New Counter Cultured Article: 5 Ways to Be Counter Cultural in 2014

I’ve penned a new column at Counter Cultured – the first one of 2014.

Check it out!

2013 was a great year for counter cultural millennials. More young people marched for life and stood for the preborn, while many became disillusioned with “marriage equality.” More women took up firearms ownership and rejected so-called birth control “rights.” Best of all, Pajama Boy—the epitome of male effeminacy—became a nationwide laughingstock.

This year, the Left will be relentless in their push for moral relativism in the public square. We counter cultural millennials must fight back, challenge their arguments, and win people over to our side.

Here are five ways millennials can be more counter cultural in 2014:

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New Counter Cultured Video: Young People Care About Marriage

Today, Counter Cultured released a new video featuring 27 young men and women ages 18-29 standing up for the institution of marriage.

It’s a must-watch.

Happy Birthday, Counter Cultured!

Today marks a year since my sister Anna Maria launched the popular culturally conservative blog Counter Cultured. She enlisted me to help her manage the blog, and I couldn’t be more proud of what we and our contributors have accomplished this past year.

Below is our anniversary video featuring yours truly, Caleb Parke, Claire Chretien, and Anna Maria Hoffman.

From interviews with Ryan T. Anderson and former presidential candidate Rick Santorum to viral vlogs to grassroots video projects, we’ve succeeded in adding the young conservative perspective to the culture war.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed, participated in our videos, and supported our blog along the way. Here’s to many more years. Stay counter cultured!

New Counter Cultured Article: Young Women Should Pursue Happiness, Reject Radical Feminism

PictureI’ve penned a column at Counter Cultured titled, “Young Women Should Pursue Happiness by Rejecting Radical Feminism.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

 Like many young women today, I am uncomfortable associating myself with the mainstream women’s movement. Radical feminists claim to have a monopoly on our gender and work tirelessly to squash any dissent. For a group that preaches so-called tolerance, they see subservience to paternalistic government as the answer to any problem.

Much to the dismay of radical feminists, a recent poll shows that 72 percent of Americans reject the feminist label. Why would any woman with self-respect be a champion of “reproductive rights,” biological equality, and female victimhood? We care about many issues, and don’t want to be defined by our “lady parts.”

Unfortunately most young women are coaxed into thinking cradle-to-grave government dependency is elevating as we saw with “Life of Julia” in the 2012 election.

The fairer sex desires an alternative to the status quo. One answer lies in “freedom feminism.”


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ICYMI: Counter Cultured Article-”The Fishing Mystique: Why Self-Reliance is Fun”

I recently penned a column for Counter Cultured on fishing as a promoter of self-reliance and family values.

Here’s an excerpt:

Washington Irving once opined, “There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind.”

We rarely see news headlines like “Fisherman leeches off government assistance for sport” or “Outdoorsman uses tax-payer money to fund fishing excursions.”

What best explains this? The answer: fishing teaches self-reliance and discourages dependence on government.

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Counter Cultured Interview with Rick Santorum

santorum hoffman

My sister Anna Maria and I recently had the pleasure of interviewing former Pennsylvania senator and president candidate Rick Santorum for Counter Cultured.

Below is the video of our interview from the Students for Life Summer Social:


Tired Of #BroChoice? Meet Young Men Who Are Standing For Life


The socio-political-cultural blog Counter Cultured released a video called “Young Men Speaking Out for Life” today. The blog, which is managed by my sister Anna Maria, aims to merge culture and conservatism.

Here’s more about the video:

Often, abortion advocates silence men from speaking out against abortion, arguing that they cannot have a say in an abortion, because it’s not “their body.” Recently, we have heard much talk about the #BroChoice movement, which sadly consists of men pushing for abortion.

Countering all of that, 28 young men from across America participated in our pro-life young men’s video project, answering two questions: “Why are you pro-life?” and “Why should men be pro-life?” Clearly, these young men have an important message for America: men also matter when it comes to abortion, and that the unborn child in the womb is their child too. We hope this video inspires more young men to proudly speak out for life and tell the mainstream media and abortion advocates that they will be silenced no more.

Watch the video below:

What are your thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Comment below!


The video has been featured on,, and The American Spectator.


The video was discussed on

‘We Are the Storytellers”: Verily Magazine Launch Party in Washington, D.C.

We Are the Storytellers Invitation

This past Wednesday, my sister Anna Maria and I had the pleasure of attending Verily Magazine’s D.C. launch party at A Bar Lounge in Foggy Bottom.

Verily is a new magazine catering to strong, virtuous, empowered women. It seeks to set itself apart from mainstream women’s magazines that spout off radical feminist, hypersexualized platitudes. Its tagline reads, “Be less of who you should be, more of who you are.”

(You can read my column about it.)

The theme of the occasion was “We Are the Storytellers.”

Esteemed guests  were Fox News Contributor Kirsten Powers, The Transom’s Ben Domenech, and American Enterprise Institute’s Christina Hoff Sommers. Countless young professionals from conservative organizations and fashion blogs also gathered to hear and learn more about Verily.

Below are some pictures from the event:

Me holding a copy of the June/July issue of Verily Magazine.

Me holding a copy of the June/July issue of Verily Magazine.

Anna Maria (L) and I (R) pictured with AEI scholar Christina Hoff Sommers.

Anna Maria (L) and I (R) pictured with AEI scholar Christina Hoff Sommers.

Verily co-founders Kara (L) and Janet (R) discussing why they started Verily.

Verily co-founders Kara (L) and Janet (R) discussing why they started Verily.

Delicious cocktail at the Verily Magazine launch party in D.C.

Delicious cocktail at the Verily Magazine launch party in D.C.

verily girls

Made some new friends at Verily Magazine’s launch party!
From left to right: Amy, me, Tiffany, and Anna Maria.

If you haven’t checked Verily out yet, get on it! I’m happy to lend my support to their efforts. I encourage every woman to subscribe to it and read it.  Visit

ICYMI: Counter Cultured Interview with Heritage Foundation’s Ryan T. Anderson

Photo Credit: Anang Mittal

Photo Credit: Anang Mittal

My sister Anna Maria Hoffman, our friend Caleb Parke, and I interviewed Heritage Foundation scholar Ryan T. Anderson for Counter Cultured on Monday.

Below is the video:

More thoughts on the interview:

Anna Maria Hoffman, Caleb Parke, and Gabriella Hoffman interviewed Ryan T. Anderson about marriage at the Heritage Foundation. Below are some quotes from the interviewers:

“We are incredibly thankful for having the opportunity to interview Ryan and share his arguments with America’s youth, who unfortunately have been presented with one side of the marriage debate. I hope that this interview inspires more young people to proactively defend marriage in the public square. I also hope this interview helps more young people understand that the marriage movement actually serves their best interest.”
-Anna Maria Hoffman
“Ryan Anderson is a great authority on marriage policy whose voice needs to be heard. His command of the subject will impress allies and even our worst adversaries. I hope our interview interested our peers and made them think twice about redefining marriage.”
-Gabriella Hoffman

“It was great interviewing Ryan T. Anderson. The first time I saw Ryan was in an interview on the Piers Morgan show with Suze Orman, where Ryan was placed in the audience instead of being on stage. He did an awesome job, and the interview made Piers and Suze look like two angry people talking down to a cheerful audience member.

It was a blessing to be part of the first young people to interview Ryan T. Anderson on the importance of marriage. He is a genuine man who can articulately uphold marriage for our society and our families. He is standing for truth, even though it may not be the most popular definition, but isn’t that how all great movements start?

Ryan T. Anderson helped shed light on the importance of marriage with a secular, human rights view and equipped us with three points to be advocates for marriage.”
-Caleb Parke

Examiner.Com Article Profiles My Sister Anna Maria (@AM_Hoffman), Counter Cultured (@CCultured)

An article about my sister Anna Maria Hoffman (Counter Cultured founder/blogger) appears in today.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

For those inclined to believe there are no young people in line to inherit the mantle of perpetuating the traditional values which have wrought God’s blessings upon the U.S.A., Examiner gives you Anna Maria Hoffman.

While many Christian youth fritter away the time playing “church,” being trendy and “tolerant” sipping their Starbucks Grande Frappuccinos, and discussing what new “ink” they want next, this remarkable, God-fearing lady at the tender age of 20 devotes an abundant part of hers championing traditional values.

An outspoken apologist of Christian morality, particularly – but certainly not exclusively – through the Counter Cultured blog she created and co-administrates with others including her sister Gabriella, Anna Maria is engaging the American culture head-on and full-out.

By all appearances a kind-hearted but certainly most uncompromising soul, this conservative pro-life, pro-natural marriage activist bravely jumps into the fray in a manner which would weaken the knees of many other Christians.

Anna Maria has been active interning for the D.C. based Family Research Council in the past and intends to return this summer after she graduates (this week) from UC San Diego with a B.A. in Human Development.

This despite having been inside the FRC facility during last year’s shooting in which heroic building manager Leo Johnson was shot and wounded while thwarting what could easily have been a horrific killing spree.

Read the full article at



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