

Cider is one of my favorite beverages, as I find most beers to be too bitter for my liking.  (What can I say? I enjoy the sweeter things in…

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New Counter Cultured Article: Private Charity Best Alleviates Poverty

I penned a new column at Counter Cultured this past Monday. In case you missed it, here it is:

Whenever government grows to gargantuan heights, it inflicts more harm than good. The latest abuse of big government policies can be seen in Fort Lauderdale, FL where it’s now illegal to use private means to correct homelessness.  

90-year-old World War II veteran Arnold Abbott and two local pastors were recently arrested for defying a new Fort Lauderdale city ordinance that prohibits people from feeding the homeless. Mr. Abbott was cited on two occasions. All three men face 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.

Abbott runs an organization Love Thy Neighbor, whose motto is “Giving a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out.” He started the nonprofit to honor his late wife who died in a car accident 23 years ago. Here’s more about the organization

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“300 Sandwiches” Book To Be Published in May 2015

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Here’s my latest at A Taste of Patriarchy!

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Last fall, feminists were up-in-arms over a new foodie blog called 300 Sandwiches. Now that outrage has mostly subsided and praise for the blog has subsequently grown, it’s exciting to see blog creator Stephanie Smith release a namesake book.

The book is called 300 Sandwiches: A Multilayered Love Story-with Recipes. It will be out on May 19, 2015. (You can pre-order it now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes.)

Many accused Stephanie Smith of perpetuating “archaic gender roles” and being subservient to the marriage industrial complex.

I wrote about the blog last October for Counter Cultured:

Smith explains the purpose behind 300sandwiches:

On Wednesday, I wrote in The Post about how my boyfriend Eric’s joke remark after making him a snack — “Honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!” — inspired me to do just that and chronicle…

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The Inspiration Behind ‘A Taste of Patriarchy’

Gabriella Hoffman:

Check out my first post at “A Taste of Patriarchy!”

Originally posted on A Taste of Patriarchy:

Howdy, everyone!

In what can be deemed a November surprise, yesterday’s announcement about the formation of this blog, A Taste of Patriarchy, has generated a lot of buzz on Facebook and Twitter. We’re excited to witness the marriage of cooking and conservatism in this blog. And as the blog grows, we want YOU to get involved!

Why did we name this blog “A Taste of Patriarchy”? It was inspired by a dinner party at Virtue Feed and Grain in Old Town Alexandria, VA last December. While waiting for her food, Anna Maria was given a hamburger meal from one of our guy friends and joked, “This is the taste of patriarchy.” Thus, “A Taste of Patriarchy” was born:

Here's the exact moment  A Taste of Patriarchy was born.

Here’s the exact moment when “A Taste of Patriarchy” was born.

Now, you might be thinking “patriarchy” is a dirty word. Unfortunately, radical feminists have used this term to push paternalistic government…

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Angling Right: Fishing in the Fall? Do It!

As temperatures begin to cool and seasons start to change, opportunities to fish become increasingly limited.

Fall on the East Coast means shortened days and chillier temperatures, which don’t spell well for fishing. (Ay!) When I used to live in SoCal, my family and I would sometimes fish until early December. Although you have to go further south to enjoy decent fall/winter fishing back here, I’ve learned I can prolong my fishing excursions for another month or two.

Need incentives to go fishing this fall? Here are five great reasons to fish during autumn from Take Me Fishing:

1. Ideal Conditions: Autumn provides perfect weather for people and fish. Temperatures are cooler during the day for a picnic, and water temperatures are just right that fish are  active, which means a first-timer is more likely to hook their first catch.

2. Accessibility: More than 90% of Americans live within an hour driving distance of navigable water, which means a day or afternoon trip is easy and affordable. Find a place near you with the Places to Boat and Fish Map.

3. Stress Relief: Reports show that being near the water can naturally help lower anxiety, and fishing and boating are easy ways to naturally relieve stress, all the more reason to plan an adventure. In fact, a recent survey revealed 20% of Americans say relaxation and stress relief as the main reasons they appreciate fishing.

4. Conservation: More people fishing and boating means more funds for protecting, conserving and restoring our nation’s aquatic resources. This is because the funds from your fishing license and boat registration go back towards the natural places you love.

5. Health Benefits: Fishing and boating bring a wealth of health benefits. An hour of casting, an afternoon of kayaking or a fight to reel in a big fish can be great exercise for any age.

Taking these benefits into account, I definitely plan to enjoy a few more opportunities to unleash my angling potential. Hope you do the same! Also, expect some more “Angling Right” posts from yours truly as I explore several new fishing spots.

Will you fish this fall? Yes? No? Weigh in below!

Happy fishing!


Counter Cultured Column: Gun Groups Don’t Degrade Women

I’ve penned a new column up at Counter Cultured in response to Mark Follman’s piece at Mother Jones suggesting the NRA degrades and objectifies women.

Here’s an excerpt:

The leftist blog Mother Jones recently lashed out at gun groups, specifically the National Rifle Association (NRA), by accusing it of objectifying women and treating them like sex objects.

MJ senior editor Mark Follman authored a hit piece titled “How the NRA Degrades and Objectifies Women” to purport the decades’ old lie that Second Amendment advocates, like conservatives, are sexist. (Such a big boy thought!) Follman finds fault in an article published in the latest issue of America’s 1st Freedom because it pointed out that Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America founder Shannon Watts, heroine of firearm disarmament, is dishonest in her quest to promote “gun safety.” He writes:

The premise of the lengthy article attacking Watts, authored by conservative legal scholar and gun rights lobbyist Dave Kopel, is that she is a fraud—an operative fronting a political group, rather than the homemaker turned grassroots activist she says she is. The art spread for the piece depicts Watts as a paper doll figure in high heels, with a 1950s-style kitchen apron and domestic accessories including a feather duster, iron, sponge, and spatula.

Additionally, he’s offended by the personification of guns because literacy devices that positively promote guns supposedly inspire violence:

The NRA also rolled out two videos this summer fantasizing about attractive young women as, literally, assault rifles. A video titled “Beauty Shots,” from NRA News commentator Colion Noir, “personifies one of his favorite firearms in female form.” His voiceover describes an alluring, adventurous woman as she poses in workout gear, swims in a pool, and gazes intently into the camera; at the climax of the video Noir declares, “She is: Daniel Defense M4-A1.” To some the video was simply a head-scratcher, but it also drew rebuke, not least for debuting just three days after a heavily armed college student committed mass murder in Santa Barbara, driven by his rage at attractive young women.

Much like their fellow leftists in similar outlets, Follman and his Mother Jones minions might want to tone down their whining as they’ve dedicated numerous articles and tweets to defaming pro-gun activists, especially female gun activists and enthusiasts.


Continue reading at Counter Cultured.