A Closer Look at the Life of a Young Conservative, Gabriella Hoffman

Gabriella Hoffman:

I was recently interviewed by a pastor interested in profiling young conservatives. Check this out!

Originally posted on America, Look Up:

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered I enjoyed interviewing people and posting answers about their lives on my blog. I started with some of the primary actors/actresses from “God’s Not Dead.” Now I hope to share several entries from Conservatives who work diligently to wheel America back to the Right.  Please take a moment to become more acquainted with Gabriella Hoffman

I don’t know much more about you than your Twitter Bio which reads, “Dangerously conservative. Northeast Regional Field Coordinator @LeadershipInst.  Angler. Blogger.  Gun girl.  First-generation American.  These are my spicy tweets.”  Could you tell us a bit more about yourself?  For starters, where are you from?

I’d be happy to! I’m originally from Orange County, CA but currently reside in Northern Virginia.  I’m a young conservative blogger and grassroots activist.  My parents are Lithuanian immigrants who came to this country 28 years ago and my sister is Anna…

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It’s November in Virginia: Vote Ken Cuccinelli and the Rest of the Ticket

Can’t believe it’s already November…Within a few days, those of us here in Virginia will be voting for our next governor. This race not only matters to our state; it matters to this country. There is one candidate who is a Washington outsider, constitutional conservative, and defender of freedom. That man is Ken Cuccinelli. (I will have two more posts here before Election Day explaining my support for Cuccinelli.)

What about McAuliffe and Sarvis?

Terry McAuliffe is a big government, cronyist stooge eager to turn Virginia into California or New York. He models his policies after the Clintons and President Obama. He’s currently under several federal investigations too. He’s pro-woman? Quite the contrary. He left his wife and newborn kids in the car to go raise millions of dollars for the DNC; and he recently declared getting an abortion after 20 weeks is a constitutional right. The guy is as corrupt as they come.

Robert Sarvis is a moderate progressive masquerading as a libertarian. This guy ran for office in 2011 as a Republican, lost, and is bitter. Heck, he even campaigned saying he’d model himself after Cuccinelli. In several recent interviews, Sarvis revealed that he likes higher taxes (i.e., gas mileage tax), Medicaid expansion, no regulations on abortion clinics, and is in favor of mainstream economics (not much of a free marketeer). A vote for Sarvis is a vote for McAuliffe.

This is not a repeat of 2012. Cuccinelli has never flip-flopped on issues, and he was the first Attorney General to file an injunction against ObamaCare. He has stood up to the federal government on numerous occasions.

Fellow Virginia voters: Please vote smart. Vote for limited government – vote for Cuccinelli and the rest of the ticket.


Odd…I Got Quoted in FishbowlDC

Just saw this…apparently I was quoted in FishbowlDC on October 1st?

Here’s what they wrote:

Words to live by…

“Know what keeps me sane living in the DC area? Boasting an outsider mindset in the Beltway. Resist urge for power and remember your roots.” — conservative blogger Gabriella Hoffman. Just moments before this whopper of wisdom, she wrote, “My page is 8 likes away from 1,100. Connect with me on FB if you haven’t already.”


It’s quite odd that they pay attention to minute details. Still, I find it neat that my tweets and quotes about conservative politics  continue to land in publications.

Don’t be afraid to speak out.


New Counter Cultured Blog: Curious Case of Sandwich Making

I’ve penned a new column at Counter Cultured about the brouhaha surrounding 300Sandwiches.com.

Read more below:

by Gabriella Hoffman 

“I met a guy. I made a sandwich. I started a blog. And I enraged feminists everywhere,” writes NY Post reporter Stephanie Smith. 

Smith’s blog, 300sandwiches.com, has garnered praise and ire alike. A woman is making her boyfriend sandwiches? She’s submitting to patriarchy? Queue the moral outrage! 

Smith explains the purpose behind 300sandwiches:

On Wednesday, I wrote in The Post about how my boyfriend Eric’s joke remark after making him a snack — “Honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!” — inspired me to do just that and chronicle the project on a Web site, 300sandwiches.com.

Much to the dismay of radical feminists, it was inspired by an innocent, harmless joke between Smith and her boyfriend Eric:

The blog started as a lighthearted joke between boyfriend and girlfriend. I presented it to the world because I thought at least one person would find the humor in the idea of sandwiches for an engagement ring.

This project is not about me promoting myself as some gourmet chef, nor a desperate plot to win Eric’s love — or a movie deal or Internet fame.

It’s an idea that made us laugh and made for a good, lighthearted blog with some drool- inducing sandwich photos.

When one peruses the blog, they will stumble upon photos of delicious creations and accompanying sandwich recipes. (My personal favorites are “Weeklong Effort” Beef Brisket Sandwich, “Baked at Halftime” Fried Green Tomato BLT, “Michael White’s Forbidden” Mortadella and Ricotta Cheese on Focaccia, and “Three P’s” Prosciutto, Parmesan and Pesto Croissant sandwich.) What’s not to like about photos of delicious food and witty commentary about life? Many on the Left–particularly radical feministshave condemned her efforts, citing “sexism” and “oppression” a la patriarchy. They think every man is a pig who boasts a primitive “make-me-a-sandwich” mentality. (Men deserve respect too, radical feminists.)

RIP Tom Clancy

Prolific writer and author Tom Clancy died today. He was 66.

Clancy is best known for novels like The Hunt for Red October. He was also a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and a supporter of conservative causes. He was also a fan of President Ronald Reagan.

May his memory live on and his work be celebrated for generations to come.

#VAGovDebate: Women for Ken Rally – September 25, 2013

On Wednesday, September 25, I joined Women for Ken to rally support for Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli outside the gubernatorial debate in McLean, VA. It was a fairly successful event. A lot of women came out to support Ken. Yes, the McAuliffe supporters showed up too–only to leave shortly afterward.

Of course, no political rally is complete without Planned Parenthood’s abortionistas.


What else could be more awkward than them? A McAuliffe supporter wearing a birth control costume. (Gross.)


Our side had a strong showing against McAuliffe supporters.


Thankfully there were plenty of pro-lifers in attendance, including these bro-lifers.


Despite the weird sightings, my sister Anna Maria and I were proud to attend the Women for Ken Rally.Anna Maria and I at the Women for Ken Rally, September 25, 2013 - McLean, VA

If you live in Virginia, vote for Ken and the rest of the Republican ticket on November 5th, 2013.

Thank you to Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy for highlighting the rally.

New Counter Cultured Video: Young People Care About Marriage

Today, Counter Cultured released a new video featuring 27 young men and women ages 18-29 standing up for the institution of marriage.

It’s a must-watch.

Clip of the Day: Motivation from Winston Churchill

“Never, never, never, never give up!” – Sir Winston Churchill

(h/t: Josh Perry)

On Syria and American Exceptionialism: Don’t Trust Megalomaniacs Obama and Putin

I stumbled upon Russian President Vladimir Putin’s article in the New York Times. Not surprisingly, I took issue with Putin’s charge that America isn’t exceptional.

Putin writes:

And I would rather disagree with a case he made on American exceptionalism, stating that the United States’ policy is “what makes America different. It’s what makes us exceptional.” It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.”

Perhaps it’s the anti-communist in me or perhaps it’s the very fact that my family escaped the former Soviet Union that I find Putin’s comments disconcerting.

Here are my thoughts about the Obama-Putin rivalry over who is the “better” world leader: I say neither! 
An ex-KGB officer (Russian President Vladimir Putin) who has been quoted lamenting the collapse of the USSR and has expressed interest in creating a Eurasian Union is seen as an adult when matched to President Barack Obama…
Unfortunately for Putin and Obama, both fail to understand how exceptional and unique America is. The USSR deprived all people of basic rights, and Russia today is no beacon of freedom. Why did many people, including my parents and family, flee the Soviet Union for the U.S.? America was exceptional and inviting to them because they could live in a free society, own property, freely express their views, and enjoy life without fear. The USSR was not exceptional; the U.S. was. America under Obama, who was mentored by communist Frank Marshall Davis and surrounded by anti-American mentors throughout his life, is departing from its founding and becoming mediocre. If you own a business, you didn’t build it unless the government subsidized it. If you are religious, you are seen as a bigot if you care about values and morals. If you are skeptical of big government, you are placed on a watch list. The list goes on and on. America has been subverted to political correctness (Cultural Marxism) for many decades, but its wrath has escalated under this president.
When it comes to Syria – a place where we have no business or vital interest in- don’t confide in Putin nor Obama. Putin wants to undermine America aboard and Obama wants to undermine her from within. Discern carefully and don’t place trust in these two megalomaniacs.
Agree? Disagree? Weigh in below!

New Counter Cultured Article: Young Women Should Pursue Happiness, Reject Radical Feminism

PictureI’ve penned a column at Counter Cultured titled, “Young Women Should Pursue Happiness by Rejecting Radical Feminism.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

 Like many young women today, I am uncomfortable associating myself with the mainstream women’s movement. Radical feminists claim to have a monopoly on our gender and work tirelessly to squash any dissent. For a group that preaches so-called tolerance, they see subservience to paternalistic government as the answer to any problem.

Much to the dismay of radical feminists, a recent poll shows that 72 percent of Americans reject the feminist label. Why would any woman with self-respect be a champion of “reproductive rights,” biological equality, and female victimhood? We care about many issues, and don’t want to be defined by our “lady parts.”

Unfortunately most young women are coaxed into thinking cradle-to-grave government dependency is elevating as we saw with “Life of Julia” in the 2012 election.

The fairer sex desires an alternative to the status quo. One answer lies in “freedom feminism.”


Continue reading at Counter Cultured.


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