Is This the Real Mitt Romney? Must Watch Video!

The guys behind Bad Lip Reading have released a new video. This time, they’ve put the spotlight on Mitt Romney.

With phrases like, “I’m a gremlin, I’m leaving the party!” and “Yo mama can eat me,” viewers see a new side to Romney.

The question beckons: Is this the real Mitt Romney? You decide. In the meantime, get a good laugh out of this:

Young Cons Unveil Powerful Videos About Obama, Jobs

Dartmouth’s Young Cons’ Dave Rufful and Josh Riddle are keeping the activism alive.

Best known for their groundbreaking music videos, these young men are now disseminating the conservative message through commercials and ads.

The first one is entitled “Children at Work”. made this add to attack the $1 trillion deficit of George W. Bush.

Of course now with the debt crisis approaching and entitlement spending desperately needing reform they are nowhere to be found.

The second one goes after Obama’s failure to lead as POTUS:

Check them out on Twitter @YoungCons and be sure to visit their site:

Think Twice Before Considering Newt Gingrich As Our Nominee

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA) is slated to announce his candidacy for president this Wednesday on Hannity at 6pm PT/9pm ET.

While he might have executive experience, Gingrich has a lot of policy positions that make him vulnerable to attack when campaigning. For example, what conservative Republican is going to jump on board the cap and trade/global warming wagon?

The following video is evidence why Newt will not win the nomination, along with his three marriages, opportunist flair, and iffy policy positions.

Right now, the GOP pool is small but growing increasingly. We shall see who’ll emerge as the strongest contender. Right now, I’m liking what Rick Santorum and Hermain Cain are saying, but gravitate more to Santorum. I just hope that John Bolton, John Kasich, Thad McCotter or another dark horse candidate emerge into the field.

Ding Dong, That Evil Bastard is Dead!

NOTE: This photo is not verified.

America can find solace now that Osama bin Liden is dead. The mastermind behind 9-11, which devastated our great nation and killed nearly 3000, is in hell. He was pronounced dead on May 1, 2011. Interestingly enough, Adolf Hitler was pronounced dead on May 1, 1945. You could call this perfect timing!

God bless our troops for a job well-done! America is victorious–don’t ever think you could ever mess with us!

“I can hear you, the rest of the world hears you, and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.” –George W. Bush

Oh, and Obama is not going to get a pass with this great news. He’s still going down in 2012.

Sorry Barry, America is Through With You

The American people have spoken, and they are through with you and your radical transformation of America, President Obama and company.

This song is a tribute to your deception and subsequent punking of the American people.

FYI: they are over you!

Enjoy this song from Betty Everett entitled, “You’re No Good.”

Newport Beach City Council Approves Reagan Statue

Taken from Newport Beach Now:

The Newport Beach City Council approved a proposal to erect a statue of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan tuesday night by a 5-2 vote. Voting for the statue project were Mayor Mike Henn, Councilpersons Keith Curry, Rush Hill, Lucy Diagle Ed Selich, Steve Rosanskuy and Nancy Gardner voted against the proposal.

Hs-bill Columnist Bill Lobdell of the Daily Pilot (known to locals affectionately as ‘The Daily Plot’ for decades) can now put to rest his diabolical scheme to upend any official public honoring of former President Ronald Reagan by the City of Newport Beach. Just teasing you Bill, but when you hatch your next unsuccessful liberal column crusade, Laguna Beach would would in my opinion be a much better venue. There it stands a greater chance of success! Not a bad effort though all-in-all, despite your unseemly methods.

Councilman Keith Curry, the proposals leading advocate led off the council meeting with a lengthy rendition of why he believed the honoring the former president was warranted. In the name of compromise he offered a new proposal that altered his previous plan to place the statue at Newport Beach’s new Civic Center now under construction. Curry instead proposed to place the statue in Newport’s Castaway Park.  He also added that a process by which the artist selected to create the statue would include input by a committee of private donors, the City’s Art Commission and the Parks, Beach’s and Recreation Commission would be used.  The City Manager would ultimately make the final decision on who will create the statue and where it will be placed.

The only thing most people pro or con on the Reagan statue debate probably agreed on last night was that Newport’s City Manager Dave Kiff was not the luckiest guy in the room when the entire process fell into his lap!  Kiff from what I’ve seen seems more than up to the job.

Before the council made its decision, members of the public had their chance to give their opinions of the proposed project. Many in the audience were pro-Reagan supporters and there were just as many or more anti-Reagan opponents as well.

Picture 2 Some of the speakers complained that the Council and Curry had violated the rules and spirit of how public art was supposed to be selected in the city in the case of the Reagan statue. The Council had previously approved a measure soliciting donations for a Reagan memorial earlier this year. Opponents believed that the Art Commission should be the primary way any art would be selected and placed within the city.

Newport Beach City Attorney David Hunt however advised the Council that they were well within city policy to make the final determination on how public art in the city was created, chosen and placed in Newport Beach. That didn’t sit well with some people in the audience, especially one woman who claimed she was appalled at seeing the “violent” memorial to 1st U.S. Marine Division in Castaways Park that was installed in 2008.


In the most pointed cheap shot attack on the project itself Dr. Suzanne Savary, President, Newport Beach Women’s Democratic Club (see below) told the Council and the overflow audience that she would support and approve of a statue of Reagan if it were placed at Hoag Hospital to honor the former President’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease that he suffered from later in life.

Savary told the council she didn’t want her children being taught about the former President via a public statue honoring him. Even referring to the former President Reagan in her prepared comments to the Council members as “that man”.

I can’t wait for people like Dr. Savary to begin the process to raise the money and begin a project to honor whomever her and fellow Democrats in Newport opposed to the Reagan statue want, unless of course they only want tax payer money spend on public art and for only the city government to tell them who is worthy of such an honor.  That notion never seemed very democratic to me.

Unitl then I won’t hold my breath in the meantime, but I will take my kid to visit the Reagan statue as I have the Marine statue in Castaways Park when its dedicated.  As I would and have all the other pieces of public art in Newport Beach, regardless of who or what they honor. Of course, as long they are done in a respectful way to all the citizens of this fine city. So far I haven’t found one that isn’t.

Other speakers last night spoke in more glowing terms about Reagan and why they supported the project honoring the late U.S. President.  In the end, when all is said and done Newport Beach wil have a statue honoring the 40th President of the United States Ronald Reagan. A fitting tribute in my opinion to just one of many U.S. presidents deserving of the honor, regardless of their political views or party.