Drywall sanding could be time-consuming, frustrating, and messy. However, it’s one of the most vital steps if you want to have a beautiful wall at the end of the day. The following tips will aid you to do the job confidently. 

Select the proper tool for the task 

Hand sander is the main tool for this project. Fasten precut sandpaper, which is cut to suit your sander. If you want a smoother finish, you should use finer grit sandpaper. Moreover, you can utilize a drywall screen that enables the drywall dust to fall over rather than being accumulated on the sandpaper. However, utilizing a screen can make it more challenging to achieve a smooth finish. 

Utilize pole sander 

This could be beneficial for large areas and high walls. You could utilize a pole sander in short sideways strokes or long, lengthwise strokes. You have to aim a slightly angled sanding heat and maintain it. Refrain from getting it at a right angle to the pole since it could mar the surface and flip over. 

For corners, use a sanding sponge 

A sanding sponge can do a better job in corners compared to a hand sander. It has lesser chances to scratch the opposing wall, which most likely occurs if you use the hand sander’s edge. Moreover, you can also fold a piece of drywall sanding paper and use it instead. 

Exercise good techniques 

You need to guarantee that the mud is dried properly before you initiate sanding it. It is important to sand lightly with light to moderate pressure. While sanding, you should move the sander around. Refrain from sanding in a straight line, which could turn out to be a depression as you paint.  

Never miss the ultimate inspection 

Once you believe you’re done, make sure to inspect all corners, joints, and walls. Utilize a flashlight at various angles to determine if any parts should be retouched. If you see one, mark it with a pencil and utilize a sanding sponge to fix any minimal imperfections. Once you can see deep scratches or gouges, then it is recommended for you to recoat them, allow the compound to dry out and sand them once more.  

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