New Counter Cultured Article: Kasich is Wrong- Government Shouldn’t Promote Our Values

I’ve penned a new article for Counter Cultured today. I criticize John Kasich’s call to make a department vested in promoting Judeo-Christian values. Below is an excerpt:

Republican presidential candidate and Ohio governor John Kasich recently announced he wants to create a new government entity to promote Judeo-Christian values if he were elected.  I don’t know about you, but this proposal oozes big government overreach.

In a recent speech at the National Press Club, Kasich said the following:

“I will consolidate them into a new agency that has a clear mandate to promote the core, Judeo-Christian Western values that we and our friends and allies share: the values of human rights, the values of democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of association.”

 While this may sound fine and dandy in theory, there are noticeable red flags in Kasich’s proposal. Why does our government have an obligation to promote Judeo-Christian values? How burdensome will the creation and cost of this hypothetical department be for U.S. taxpayers? Aren’t individuals and private organizations better suited to promote Judeo-Christian values than government bureaucrats?

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New Counter Cultured Article: Hilary Duff Gets a Gun

I’ve penned a new article up at Counter Cultured today. It’s about actress and singer Hilary Duff getting a gun. Read a snippet about it below:

Actress and singer Hilary Duff is the latest celebrity to purchase a firearm. Her handgun of choice? A Glock.

TMZ was the first to report on this:

Duff cruised out of a Culver City gun store over the weekend with a Glock case and ammo in hand, though it’s unclear what model she purchased.

It was also revealed that before purchasing the firearm, Duff allegedly got her handgun safety permit. What better way for a woman to empower herself than buying a handgun?

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Counter Cultured Interview with Demetrius Minor

I have my interview with young conservative author and preacher Demetrius Minor up at Counter Cultured today. Below is an excerpt:

GH: Tell our readers a little bit about yourself and why you’re a young conservative.

DM:  I’m a 30 year-old preacher, blogger and writer for IJ Review. My godfather, Bishop Samie Conyers, told me in 2000 that just because I was black didn’t mean I had to vote Democrat. After doing my own research, I came to the conclusion that I was a social and economic conservative.

At the age of 28, I found out for the very first time that I was adopted. It was revealed to me that due to some poor life choices, my birthmother didn’t have the financial nor the emotional means to raise me in a stable household. However, she didn’t allow her decisions to rob me from being adopted from a loving family who loved me enough to consider me one of their very own.

God used both my biological and adopted parents to preserve my life so that I can fulfill my God-given purpose.

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New Counter Cultured Article: Jackson Hole Summit

I’ve penned a new column about my time at the inaugural Jackson Hole Summit. It centered around monetary policy. Below is an excerpt:

I’ve just returned from the inaugural Jackson Hole Summit. The conference was held from August 27-29, 2015, in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It centered around monetary policy and how to counter the problem of central banking in the present day. The theme of the conference was “Central Banks: The Problem or the Solution?”

American Principles Project (APP) organized this event. Their mission states, “American Principles Project recognizes the dignity of the person as the basis of the founding principles of the United States. We are committed to the declaration made by the Founding Fathers, that we are all created equal, endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, and among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Additional sponsors included the Heritage Foundation, Atlas Network, and Young America’s Foundation.

Admittedly, I haven’t really focused on monetary policy in my political work thus far. To most individuals, it’s very nuanced, complex, and technical to comprehend. However, this conference gave us attendees a better glimpse into monetary policy and why sound money should be promoted in the public square. Like Millennials, presidential candidates will and should be made to care about the topic.

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New Counter Cultured Article: Let Military Carry Guns

I’ve penned a new article up at Counter Cultured today about the need to abolish gun-free zones domestically–especially those found in military bases and outposts.

Below is an excerpt:

First and foremost, we at Counter Cultured extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to the four Marines and sailor who were killed in Chattanooga, TN last week in an apparent terrorist attack. It’s unconscionable that this transpired here in the U.S.  Rest in peace.

In wake of this terrorist attack, six states – Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Indiana – plan to immediately arm their National Guardsmen. This move should be applauded.

The question beckons: How many more people have to die before anti-gunners and government bureaucrats realize their failed policies put people in harm’s way? Our servicemen and women shouldn’t be deprived of their right to keep and bear arms at outposts any longer. Gun-free zones – especially those found at military outposts – should be abolished.

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New Counter Cultured Video: Millennials Supporting Gun Rights

Today at Counter Cultured, we released our new video project entitled, “Millennials Defend The Second Amendment.”

17 participants from all walks of life participated in our video. Counter Cultured seeks to give conservative/libertarian Millennials a greater voice. Our commentary seeks to make conservatism spicy without diluting the message. Check out the video below:

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Update I:  Our video has been profiled by Bearing Arms and The Dana Show.

Update II: Video is profiled up at TheBlaze.

New Counter Cultured Article on MILSPO Project

Yesterday I published an article at Counter Cultured about a great organization that empowers military spouses to launch their own businesses. Below is an excerpt:

The Milspo Project was started by Nicole Hope and Elizabeth Boardman, who each own their respective businesses. The organization is comprised of, “a team of creative and passionate military spouses entrepreneurs, who want to empower the military spouse community with the tools and skills to help them succeed in business and in life.”

Vice President Nicole Hope was kind enough to let me interview her about their organization:

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