New Counter Cultured Article: Go to Liberty Farm!

I’ve penned a new article up at Counter Cultured today. It’s about my recent visit to Liberty Farm in Paris, Virginia. Check it out!

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Liberty Farm in Paris, Virginia. Its owner is freedom farmer Martha Boneta, who’s a household name here in the Commonwealth.

Situated roughly 65 miles west of the nation’s capital, Liberty Farm is like a small slice of heaven marked by green pastures, clear blue skies, and a menagerie of cute farm animals that are rescued. When you think of the quintessential American farm, Liberty Farm definitely comes to mind.

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Kilwins: Delicious and Sweet Confections

Gabriella Hoffman:

Here’s my latest post up at A Taste of Patriarchy. I wrote about Kilwins and their exquisite desserts. Check it out!

Originally posted on A Taste of Patriarchy:

Who doesn’t love some delicious, savory ice cream? There are so many stores, products, and individual flavors to select from. Whether one prefers rich, wholesome flavors to frozen yogurt, every American can cool down with some sweet and delicious ice cream. One place that comes to mind is Kilwins.

Founded in 1947, Kilwins strives to deliver “traditional, home-down confections”–and they certainly do! Their chocolates are exquisite, and their ice cream tastes fresh, rich, and flavorful. They have locations nationwide, but are very prevalent here in the D.C. metro area. (For those of you also in the DC metro area-there are locations in Alexandria, VA (opening June 2015); Annapolis, MD; and Baltimore, MD.) We’ve been patrons of the Annapolis shop on two occasions, and most recently enjoyed some of their ice cream.

I enjoyed several scoops of their Cappuccino Chocolate Chip ice cream, while Anna Maria enjoyed Kilwins Tracks.

Cappuccino Chocolate Chip Kilwins Cappuccino Chocolate…

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New Counter Cultured Article: Johns Hopkins Student Battles Campus Leftists

Yesterday we published an interview with John Hopkins student Andrew Guernsey up at Counter Cultured.

Here’s an excerpt:

The First Amendment is under siege in our country today. From articulating support for natural marriage to being politically incorrect, respectful disagreement over issues and intellectual diversity are strongly discouraged today.

One college student, Andrew Guernsey, has gone out of his way to challenge the “tolerance brigade” at Johns Hopkins University following its student government’s decision to bar Chick-fil-A from campus. As a result, this incident has garnered a lot of media attention. Andrew penned an op-ed in National Review and subsequently appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss why campus statists are wrong to suppress campus free speech. 

I recently interviewed Andrew to learn more about what happened on his campus and how he has played a role in fostering a discussion of socially conservative ideas with his peers.

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Pray for Baltimore


Baltimore, our hearts and prayers go out to you…

Seeing the city of Baltimore under siege is truly heartbreaking–especially here in nearby Washington, D.C. Never could we fathom a major city burning and being destroyed before our very eyes today. Watching small businesses being besieged, buildings burned, innocent passersby silenced, streets littered, and fairly restrained police officers attacked is disconcerting.

Without a doubt, decades’ long toiling with big government policies–since the 1960s–have led the city to ruin.  High taxes, an ever-growing welfare state, gun control, and paternalistic government have caused many to become disillusioned and dispirited in that city, though their anger is directed elsewhere, say, at critics of big government policies. Looting, pillaging, and racebaiting has come to define much of the tone from protestors, which is quite sad. Their deplorable actions undermine the reasonable voices who seek to reform and rebuild this once great city.

Glad there are some locals who are above the rioting and violence trying to quell the unrest in Charm City. May the reasonable voices have their perspectives heard and the wrath of big government be quashed. Hoping the Hogan administration brings an end to quagmire perpetuated by its predecessors.


Expose the Intolerance of the ‘Tolerance’ Crowd

“What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other’s folly – that is the first law of nature.” -Voltaire

There has been a lot of discussion about tolerance recently. The mouthpieces of the “tolerance” crowd suggest that if we don’t accept gay marriage or leftist views, we should be condemned to hell, ostracism, IRS targeting, or lawsuits, to name a few. Two recent examples come to mind. Two gay businessmen invited Senator Ted Cruz for a campaign event only to condemn him afterwards for his so-called “bigoted views” after many in the militant gay “rights” movement threatened to boycott their businesses. (Pretty pathetic, right?) Funny how we must submit to same-sex marriage but can’t have our views respected. (Tyranny never sounded so delicious!) The second example is Sweet Cakes Bakery in Oregon. The persecution of its owners, Aaron and Melissa Klein, is not new, however. They’re Christian bakers who were forced to close shop after same-sex marriage activists bullied their business into submission and subsequent closure. One lesbian couple even suggested their refusing to make them a cake was “mental rape.” (What a lofty, deluded accusation–and an offense to rape victims everywhere.) Free association is protected under the First Amendment. Christian bakers have every right to refuse service as gay bakers do, and vice versa.

The beauty of living in the United States is we enjoy boundless freedoms, especially free association and free expression under the First Amendment. Sadly, those who comprise the “thought police” under the guise of “tolerance” are eager to suppress alternative view points. It’s rather pathetic to see the rise of petulant children masquerading as adults who inject statism into discourse. For example, we hear and witness the following: “I don’t like your views, so I’m going to sue the pants off of you!” What are we becoming? The former Soviet Union? This stuff is getting ridiculous, especially with the media and government bureaucrats juicing people up through class warfare rhetoric.

Tolerance is a two-way street. Practice mutual respect, but don’t feel obligated to change your views to please someone. That’s cowardice. [Yes, you can hold a view and be civil with someone who disagrees with it! Imagine that?] Be kind unto others. [Many on the Left have yet to perfect this art.] Engage in dialogue respectfully. [If someone exudes immaturity and vapid qualities, forget it and move on. Don’t focus on the frivolous things in life.]

Be a good steward of freedom. Regardless of your position of the legal definition of marriage, encourage support for the First Amendment. Dissent is a beautiful thing!

What are your thoughts? Weigh in below. Be respectful or else…

Support Free-Market Environmentalism On This #EarthDay


Today is Earth Day and V.I. Lenin’s birthday. Coincidence? I think not.

Unbeknownst to many, Earth Day founder Ira Einhorn—who hosted the first Earth Day event in Philadelphia on this day in 1970—killed and later composted his girlfriend. Talk about being environmentally-friendly…

The question beckons: can one be pro-environment without having the same radical fervor as those on the Left do? Answer: hell yes. Conservatism and stewardship go hand-in-hand. We seek to improve our environment without the duress of big government and nanny statism which seek to control every facet of our lives.

You can only be pro-environment if you support abortion or population control since kids are a burden and overpopulation is a real threat, respectively, they say. (Ridiculous.) You can only be pro-environment if you chastise and undermine anglers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts, they say. (Fun fact: our taxpayer dollars and fees we pay to bolster the outdoor industry do more for conservation than these “greenies” have.) You can only be pro-environment if you are vehemently opposed to free markets, gas/drilling/oil, or lead, they say. You can only be pro-environment if you tow the line and wholly accept that “climate change” exists and is anthropogenic (man-made), they say. (Hello? Have you met Mother Nature?)

Too bad efforts to bolster our environment have been stymied by hypocrites who profit from fearmongering, statists who wish to control us, and crony capitalists who benefit from backroom deals. Our quality of life here on Earth, especially here in the U.S., has been bolstered by free markets, innovation, and human achievement. To rid of these would be detrimental to our way of life.

Environmentalism should be rooted in limited government, freedom, and the right-to-life, not rooted in pro-death policies. Happy ‪#‎EarthDay‬!

New Counter Cultured: Crayle Vanest Is Great Campus Carry Advocate

I interviewed Crayle Vanest of Students for Concealed Carry about gun rights on campus. Check it out!

Here at Counter Cultured, we are inclined to give our fellow right-minded Millennials the spotlight if they are doing big things. Our movement grows when we have more passionate voices–not fewer voices. One Millennial worth profiling is Crayle Vanest, a 22-year-old Indiana University senior passionate about the Second Amendment.  Crayle currently serves as the Midwest Regional Director of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus.

GH: Why and when did you become a passionate advocate for concealed carry on campus?

CV: I have been passionate about all forms of self-defense since I was 14 years old, and began advocating for campus carry when I was 18. I’ve always enjoyed my independence from a young age, even it was just walking to a friend’s house a few miles away, but even with hand-to-hand self-defense knowledge, I was always aware that some people out there were just faster and stronger than me.

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