Global Angel Wings Project: Be A Force for Good

Me posing in front of Colette Miller's set of Angel Wings in Dupont Circle in Washington, DC.

Me posing in front of Colette Miller’s set of Angel Wings in Dupont Circle in Washington, DC.

Living in and around the nation’s capital exposes one to many opportunities and cool things. Whether it’s the plethora of renowned museums, famous monuments, or new restaurants, Washington, D.C., has no shortage of things to do. If you’re looking for a great place to capture photos with your friends, head over to DuPont Circle to see one of two DC installations of Colette Miller’s angel wings.

I’m not one for graffiti or street art – though you’ll come to find I have a deep appreciation for paintings and art history –  but when I first learned about Colette Miller’s Global Angel Wings Project, I reconsidered. The purpose of the Global Angel Wings Project is to “remind humanity we are the angels of this earth.” Seems pretty positive, no? In a divisive time, it’s refreshing to see something positive out there to bring people together–even if for a brief moment in time.

There are two D.C. locations where these wings can be found at: one in DuPont Circle, the other in Adams Morgan. Don’t live in D.C.? Fear not–these murals can be found in other U.S. cities and even in cities abroad! I found these wings at the Embassy Row Hotel in DuPont Circle at 2015 Massachusetts Avenue.

While there are some questionable artistic undertones or messages at times, I have greatly enjoyed seeing these angel wings in my social feeds. If you come across a set of these wings, snap a pic and share with your followers. Not only are they pleasing to the eyes and boast a positive message, they are fun to pose in front of!

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Update: The artist herself – Colette Miller – shared my blog post on her Facebook page. Pretty cool!

Dear Governor McAuliffe: Allow Virginia’s Servicemen and Women to Carry Firearms

Dear Governor of Virginia​ Terry McAuliffe:

In wake of the Chattanooga, TN terrorist attack, it’s incumbent upon you and others down in Richmond to ensure the safety of our servicemen and women here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Six states have already taken steps to arm their National Guard as a start. Will you join them or continue to be beholden to partisan politics? They make countless sacrifice to protect us here and aboard. Why not afford them the right to carry firearms at military bases and similar installations here in our state?

I understand you are busy hosting cocktail parties in the Governor’s Mansion, luring in shoddy businesses to our state, trying to dismantle good reforms put in place by your predecessor, and laying the groundwork for Hillary Clinton–but if you want to make a positive impact as governor, though most of us doubt you will, you should allow our military to protect themselves. You’re THE Governor of Virginia–you’re accountable to more than 8.3 million people. Want to actually do something positive for the Commonwealth? Don’t be an ideologue.

We are one of the most military-friendly states in the United States. Our state boasts 27 military bases and dozens of recruitment centers. Millions of veterans also reside here. Why should servicemen and women be defenseless against attack? Hell, we send them abroad to fight with guns and yet, they aren’t afforded the right to protect themselves here at home. Do you want Virginians to feel safe or insecure?

I doubt you’ll read this given how selective you are in putting your support to good causes, but now more than ever these gun-free zones need to be done away with. Not another life – military or civilian- as a result of these dangerous policies.
Do something right for once; let servicemen and women arm themselves here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


A concerned resident of Virginia

New Counter Cultured Article: Interview with Miss Virginia Rosemary Willis Ferrera

I recently interviewed my friend and former Miss Virginia 2012 Rosemary Willis Ferrera for Counter Cultured. Below is an excerpt from the interview:

Rosemary Willis Ferrera is someone right-minded Millennials should get to know. We’ve had the pleasure of making her acquaintance here in Northern Virginia and are happy to profile her!

Rosemary is perhaps best known for her involvement in the Miss America Organization (MAO) as Miss Virginia 2012. She currently works for Washington Free Beacon as their Outreach Director and maintains the fitness blog Soul Strong Fitness. Ferrera is a 2013 graduate of the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA and is married to her college sweetheart, Ryan.

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New Counter Cultured Article: Go to Liberty Farm!

I’ve penned a new article up at Counter Cultured today. It’s about my recent visit to Liberty Farm in Paris, Virginia. Check it out!

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Liberty Farm in Paris, Virginia. Its owner is freedom farmer Martha Boneta, who’s a household name here in the Commonwealth.

Situated roughly 65 miles west of the nation’s capital, Liberty Farm is like a small slice of heaven marked by green pastures, clear blue skies, and a menagerie of cute farm animals that are rescued. When you think of the quintessential American farm, Liberty Farm definitely comes to mind.

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Eric Church Rocked the Verizon Center

Last night, my sister and I saw country music artist Eric Church perform at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., as part of a stop on his “The Outsiders World Tour.” It was his first time performing at the Verizon Center. And unsurprisingly, the show was sold out.

My sister got us these concert tickets as an early birthday present. (My birthday is next Monday; I’ll be turning 24.) Hands down, it was the best birthday present I’ve received in recent memory. (Thank you and love you, sisute!)

Below are some pictures I took at the concert:


Drive-By Truckers opened for Eric Church. It was my first time hearing their music and I LOVED it!



Eric Church. Swoon.


Eric Church is a badass. He really connects with his fans and loves what he does.


Church and his signature ball cap look.


The concert was sold out, as evidenced by this massive crowd.


A few months ago, The Bobby Bones Show talked about a devil making an appearance at the Eric Church concert while “Devil, Devil” was playing. Here it is. Terrifying, isn’t it?


For $35 seats, we had this optimal view. Not too shabby!


Another awesome shot of Eric Church.


Close up of Eric Church.



Isn’t he dreamy?

I’ve been to my share of concert music concerts featuring Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, Dierks Bentley, Florida-Georgia Line, Jason Aldean, Lee Brice, among many people. While I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the aforementioned artists perform, I was absolutely blown away by how talented and dedicated Eric Church is to his craft. He has more of a rock ‘n roll vibe to his music, which I greatly appreciate and enjoy. (Who doesn’t like rock ‘n roll? It’s as American as they come.) He performed hits like “Talladega”, “Smoke a Little Smoke”, “Homeboy”, “Devil, Devil”, “Guys Like Me”, “That’s Damn Rock ‘N Roll”, “Springsteen”, and many other tracks from his various albums. His music is refreshing in the day and age of bro-country-though I do enjoy some FLAGA Line and Thomas Rhett.

If you also attended the concert, I hope you enjoyed it too! It was refreshing to see people decked out in camo here in D.C. (It’s a wonderful break from the usual stiffs and suits you see here in the nation’s capital.)

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