AFL-CIO Hires Useful Idiots to Attend #OccupyPortland

It is apparent that the “Occupy Wall Street” is growing increasingly dangerous with each day. Fox News Channel reported this morning about “Occupy Portland” and the dire situation there.

Here’s another video from Dear Citizen’s Justen Charters:

I met this protester on eviction day for Occupy Portland. He tried to hand me a 99% sign. Because the Union told him too.

“The Five” Show to Take Over Glenn Beck Timeslot July 11th

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Following Glenn Beck’s departure from Fox News June 30, Fox News will add a new series to the lineup this summer. “The Five” will debut on July 11, 2011, at 2pm PT/5 pm ET.

Media Bistro has more information about the new series:

Fox News Channel will debut a new program called “The Five” airing in Glenn Beck‘s soon-to-be vacated timeslot beginning Monday, July 11 and running through the summer.

The show, a “The View”-like ensemble program, will feature a roundtable of five Fox News personalities from among the network’s deep bench of hosts and analysts, including Greg Gutfeld, Juan Williams, Dana Perino, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Geraldo Rivera, Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling, Monica Crowley, Bob Beckel and Kimberly Guilfoyle.

In a news release, FNC says the program will also feature added guests, including politicians, celebrities, sports figures and key newsmakers. The show is expected to run through the summer months.

As we reported yesterday, Fox News will air encore presentations of Beck’s program next week.

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“The Five” to Replace Glenn Beck Through Summer

FOX News Channel (FNC) will launch a new weekday program on July 11th at 5 PM/ET, announced Bill Shine, Executive Vice President of Programming for the network. Entitled The Five, the program will serve as a replacement for Glenn Beck during the summer.

The new opinion show will feature a roundtable ensemble of five rotating FOX personalities who will discuss, debate and at times debunk the hot news stories, controversies and issues of the day.

In making the announcement, Shine said, “The Five brings together an eclectic group of FOX talent whose knowledge of key issues and unique insights will undoubtedly make for a dynamic program.”

Some of the revolving FOX personalities to be showcased in the weekly ensemble include: Greg Gutfeld, Juan Williams, Dana Perino, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Geraldo Rivera, Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling, Monica Crowley, Bob Beckel and Kimberly Guilfoyle. The program will also feature added guests, including politicians, celebrities, sports figures and key newsmakers.

Prior to the launch of The Five, FNC will run encore presentations of Glenn Beck from Monday, July 4th through Friday, July 8th. On Friday, July 1st, What Makes America Great, hosted by John Stossel will be presented at 5 PM/ET.

Beck Rally 2: “Restoring Courage” In Israel

After last year’s success with the ‘Restoring Honor’ (8/28) Rally in Washington, D.C., Glenn Beck is getting ready to host another empowering event. This time, Beck and company will be ‘Restoring Courage’ in Israel this August.

What a great idea! Our relationship with Israel will and must continue to thrive. Thank you, Glenn Beck, for this!

Beck reveals details about the event in the following clip:

Think Twice Before Considering Newt Gingrich As Our Nominee

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA) is slated to announce his candidacy for president this Wednesday on Hannity at 6pm PT/9pm ET.

While he might have executive experience, Gingrich has a lot of policy positions that make him vulnerable to attack when campaigning. For example, what conservative Republican is going to jump on board the cap and trade/global warming wagon?

The following video is evidence why Newt will not win the nomination, along with his three marriages, opportunist flair, and iffy policy positions.

Right now, the GOP pool is small but growing increasingly. We shall see who’ll emerge as the strongest contender. Right now, I’m liking what Rick Santorum and Hermain Cain are saying, but gravitate more to Santorum. I just hope that John Bolton, John Kasich, Thad McCotter or another dark horse candidate emerge into the field.

Union Thugs Threaten Conservative Activists in Ohio

Andrew Staroska of and his colleagues were in Columbus, OH highlighting union thuggery. One union guy felt inclined to resort to threats of violence against them. Watch the video here. There are mentions on Fox Nation,, AP, Bloomberg TV, and NPR:

Here’s more about

Truth About Bills is a new site dedicated to providing some of the most up to date information on bills presented in both Chambers of Congress. We seek to provide the bills full text from the Congress itself as well as providing a conservative insight on the bill and what it means for you the American Citizen.

TAB COO Andrew Staroska gave a press conference:

Leftist “Brilliance” and “Civility” Emanates Following Protests

After Van Jones and other progressive organizers called for rallies nationwide this past weekend, the unhinged left continued their “civil” tactics amid the passage of Governor Walker’s (R-WI) anti-union bill.

While they accuse conservatives of being “fascist,” “mean-spirited,” and “oppressive,” it is public sector union members who must learn a thing or two about manners and upholding decency.

Below are proven examples why the Left is mired by hypocrisy, intolerance, and an unabashed embrace of violence.

Case #1: Assaulting and disrespecting a reporter is revolting, not noble.

Fox News is the most-watched and trusted name in news, regardless of what liberals and the MSM spin. Protesters continually shouted “Fox lies!” and interrupted this reporter on the job. Talk about reverence for journalists…unless they are affiliated with Fox News.


Case #2:  Blatant intolerance.

If blacks, gays, Hispanics, and other groups commonly swayed by the Democratic Party retreat to the TEA Party Movement and Republican Party, they will be faced with vicious scorn. From Gateway Pundit:

A pro-public union SEIU rally turned ugly today outside the Colorado Capitol in Denver.
The Colorado union supporters started out the day chanting, “Tax the rich!”

But later the unhinged SEIU thugs accosted a gay black tea partyer.
This verbal assault lasted for several minutes.
In this segment the pro-union leftists asks this black tea partyer,

“I just want to know how you can vote against your own best interest.”

Case 3: When disgruntled about imminent budget cuts, calling effective governors “fascist” will hurt your cause:

This assault on unions is not fascist or oppressive. Americans are taking massive cuts to their pay and are suffering from financial hardships. Union members continue to whine and complain that they’ve been attacked. News flash:  these unappreciative leeches should expect to pay for themselves. It is time to opt out of babysitting thugs, socialists, and communists.

One columnist, who is anti-Walker, pointed out the idiocy surrounding this name-calling in the Daily Cardinal:

The individuals who make such comparisons are just desperate for ammunition. They find the slightest similarity so that they can justify their argument. Perhaps Hitler didn’t like unions. Maybe Obama’s health-care system has slight similarities to Nazi Germany’s social policies. But that’s not the point.

Case #4: Fleeing your state and reneging on governmental duties shows weakness, not strength.

The “Wisconsin 14″–Democratic state senators who deliberately put the vote on Governor Walker’s bill on hold–have embarrassed their state and their constituents. WI voters voted for change in November 2010-the change Governor Walker promised while campaigning and subsequently delivered this past week.

Case #5: Shoving your fellow citizens is impolite, not honorable.

In Sacramento, Calif., this past weekend, a TEA Partier was repeatedly shoved and pushed around by an SEIU supporter.



The opposing rallies were divided by 10th Street, west of the State Capitol. All was peaceful, until members supporting unions crossed the street.

An amateur videographer caught a shoving match on tape. The video showed a face to face argument right before Richard Andazola, 28, of Stockton, shoved a tea party activist.

“He bum rushed across the street, came right at us, swung his bullhorn at me, hit me in the hand and then put his hand around my throat and started choking me,” Rodney Stanhope of Placerville said.

The video doesn’t show the choking incident, but clearly shows the shoving. Because of it, Sacramento Police officers cited Andazola for battery.

FreedomWorks employee and conservative activist Tabitha Hale was attacked by union thugs as well.

From Big Government:

Tabitha Hale, a FreedomWorks employee, got in a heated exchange while filming a union member outside of her office when she was attacked by the thug. We at Eyeblast personally know Tabitha, and she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and is definitely not an instigator. Not to mention hitting a girl is one of the most cowardly things a man can do.

Just imagine if a Tea Party member were caught on video doing this. All the major media outlets would been looping this for the next 6 months.

…and a cohort was called a “bad Jew” for not siding with unions.

Clearly, union thugs need to learn some etiquette. Maybe anger management while they are at it. How about some medicine to calm their nerves? Check out this gem below:

Until then, the real agitators cannot go unnoticed.