New Counter Cultured Article: Both Genders Have Ruined Dating Culture

My sister and I have penned a new column up at Counter Cultured responding to a Washingtonian article that solely blames men for our terrible dating culture. Below is an excerpt:

Washingtonian recently published an article on our abysmal dating culture, focusing on why it’s hard for women to date here in the Washington, D.C., area. What’s the cause of this frustration? We’re too educated for our own good and thus left with a male deficit, the article alleges.

The article cites findings from finance writer Jon Birger, author of Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game.  She writes, “He started digging through Census data and discovered the problem was much bigger than his own experience. He says it’s a nationwide phenomenon. At birth, things are pretty straightforward: 1.05 boys are born in the US for every one girl. But when it comes to college-educated women between the ages of 22 and 29, the numbers shift considerably. In that case, there are four women for every three men.”

Birger says in order bridge the gap,  more men should get college degrees.

While there is some considerable truth to the article, it boasts several major problems.

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New Counter Cultured Article: Interview with Chelsen Vicari

I interviewed my friend Chelsen Vicari of Institute on Religion and Democracy on August 26 about her work. You can read an excerpt from the interview below:

In our latest installment of young conservative profiles, we are thrilled to write about Chelsen Vicari. Chelsen is the Evangelical Program Director for the Institute on Religion and Democracy and author of the book Distortion: How the New Christian Left is Twisting the Gospel and Damaging the Faith. (It’s an excellent read-I highly recommend it!)

Religion often gets a bad rap from the media for being “uncool”, “oppressive,” or “too strict.” While there are some hypocrites among the faithful, it’s wrong to suggest that religion-especially Christianity- doesn’t have a place in our society anymore. Our nation was established on the pretext of Judeo-Christian values. Christianity has largely been infected by socialistic ideals and is in need of some remedying, which is where people like Chelsen come in.

Chelsen was kind enough to share her thoughts on how to encourage Millennials to come back to the Church without the sway of big government policies.

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Travel Tuesday: Jackson Hole, WY


I’ve just returned from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and couldn’t be more thrilled to tell you about my experience there! I was one of many attendees at the inaugural Jackson Hole Summit.

Although it was my second time in Wyoming–my having been to Jackson and Yellowstone National Park nine years ago–I was able to explore the area comprising Jackson Hole a bit more.

Wyoming is best known as the Equality State or Cowboy State, the former nickname awarded to the state for being the first state to allow women the right-to-vote. (Pretty cool!) Wyoming also happens to be the least populous state in the country, boasting fewer than 600,000 people statewide.

Jackson Hole is a renowned ski resort area. It may be small, but it sure is expansive.

En route to Jackson Hole, I had a layover in Salt Lake City. Below is a picture of the Great Salt Lake as one approaches the city:


View of the Great State Lake from the airplane.

Once I got settled in Jackson Hole, I descended 9,100 ft up to a restaurant called The Deck. (FYI: They have a great and cheap Happy Hour menu. If you find yourself in Jackson Hole, go!)



Here’s another picture of the Grand Teton Range from Diamond Cross Ranch. Majestic, right?

grand teton

Albeit being crunched for time – I only had 72 hours in Jackson Hole – I was able to experience some restaurants. Go to the Mangy Moose for some good pub food and to The Spur for delicious cocktails.

Prior to going to Jackson Hole, be prepared for a dramatic shift in altitude. I unfortunately suffered from a bout of altitude sickness and cured it with Advil. (Ibuprofen also works!) If you’re prone or unsuspectingly prone to this kind of dramatic altitude change, come prepared. Otherwise, be on the lookout for some wildlife. Sadly, I didn’t see any bears, elk, or moose but caught a glimpse at some deer.

If curious about this gem in the Mountain West, found out more online, on Twitter, on Instagram, and on Facebook.

Have you traveled to Wyoming as well? Let me know about your experience there!

New Counter Cultured Article: Jackson Hole Summit

I’ve penned a new column about my time at the inaugural Jackson Hole Summit. It centered around monetary policy. Below is an excerpt:

I’ve just returned from the inaugural Jackson Hole Summit. The conference was held from August 27-29, 2015, in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It centered around monetary policy and how to counter the problem of central banking in the present day. The theme of the conference was “Central Banks: The Problem or the Solution?”

American Principles Project (APP) organized this event. Their mission states, “American Principles Project recognizes the dignity of the person as the basis of the founding principles of the United States. We are committed to the declaration made by the Founding Fathers, that we are all created equal, endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, and among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Additional sponsors included the Heritage Foundation, Atlas Network, and Young America’s Foundation.

Admittedly, I haven’t really focused on monetary policy in my political work thus far. To most individuals, it’s very nuanced, complex, and technical to comprehend. However, this conference gave us attendees a better glimpse into monetary policy and why sound money should be promoted in the public square. Like Millennials, presidential candidates will and should be made to care about the topic.

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New Townhall Column: Honor Victims of 20th Century Totalitarianism

I’ve penned a new column up at It’s about Black Ribbon Day. Below is an excerpt:

The Soviet Union may have collapsed, but its decades’ long reign of terror shall not be forgotten.

The 20th century was marked by intense tragedy due to the pernicious ideologies of National Socialism and global communism that killed over 100 million people. Millions suffered and died under the tyrannical rule of both Adolph Hitler in Nazi Germany and Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union, respectively. While the former usually receives resounding condemnation, the latter – particularly the Soviet variant – is wholly ignored by many today. That is why it is imperative to celebrate Black Ribbon Day on August 23rd, a day that commemorates the lives lost under National Socialism and Soviet communism.

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Thank you to Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, JBANC, and countless others for sharing my article!

New Townhall Column: Make Moral Case for Conservatism

I’ve penned a new article up at today. Below is an excerpt:

The quest to identify and unite behind a conservative leader for president has officially begun.

With 15 months ahead of the most consequential election in our lifetimes, 17 candidates are vying for our support. It is undeniable there are several candidates who stand out and truly represent consistent, principled conservatism. And no—blowhard billionaire Donald Trump isn’t one of them.

The candidate who has a proven record of standing up to the Washington machine, a firm understanding of our values, and proven leadership will and should become our nominee.

American Enterprise Institute (AEI) president Arthur Brooks has authored a new book that beautifully lays out how conservatives – especially the eventual Republican nominee—can make a moral case for conservatism in the public square.

Apparently, it’s been linked to Reddit? That’s pretty nifty.

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Zac Brown Band’s DC Concert Rocked Our Socks Off

Last Friday, my sister Anna Maria and I attended the Zac Brown Band concert at Nationals Park. This was the Washington, D.C., stop on their JEKYLL + HYDE Tour.

Since my first exposure to country music several years ago, ZBB has grown into one of my favorite bands. They remain authentically country, and their lead singer can masterfully belt out tunes.

Below is a picture of us enjoying the concert:


ZBB was preceded by The Avett Brothers, which was their opening act. Admittedly, I’ve never heard of them but figured their music aligned well with ZBB’s. (Indeed, they were pretty good!)

I particularly love ZBB’s music for combining country with tropical flair. They incorporate classic country elements, but spice it up with unique things like a fiddle and gospel choir.

ZBB opened up with their new leading single, “Homegrown.” It was followed with “Loving You Easy,” their rendition of “The Devil Goes Down to Georgia,” “Dress Blues,” “Castaway,” “Let It Be,” “Colder Weather,” “Sweet Annie,” “Keep Me in Mind,” “Jump Right In,” and other well-known tunes off their new album and older albums. Everyone around us was dancing in their seats, singing along, and having a good time. How could you not enjoy Zac Brown Band? It was a rousing good time!

One of the touching moments from the concert was during the performance of their new song “Dress Blues.” They brought out several servicemen, who then marched on stage. The crowd then burst out with “USA!” chants and resounding claps. Patriotism was alive and well at Nats Park. It was a touching moment for those of us living in the belly of the beast best known as Washington, D.C.

Below are some pictures from the concert:


IMG_6529  IMG_6557

Unlike other concerts I’ve been to, this one was different in that the leading act – ZBB, in this case – performed for a good chunk of time. (Their show lasted roughly 2 and a half hours.) It goes to show that they appreciate their fans and love bringing happiness through music. Gotta give props to them for that!

Check out their music, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter!