Freedom Isn’t Freedom: 27 Years After Reagan’s Berlin Wall Speech

27 years ago today, President Ronald Reagan made his famous “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” speech.

I like to commemorate important historical events on my social media platforms because an ignorant populace is doomed to repeat the horrible mistakes of the past if history is ignored or forgotten. As some of you know, my family lived behind the Iron Curtain and immigrated here as political refugees from the Soviet Union in 1986. My family, like millions of others who’ve fled tyranny for freedom, came here for better opportunities. Reagan’s leadership, along with that of several others, propelled the physical collapse of the USSR. We must remember that freedom isn’t free, and that big government, when fully implemented, destroys liberty and kills.

Don’t discount the freedoms afforded to you here. Don’t look to our government for safety or comfort. Don’t let elected officials trample on our rights and our property.

College Board Is Lowering Standards for Advanced Placement Classes

I stumbled upon this article from Breitbart yesterday about new College Board standards for its AP U.S. History course. It’s quite troubling:

Beginning in August, such a course will be offered to 500,000 of America’s most talented high-school sophomores and juniors – the College Board’s new AP U.S. History Framework. The new College Board Framework will replace the traditional 5-page topical outline with a 98-page document that dictates how teachers should cover the required topics. George Washington gets one brief mention; other founders, such as Benjamin Franklin and James Madison, none. The Declaration of Independence is referred to in passing in one clause of one sentence.

If the Framework virtually ignores the most important men and documents in American history, what does it find worthy of attention? The answer is, pretty much anything that casts a negative light on our country. The redesigned Framework inculcates a consistently negative view of American history by highlighting oppressors and exploiters while ignoring the dreamers and innovators who built our country.

The Framework asserts that the British-American colonies were characterized by the development of “a rigid racial hierarchy” (page 27) that was in turn derived from “a strong belief in British racial and cultural superiority” (page 29) – and teaches that much of the rest of American history was shaped by those beliefs. There is much emphasis on mistreatment of slaves and native people, but none on truly revolutionary founding principles that laid the groundwork for the freest nation on earth (consent of the governed, development of democratic institutions, religious liberty). World War II was a time of racial discrimination and other inequities, not of massive sacrifice and achievement by soldiers and civilians alike.

For those of you who’ve taken Advanced Placement (AP) courses in high school–I was one of those kids–you’ll recall how time-consuming, challenging, and worthwhile these classes were. I took (and passed) most of my AP tests that resulted in me having a year’s worth of college credit completed. Despite how grueling AP classes were, I learned a lot and felt prepared for college.

I went out of my way to qualify and participate in AP classes during my time at Tesoro High School (’09) in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. The “regular” classes, as we called them, were lax and dull. Teachers who oversaw these classes were generally careless. Students who were enrolled in these classes were generally unmotivated. The coursework of regular classes was mediocre or worse–borderline propaganda. As a smart and capable student–because I’ve benefited from “white privilege” right?–I didn’t want to waste my time taking classes that would stifle my learning potential. Call it elitism, call it arrogance–I made the choice to challenge myself. Most of my leftist peers in AP classes also decided to do the same.

Why is College Board trying to shape AP classes in the mold of regular classes? Why equalize the academic field?

When I graduated from Tesoro High School in June 2009, I felt prepared for college at UCSD (’12) because of our Advanced Placement program. My school had a generally rigorous AP program consisting of 20 AP courses. (The exception was AP Environmental Science because the content was silly and all our class did was watch movies/bake pancakes.) I took 10 courses from 10th-12th grade, graduated with a 4.4. GPA, and received the AP Scholar with Distinction Award from College Board. One of my favorite classes was Mr. Harnett’s AP U.S. History class during sophomore year of HS. For our summer reading, we were required to read Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America (which I didn’t realize at the time was quite conservative and pro-America). He was a fair teacher who challenged his students to learn. He kept any bias he held hidden, which was greatly appreciated. Mr. Harnett never used his class to condemn America or complain about the U.S. Constitution. His class was enjoyable and one of the most sought-after classes in the entire school.

It’s a shame that the College Board has mandated AP teachers to teach students to revile and despise this country. AP U.S. History should celebrate America’s greatness and our unique political system.

Shame on you, College Board. 

All Americans Are Privileged–And It’s Not a Bad Thing

There’s all this talk of privilege these days, so I wanted to give my input on this matter:

Leftist activists who are desperate to control us and eager to suppress dissent have invented the term “white privilege” to assert themselves in the public sphere. What is “white privilege” and what does it consist of? Apparently, if your ethnic background is Jewish or European (simply put, Caucasian), you’re perceived as having an unfair advantage in society because of your skin color. This means you boast “privilege” and supposedly view other ethnic groups as “inferior.” Moreover, because we allegedly boast “privilege” everything is willingly handed to us, the government supposedly takes better care of us, and we’re all extremely wealthy and greedy. Adherents of this philosophy, which is an offshoot of critical race theory, demand that those bestowed with “white privilege” renounce their wealth, hate themselves, and perpetuate class warfare tactics. According to some “brilliant” scholars on MSNBC and similar outlets, if your family members survived the Holocaust, you’re automatically a recipient of “white privilege” because they fared better after their suffering in death camps and concentration camps.


By that logic, I must boast extra “white privilege” because members of my family were afflicted by both Hitler’s National Socialism and Stalin’s Soviet Communism. My maternal grandma who endured harsh conditions in a German labor camp around the time her husband, my maternal grandpa, endured harsh conditions in one of Stalin’s gulags overcame adversity as Christians and property owners because they were privileged rather than persecuted, right? I guess my dad’s family endured anti-Semitism and overcame it because of “white privilege,” no? When my family decided to flee the former Soviet Union, giving up their belongings and being fearful for their lives must have been a result of “white privilege.” Not to mention that when they arrived in this country they were virtually penniless and not assimilated yet. (White privilege, right?) Or the fact that my dad built his company from the ground up without a handout. Or the fact that my parents worked hard in their respective careers to give my sister and I a good life–a life they never enjoyed in their homeland.

If success is a crime in this country, we’ve surely lost our way as a civilization.

Newsflash: every American of every stripe and shade is privileged—and it’s not a bad thing. We have the privilege to express our views without retribution from the government (for now). We have the privilege to make and earn a profit. We have the privilege to right a wrong and make our country a better place. We have the privilege to pursue opportunities unseen throughout the world. We have the privilege to enjoy luxuries and goods that most people across the globe will never have access to. We have the privilege to live in the last beacon of hope, our beloved United States of America.

If you hate the rights and opportunities afforded to you in this still magnificent country, you need to check your self-hatred. Here’s my two cents.

New Freedom Center Video Confirms Obama Hates Israel

It is undeniable that President Obama is the most anti-Israel president in American history.

He has snubbed PM Benjamin Netanyahu on numerous occasions, called for Israel to return to pre-1967 borders, and recently referred to Jews as “Jew-janitors.”

It is imperative that come 2012, we elect a conservative Republican president that supports Israel, the Jewish people, and a healthy U.S.-Israel relationship.

Watch the video below and please share it with your friends.

H/T: David Horowitz Freedom Center


Calling All Young Conservative Movers-And-Shakers!

If you are working wonders, making a huge impact in your state/school, ruffling liberal feathers, and the like, I would like to know who you are! For the most part, I know loads of people–but ask around and tell your friends if they want in. I have several offers that you will not be able to refuse! They relate to blogging opportunities/pieces, article references/ideas, radio show appearances, and much, much more.

An opportunity to get your message out in California is coming, stay tuned! Message me if interested.

Your fellow YoungCon-in-arms,

Gabriella Hoffman

Help Young Conservatives Fight Liberal Injustices With Your Support!

Hi everyone!

Thank you to those who have viewed my introduction speech and to those of you who supported (and continue to do so) us in this ordeal versus Islamofascism and political correctness following the David Horowitz event. I truly appreciate your attention and concern for our likelihood here at UCSD and with Young Americans for Freedom, as with the nation as a whole. It is instrumental that the youth be supported in this grave time in our nation’s history with the takeover of socialists, communists, and progressives.

If you’d like for our cause to be further outreached and grown, please consider donating to our cause at It is especially difficult to garner any finances in this critical time, and like any promising cause, we need the funds in order to have speakers and the RIGHT perspective at UCSD. Anything you give to us, regardless of the type of support, is greatly appreciated. Please confide in us here at UCSD YAF for curing society’s liberal ills. To combat this evil and fend it off permanently, we need a solid foundation in funds, membership, and support.

Thank you for everything and G-d bless!

Best regards,

Gabriella Hoffman
Chair, YAF at UCSD

Villains in America and The First Amendment

Many Americans have awoken from a deep slumber to realize that something fundamentally wrong is playing out in this great nation. Of course, the largest threat comes from this administration’s obvious attempts to transform our country into a socialist one by nationalizing banks and car companies, weakening the country’s security by investigating the C.I.A. unfairly, incriminating American servicemen and veterans, indoctrinating the youth to supporting the president’s agenda, and destroying the constitutional underpinnings in which our country was founded. The double standard commonplace in liberalism espouses two sets of rules in respect to the First Amendment: one for them, one for the rest of us.Whatever liberals support is the best and correct opinion to cling to, while whatever their political opponents decry is shameful, derogatory or downright wrong.

Because of these fundamental changes conservatives, Republicans, and Americans alike are discontented with what is occurring in regard to the First Amendment.Sure, they sincerely believe that it is wrong that liberals can denounce their political opponents and simply get away with it in respect to expression, and vice versa. Yet, they often do not understand its underlying factor of why it persists, and have accordingly failed to understand it. Renowned ambulance chaser and former vice presidential candidate John Edwards (D-NC), the “true embodiment” of a politician, had a point when he retorted the fact that there are “two Americas.” Although his fabrication of two Americas elucidated a “one rich, one poor” mantra, he was admittedly right about a truly divided America, just one he failed to acknowledge.

Liberals, in accordance with their principle of “equality of results,” chastise the premises of the first amendment allowing no opposition or room for debate; in other words, the method to their madness is to control every sector in society.

Using their freedom of speech, Americans can voice their opinions and criticize the government through expression, symbolism, and nonverbal communication. Although raucus, the peaceful health care town hall debates and tea parties have been heavily criticized by our liberal counterparts for being “abusive” to free speech. As the ‘brilliant’ Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi put it, “These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American.” The double standard once again settles in. Last time I checked, this Administration and its cronies have led a full-fledged fight to limit opposition to its agenda, even going so far as to encourage its supporters to report “the opposition” by tipping the White House at Free speech is only free for liberals, not conservatives.

Now, freedom of petition and freedom of assembly are at stake. As anyone would have learned from a high school US history class, this clause stresses citizens’ right to assemble peacefully, to hold rallies and demonstrations, and to petition the government for changes in policy. The tea parties and healthcare town hall meetings, which were peacefully mobilized by ordinary, concerned American citizens, have been libelously tarnished as “hate-mongering” bodies, or merely as not credible and thus “Astroturf.” At the same time protests spearheaded by extreme liberal proponents like Code Pink or ACORN are emblematic examples of “peaceful protest.”

Freedom of the press is also under attack. With prospective plans to resurrect the Fairness Doctrine, as Federal Communications Commission diversity advisor Mark Lloyd intends to do, “the left is attempting to tight[en] its grip on the news, possibly asphyxiating the few bastions of center-right news and information that exist…the doctrine required that networks and broadcast radio stations air opposing views that satisfied federal bureaucrats’ conception of ‘fairness.’” That would mean that the largest generators of radio listeners like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Mark Levin will be shut down and replaced by liberal radio hosts and by those who meet the “qualifications” of the FCC.

Freedom of religion is always a sensitive issue, a fact which the 1st amendment’s free exercise and establishment clauses have brought into light. Every now and then, we hear that our nation is a predominantly Muslim one, although the United States has been long-grounded as a Judeo-Christian one, some liberal groups are Godless, and will try to do and use any tactic to destroy American culture which is based upon Judeo-Christian principles.

It is imperative that American citizens of all faiths, political persuasions, ethnic backgrounds, social stature, ages, and genders have a God-given right to unite and join forces against liberals who are eager to destroy the fundamental core values instilled in our nation by the Founding Fathers. Exercise your First Amendment rights by standing up, being courteous yet firm, and joining the movement to take our country back. The American dream is still thriving, and no one can take that moral anchor away from us.

9-12 Tea Parties in Southern California

On September 12th, 2009, I had the pleasure of attending a TEA party in San Juan Capistrano in partnership with Glenn Beck’s 912 Project. Being that this was the only major event to storm Orange County in a while, it was the opportune moment to convene with others equally concerned about the path our nation is heading in. The South OC 912 Project organized this marvelous event to unite Americans from all walks of life for a common cause: discontent for the cultural transformation playing out today, dissatisfaction with the Administration’s plans for virtual takeover of our lives, and the lack of accountability held by the politicians who were and are supposed to work on our behalf (not theirs).

Being my first TEA party, the San Juan Capistrano affair was a successful event. My parents, who hail from Lithuania (a country once oppressed by the Soviet Union) and sister showed their support for the event by holding signs, actively participating, and relishing on the fact that Americans understand that a communist system could and should never work in America. Fellow UCSD College Republicans Alec Weisman (and editor of the California Review), Richard Davis, and Misty Tienken came as well and stood with their fellow Americans in a celebration of 9/12/01, a day which was marked by unity after that fateful day. People were passionate about our country and held a high regard for patriotism, family, values, limited government, and the like. The OC Register reports that about 1,000 people were in attendance (although estimates of about 2,000 have been circulating), and excitement was greatly showcased during the event. Adults and some young conservatives were in attendance, although being Orange County one would think that more people would have come…Speakers like Chuck DeVore, Bill Hunt, Shawn Black sure got most of the limelight, but it was a speech presented by Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson that resonated the most in my mind. He touched basis on the fundamental issues at hand in this weary time, and came across as the most meaningful and genuine. Overall, the San Juan Capistrano TEA party communicated the air Glenn Beck urged Americans to evince six months ago: one of dedication, common sense, and love for the United States of America.

Americans need not hesitate to stand up and speak against the debauchery playing out in Washington, D.C.. With more tea parties and opinions expressed, we can restore the greatness of America endowed by our Founding Fathers.

Here’s the link to the OC Register article featuring this tea party and yours truly.

And links to YouTube videos featuring more live action from SJC!