New Counter Cultured Article: Free Market Should Punish Planned Parenthood

I’ve penned a new article up at Counter Cultured today. Below is an excerpt:

A new investigative video from the Center for Medical Progress has implicated Planned Parenthood for selling dismembered baby organs.

The video features prominent abortionist Dr. Deborah Nucatola, who serves as the national senior director of “medical services” at Planned Parenthood. She gloats about the “demand” for fetal livers, “intact hearts,” and lower extremities. (How sick and twisted is that?) Below is the video. Warning-be prepared to be disgusted:

Given Planned Parenthood’s bloody track record, it’s imperative to strip this big government entity of federal funding and watch them fail in the free market.

Planned Parenthood is notorious for its anti-life policies that are borderline eugenics. The organization, which bills itself as a “pro-woman” family planning entity, receives billions in taxpayer money to perform abortions. A March 2015 report from the Government Accountability Office revealed that Planned Parenthood received $1.5 billion in taxpayer money for the 2010-2012 period:

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Proud to Be A California Girl


Salt Creek Beach – Monarch Beach, CA


T.S. Eliot once wrote, “Home is where one starts from.”

Last week, I ventured out to the West Coast to visit my first home in sunny California: South Orange County. I had been away from OC for nearly three years, so it was past due to pay my hometown area a visit.

Southern California will always be my first home. Having spent the bulk of my childhood in Orange County, one summer in Santa Barbara, and three years in the San Diego suburb of La Jolla, I had a well-rounded SoCal experience spanning 21 years. But like every wide-eyed, ambitious young American out there, I realized I had to leave OC behind to realize my full potential. Now I call the Washington, D.C., metro area my home.

“Back Home” by Andy Grammer is largely the inspiration behind this blog post about my trip back to Orange County, CA.

These lyrics resonate with me the most:

See, we won’t forget where we came from
The city won’t change us
We beat to the same drum

And no matter where we go

We always find our way back home

I found my way back home, but only for a brief visit. Nevertheless, I’m still proud to hail from Southern California.


First and foremost, no trip back home is complete without a visit to In-N-Out Burger.

In-N-Out Cheeseburger with Animal-Style Fries. Yum!

In-N-Out Cheeseburger with Animal-Style Fries. Yum!

Thought I’ve eaten Five Guys on numerous occasions, it will never compare to an In-N-Out Cheeseburger and Animal-Style French fries. It was great to bask in this deliciousness with my childhood friends. Proud to be friends with future dentists, chemical scientists, and academics!

I also paid a visit to Wahoo’s Fish Taco in Laguna Beach with some friends to eat some quality Mexican-Asian-Brazilian cuisine. (If you haven’t eaten at Wahoo’s, go!)

Afterwards, I paid a visit to Pearl Street Beach and snapped this view. Gorgeous, right?

IMG_6264I had plenty of opportunities to snap pictures of the surrounding beaches in Dana Point and Laguna Beach.

Marveling in one of my old stomping grounds, Salt Creek Beach!

Marveling one of my old stomping grounds, Salt Creek Beach!

We also met up with some of our relatives in Dana Point. We walked around the harbor and reminisced about good times.


Statue of Richard Henry Dana – Boston, MA politician, sailor, and intellectual who founded Dana Point, CA

Admittedly, this visit to my first home was surreal. Perhaps I’ve been aware for too long or have successfully acclimated to East Coast living. SoCal felt slightly different since my departure in September 2012. The political climate and social scene are still the same–now more assuredly Democrat and superficial, respectively. Barren, dry landscapes  were more readily apparent  thanks to the Sacramento-created drought. The same whiff of snobbery I loathed was still omnipresent. And yet, the tranquility that emanated from the Pacific Ocean (ironic, I know) temporarily washed my qualms about California away. It was a perfect week-long getaway!

California was once touted as the Promise Land. Alas, the Golden State is slowly but surely losing its golden hue. Full Democrat-rule in Sacramento, big government policies, Hollywood, among many things, have adversely impacted my home state–causing her natives to seek refuge elsewhere. It pains me to see California fall from greatness.

As a native Californian happily displaced in the Washington, D.C., metro area for three years now, I felt like an outsider from the inside. Everything was simultaneously familiar and distant. (I bet many of you have had ambiguous thoughts about returning to your hometowns.) While I enjoyed my time back home, it made me appreciate applying my California roots to a higher purpose here in DC today.

Yes, there are a lot of negative stereotypes about my home state, especially SoCal. Rich, privileged, spoiled, affluent — all adjectives come to mind about SoCal. However, it had many redeeming qualities. Thanks for expanding my food palate, molding me into a beach bum, and making be a rebel with a cause, California!

For those of  you who haven’t trekked out West before, listen to these songs to get a feel for California:

“California” by Kenny Chesney

“California Gurls” by Katy Perry

We don’t wear Daisy Dukes with bikinis on top, but we California girls are pretty unique. The Beach Boys did a great job of drawing everyone’s attention to that.

“Californication” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

RHCP is arguably one of the best bands to hail from California, and this song is reflective of SoCal in so many ways.

“Hella Good” by No Doubt

No Doubt was formed in Anaheim, CA. It’s one of the best bands to hail from SoCal–especially from Orange County. For those of us from California, hella is slang for “good,” “hell of a lot,” or “very.” Though its origins are from Northern California, many of us from SoCal have adopted the term into our vernacular too.

“Holiday From Real” by Jack’s Mannequin

Andrew McMahon, lead singer of Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate, spent a great deal of time in Orange County. His music is quintessentially Californian.

“California” by Phantom Planet

This song was popularized by the hit TV show, The OC. Though I never watched the show – I didn’t need a show to remind me about my hometown – the song stood out to me.

“Hotel California” by The Eagles

How can you be from California and not like this song? It’s a classic!

In Travels With Charley: In Search of America, John Steinbeck wrote“The Pacific is my home ocean; I knew it first, grew up on its shore, collected marine animals along the coast. I know its moods, its color, its nature.”

 Though I now reside in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, California – especially Orange County – will be my first home.  It taught me to value the finer things in life and to aspire to be successful in the future. It taught me to appreciate nature by facilitating my love of fishing and good beaches. It taught me to appreciate quality food–especially food of the Mexican variety. Most of all, it molded me into the easy going, spirited, independent conservative chick I am today.
Love you, California. Hope to see you again in the future!

New Counter Cultured Video: Millennials Supporting Gun Rights

Today at Counter Cultured, we released our new video project entitled, “Millennials Defend The Second Amendment.”

17 participants from all walks of life participated in our video. Counter Cultured seeks to give conservative/libertarian Millennials a greater voice. Our commentary seeks to make conservatism spicy without diluting the message. Check out the video below:

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Update I:  Our video has been profiled by Bearing Arms and The Dana Show.

Update II: Video is profiled up at TheBlaze.

New Counter Cultured Article: Support the Freedom to Carry

I’ve penned a new op-ed at Counter Cultured on the freedom to carry–constitutional carry–in all 50 states. Below is an excerpt:

Last week, the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states by citing the 14th Amendment as justification for this. While this ruling was disappointing –  government has now redefined marriage – we must promote a culture of marriage without quick legislative fixes or government intervention.

If one positive thing has come out of this ruling, it gives the 14th Amendment license to be applied to gun rights with respect to the right to carry.  Section I of the 14th Amendment reads:

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

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On SCOTUS and Marriage: Keep The Fight Alive

In light of SCOTUS’ ruling legalizing same-sex unions, or SSM, nationwide today, I will say this: I will still hold my view that marriage is between a man and a woman. I’ve spent many years researching both sides, reading opposite views, and reaching a conclusion long ago that this is how I feel. No government or judicial decision will coerce me into changing my view on marriage. Neither should you. Does this mean I have malice towards those who hold an opposite view? Quite the contrary. Americans are free to believe whatever they want without fear of retribution. We should have mutual respect for our differing opinions while respectfully disagreeing. (Who knows when this mutual tolerance will be realized.) That’s a beautiful thing. Debate should be encouraged.

There are several things to reflect on moving forward: will religious liberty be respected? Will dissenting opinions still be respected or will the speech police silence us? Will churches be coerced into performing SSM against their will? Will businesses be shut down? Time will tell.

This decision illuminates how important and more successful we can be in advocating for civil society without government or quick legislative fixes. We need to have a coherent, thoughtful, fair discussion on marriage on the cultural front.

What say you? Agree? Disagree? Can both sides co-exist or will one ideology – that of our opponents- be shoved down our throats? Weigh in below!

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Assimilation Isn’t Criminal; It’s American


The Washington Post published a mind-numbingly bizarre article on Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal suggesting he’s not Indian anymore because he assimilated to the American way of life. Jindal, 44, is the 13th Republican to jump into the 2016  presidential race.

Here’s what WaPo wrote:

Jindal’s status as a conservative of color helped propel his meteoric rise in the Republican Party — from an early post in the George W. Bush administration to two terms in Congress and now a second term as Louisiana governor — and donors from Indian American groups fueled his first forays into politics. Yet many see him as a man who has spent a lifetime distancing himself from his Indian roots.

Here’s more:

As a child, he announced he wanted to go by the name Bobby, after a character in “The Brady Bunch.” He converted from Hinduism to Christianity as a teen and was later baptized a Catholic as a student at Brown University — making his devotion to Christianity a centerpiece of his public life. He and his wife were quick to say in a “60 Minutes” interview in 2009 that they do not observe many Indian traditions — although they had two wedding ceremonies, one Hindu and one Catholic. He said recently that he wants to be known simply as an American, not an Indian American.

“There’s not much Indian left in Bobby Jindal,” said Pearson Cross, a political science professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette who is writing a book on the governor.

“There’s not much Indian left in Bobby Jindal.” WHAT??

Governor Jindal is Indian and always will be. I reckon he’s very proud of his heritage, as he should be. So what if he’s Catholic and has adopted an Americanized name?  That doesn’t make him any less Indian. He should be applauded for pursuing the American dream, honoring his family, and realizing his individual potential. Why can’t we just judge people on the content of their character and not their skin color?

Commentary Magazine brilliantly counters WaPo’s assertion that Jindal isn’t Indian enough:

Jindal, whose boilerplate stump speech focuses extensively on his parents’ backgrounds in India and the trials they endured in order to provide him with the opportunities that he made the best of in the United States, has committed what the left regards as the unforgivable sin of rejecting identity politics altogether. The Pelican State governor called those who preoccupy themselves with prejudging their fellow Americans based on their skin colors “dim-witted” and added that his family has refused to consider themselves “hyphenated Americans.”

“My dad and mom told my brother and me that we came to America to be Americans. Not Indian-Americans, simply Americans,” the governor has said. “If we wanted to be Indians, we would have stayed in India. It’s not that they are embarrassed to be from India, they love India. But they came to America because they were looking for greater opportunity and freedom.”

What could possibly be wrong with assimilation? Everything, according to the Left.

Leftist logic suggest when people reject identity politics and don’t tow the line, they’re traitors who boast self-hatred. To them, playing off one’s race, gender, etc., is politically expedient and beneficial to to their cause. (Unfortunately for them, when their policies are implemented, they fail miserably and leave people worse off. Look at the former Soviet Union, Cuba, and other places ravaged by democide and cradle-to-grave government.)  If someone doesn’t subscribe to a leftist worldview, pejorative slurs and insults are hurled their way. So much for civility…

Why can’t we be individuals all the while revering our heritage? It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, European, Asian, African, etc. If someone wants to advance themselves as individuals, they should be celebrated–not demonized. We can’t stand for this demagoguery anymore.

I’m convinced the only immigrants our counterparts on the Left celebrate are those who come here illegally or those who don’t assimilate to the American way of life. If immigrants choose to assimilate, they are self-hating. Who less finds logic so contorted today?

Like millions first-generation Americans out there, I’m proud of my immigrant parents for assimilating to the American way of life. My parents came here in 1986 from Lithuania when it was still occupied by the Soviet Union. They came here virtually penniless with our relatives and feared for their lives in the process of fleeing Soviet rule. (They are grateful to have received political asylum.) Both my mom and my dad learned English, worked in their respective industries, launched businesses, and gave my sister and I a good life. Are my parents any less Lithuanian for becoming American? Hell no. My parents still retain their accents, customs, and Old World wisdom. It’s physically and biologically impossible to erase one’s heritage.  Though I’m American born, I can proudly tout my Lithuanian heritage all the while being American. Bobby Jindal touts his Indian heritage and is a proud American.  The values instilled in us by our families, regardless of our origin, are uniquely American. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Assimilation isn’t criminal; it’s American.

Agree? Disagree? Weigh in below.

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Summer Food Bucket List: Woodbridge Food Truck Festival

Gabriella Hoffman:

My sister and I will be partnering with Eventbrite this summer for our food blog A Taste of Patriarchy! How cool is that? We’ll be profiling the Woodbridge Food Truck Festival.

Originally posted on A Taste of Patriarchy:

This summer, we are participating in Eventbrite‘s Summer Food Bucket List project–an opportunity to blog about food festivals or events we’re planning to attend this summer. After looking through Eventbrite’s list of food festivals in our area, we will be attending Woodbridge Food Truck Festival on July 11th, which will take place in Manassas, Virginia, at the Prince William County Fairgrounds.

Food trucks are a revolutionary enterprise in America today. In an era of big government, it’s encouraging to see an explosion of food trucks here in the Washington, D.C., metro area and across the country. Why are food trucks so controversial, you ask? Their existence aggravates those who seek to control and restrict competition. Not only do food trucks provide a variety of products, but they also offer consumers quality food for an affordable rate. These small businesses are certainly making customer satisfaction a high priority through creativity and affordability, and…

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