Upcoming Appearances: Spring 2014

Thank you to everyone to tuned to The Dana Show last week! (I’ll be sure to provide a link to the full episode when it’s made available.)

I have two speaking engagements in the next few months: The first is me teaching an intern workshop on how to successfully write Letters to the Editors at Koch HQ on Tax Day next week. The next event is my company’s Student Activism Conference in Houston, TX in early June.

If you wish to have me speak at your event-preferably in the DMV or Northeast- feel free to contact me here.

Join the #LadyGang: Pictures and Video from The Dana Show

Last week, I had the great pleasure of appearing on The Dana Show on The Blaze alongside my sister Anna Maria and gal pals Ashe Schow, Ashley Sewell, Bethany Bowra, and Lauren Luxenburg. This was my first time on TV–an experience I will forever cherish.

lady gang

Dana Loesch speaks on ‘Dana’ April 4, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

dana show 1

We went on Dana Loesch’s show to discuss REAL women’s issues beyond birth control and abortion. I was one of six panelists on the program. We were also joined by an all-female studio audience. (Conservatives hate women? WRONG.)

Here’s more about the program from The Blaze:

Dana Loesch has been an outspoken critic of the so-called “war on women” since its inception, saying Democrats are conflating actual rights with the non-existent right to have other people pay for your birth control.

On her Blaze TV show Friday, Loesch brought in an audience full of women to weigh in on the controversy, finishing the show with a mock “pajama party” where she read some of the hate mail she received this week.

“The female resistance marches on,” she said. “We’re bringing the war on women to them.”

One of Loesch’s main issues with the “war on women” was that it relied on women to “accept premises at face value.”

Women were essentially told, she said: “If we don’t pass healthcare we’re going to starve because we don’t have birth control for sexual recreation purposes! Old, white, Republican men [will] physically block our access to contraceptives by refusing to pay for them! And women, we have to vote for Barack Obama if we want the right to vote! Forget that we already have it. We need it again!”

Here are some more pictures from the show:

Credit: Dana Loesch (@dloesch)

Credit: Dana Loesch (@dloesch)

Glenn Beck had a cameo during this Slumber Party 'Hate Mail' scene.  Credit: TheBlaze TV

Glenn Beck had a cameo during this Slumber Party ‘Hate Mail’ scene.
Credit: TheBlaze TV

Pulling off our own Oscar selfie.  Credit: Bethany Bowra (@bethanybowra)

Pulling off our own Oscar selfie.
Credit: Bethany Bowra (@bethanybowra)

We conservative women are hear to stay. Deal with it.

We conservative women are here to stay. Deal with it.

For those of us who don’t subscribe to The Blaze, we don’t have access to the full show just yet. HOWEVER, for the time being, enjoy this clip from the Slumber Party-edition of  The Dana Show’s ‘You Asked for It’ hate mail segment:

Full ‘Hate Mail’ segment can be found here.

Thanks to Twitchy and The Blaze for covering our #WarbyWomen segment!

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Media Alert: Hoffman Sisters to Appear on The Dana Show April 4th at 5pm ET

dana show

Catch my sister Anna Maria and I in our first-ever TV appearance this Friday, April 4th, at 5pm ET. We’ll be appearing on The Dana Show on behalf of Counter Cultured alongside several other fearless young conservative chicks. Topics to be discussed are women’s rights, abortion, Obamacare, gun rights, and feminism, among many things.

Tune to the the Blaze.com/TV and DirectTV Channel 212 on Friday at 5pm ET!


Come Hear Me Talk to the Catholic University College Republicans Tomorrow

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I last gave a speech or had a speaking engagement, so I’m happy to announce that I, my friends AnnaMaria Fronzaglia from Congressman Tim Huelskamp’s (R-KS) office and Katherine Rosario from Heritage Action, and Barney Keller from Club for Growth, will discuss how we navigated ourselves to a conservative career path. The panel will be moderated by Dr. James Wallner of the Senate Steering Committee.

Quite honestly, I’m excited the students will get to hear from us rather than more establishment Republican young professionals. Hehe.

cuaHere’s more information about the event:

Join College Republicans this Wednesday in Hannan 108 at 7.30PM for a panel discussion of where conservatism can take you in the work place! The panelists include Gabriella Hoffman, Regional Field Coordinator for the Leadership Institute, AnnaMaria Fronzaglia, Legislative Director for Congressman Tim Heulskamp (KS-01), and Katherine Rosario, Deputy Communications Director for Heritage Action, and Barney Keller, communications director for the Club for Growth.

The panel moderator is Dr. James Wallner, Executive Director of the Senate Republican Steering Committee who was named one of the Hill’s 50 most influential staffers by Roll Call.

Hope to see you there!

New Counter Cultured Article: Young Women Should Pursue Happiness, Reject Radical Feminism

PictureI’ve penned a column at Counter Cultured titled, “Young Women Should Pursue Happiness by Rejecting Radical Feminism.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

 Like many young women today, I am uncomfortable associating myself with the mainstream women’s movement. Radical feminists claim to have a monopoly on our gender and work tirelessly to squash any dissent. For a group that preaches so-called tolerance, they see subservience to paternalistic government as the answer to any problem.

Much to the dismay of radical feminists, a recent poll shows that 72 percent of Americans reject the feminist label. Why would any woman with self-respect be a champion of “reproductive rights,” biological equality, and female victimhood? We care about many issues, and don’t want to be defined by our “lady parts.”

Unfortunately most young women are coaxed into thinking cradle-to-grave government dependency is elevating as we saw with “Life of Julia” in the 2012 election.

The fairer sex desires an alternative to the status quo. One answer lies in “freedom feminism.”


Continue reading at Counter Cultured.

Hoffman Sisters Support Ken Cuccinelli for Governor of Virginia

hoffman sistersNOTE: This post/video is not a reflection of our employers. These are our own opinions and thoughts.

My sister Anna Maria and I submitted a video for Women for Ken, a coalition group for Ken Cuccinelli’s gubernatorial campaign, to express support for the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

You can watch the video below:

If you live in Virginia, be sure to vote for Ken on November 5th. Donate to his campaign and volunteer.

Campus Reform Op-Ed: College isn’t all it’s cut out to be

I’ve penned a new column at Campus Reform about a new study that found that students aren’t getting the most out of their college degrees.

Below is an excerpt:

A new study from McKinsey & Company reveals that 45 percent of four-year college graduates now work jobs that don’t require college degrees.

The study also revealed that one-third of college students believe their four-year education insufficiently prepared them for lives as adults.

If you read Campus Reform on a regular basis these findings should come as no surprise to you.

For the past several years, administrators and faculty at many institutions have abandoned the true purpose of college ­– equipping students with a true education. They have instead focused scarce resources on teaching the doctrines of tolerance, inclusion, and a host of other liberal false idols.

Continue reading at Campus Reform.

UPDATE: Linked to Instapundit.

ICYMI: New Townhall Column About Holding College Professors Accountable

A new column of mine appeared in Townhall.com today. It’s called “College Students Must Hold Their Professors Accountable.”

Below is an excerpt from the article:

The American university was once regarded as the marketplace of ideas. Young, eager minds thirsty for knowledge pursued higher education to better prepare for life. The free exchange of ideas and different perspectives largely defined the academic scene in decades prior. This reputed intuition stood out from the rest as the cultivator of future leaders, innovators, and scholars.

Alas, this is not the case today.

The late conservative thinker William F. Buckley famously opined, “The academic community has in it the biggest concentration of alarmists, cranks and extremists this side of the giggle house.”

The American university has departed from its original purpose. Instead, this institution now serves as a breeding ground for complacent, goose-stepping loyalists of the political Left.

ICYMI: My 22Q Profile

Today I was featured in Leadership Institute’s The 22Q series about my activism and my work with the conservative nonprofit.


Here’s more about the new series:

The 22Q is an informal interview series with young conservatives, connected to LI, who are working in the public policy process. The 22 questions ask them to explain what they do, and how they see politics and the next generation of the conservative movement. Their opinions are their own, and are not endorsed by the Leadership Institute.

An excerpt from my interview:

Part 1: What I do

How I describe my job in 10 words
Working with students to advance conservatism on campus is rewarding

My day-to-day at work…in three sentences
Checking my email; updating our database with student contacts; reaching out to students via phone call, Facebook, or email; eating; talking with co-workers; researching and finding liberal bias.

I couldn’t do my job without
Sunny optimism. I try to be positive and happy all the time. Challenging the left can be daunting, so I try to make the best of things handed my way.

Most important moment in my career (so far)
Being mentioned on the Rush Limbaugh Show for an interview I did for FoxNews.com on January 11, 2013. He mentioned my thoughts about payroll tax expiration. I was in disbelief! My dad, a huge Rush fan, called me the moment he heard my name on the air. It was amazing.

Unexpected skill that has helped me the most
I would say that multitasking has helped me the most. Juggling many things can be difficult at times, but it has proven to be beneficial in the work I do.

The best advice I have received
My dad once said, “In order to be equal, you have to be three times better than the rest.” My parents taught me to work hard, to enjoy the fruits of my labor, and to be the best individual I could possibly be.

Continue reading at Leadership Institute.


ICYMI: My Appearance on 405Radio

Last night I went on 405Radio with Wayne Dupree (@newsninja2012), Benin Brown (@BeninB) and Christopher Harris (@BlackSheepDawg)

Check out the podcast here.


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