Freedom Isn’t Freedom: 27 Years After Reagan’s Berlin Wall Speech

27 years ago today, President Ronald Reagan made his famous “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” speech.

I like to commemorate important historical events on my social media platforms because an ignorant populace is doomed to repeat the horrible mistakes of the past if history is ignored or forgotten. As some of you know, my family lived behind the Iron Curtain and immigrated here as political refugees from the Soviet Union in 1986. My family, like millions of others who’ve fled tyranny for freedom, came here for better opportunities. Reagan’s leadership, along with that of several others, propelled the physical collapse of the USSR. We must remember that freedom isn’t free, and that big government, when fully implemented, destroys liberty and kills.

Don’t discount the freedoms afforded to you here. Don’t look to our government for safety or comfort. Don’t let elected officials trample on our rights and our property.

New Townhall Column: ‘Gang of Eight’ Amnesty Plan Undermines Immigration

th amnestyToday I have a new column out in discussing my thoughts on the “Gang of Eight’s” so-called immigration reform bill.

Here is an excerpt:

“America is a nation of immigrants, built by immigrants and we need to honor that heritage by fixing our broken immigration system, while upholding the rule of law and championing legal immigration,” said Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) in a statement last week when offering an amendment to the Schumer-Rubio immigration bill.

Cruz, the son of a legal Cuban immigrant, is absolutely correct.

Immigration is the foundation of this great nation. Millions of immigrants from all over the world have flocked here to better their lives. Anyone who comes here and becomes American can make it if they work hard and realize their full potential. That is why legal immigration must be encouraged.

Sadly, lawmakers are more interested in trading our sovereignty for votes and political favors a la amnesty.

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Lithuanian Independence Day: Learning to Cherish Freedom Through the Eyes of Others

February 16 marks 95 years since Lithuania gained her independence.

You might be asking yourselves, “what is Lithuania? Is it a made-up country?” Despite boasting an exotic name, Lithuania is a real country with a rich history.

From February 16, 1918, until August 23, 1939, Lithuania enjoyed freedom and prosperity until the Soviet Union grabbed hold of it through the so-called German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact (Molotov-Robbentrop Act). From 1939 until March 11, 1990 (reunification), Lithuania was subjected to endless bloodshed, tyranny, and death under Lenin, Stalin, and other brutal dictators. Religious and/or ethnic persecution of Jews, Catholics, Christians, Lithuanians, Russians, Poles, and those who didn’t agree with Soviet communism was witnessed. The horror exhibited under Soviet occupation is inexcusable and should be rightly condemned. (I would know – my family personally suffered.) Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that many Lithuanians craved freedom and were determined to depose the Soviet Union.

Regarded as the land of “beer, babes, and basketball” to tourists, Lietuva (Lithuanian for “rainy country”) is an untapped treasure in Eastern Europe. Castles, sandy beaches, forests prime for mushroom hunting, and amber jewelry are yet to be discovered by most.

Vilnius, capital of Lithuania

Lithuanian amber

Svyturys, Lithuanian beer

If you’re looking for a unique place to visit this year, make Lithuania your top 2013 destination. Just don’t plan to bring a mail-order bride back with you.

Hill of Witches  – Juodkrantė

Hill of Crosses – Siauliai

Palanga Amber Museum – Palanga


Gediminas Tower – Vilnius


Ninth Fort – Kaunas


Trakai Castle – Trakai


Lithuanian Sea Museum – Klaipeda


Lithuania was the first Baltic Republic to declare its independence from the USSR on March 11, 1990. The rebelliousness that fueled this has inspired many to speak out against collectivism and tyranny.

Our fellow Americans should look to people like my parents and others who’ve escaped here to better appreciate the freedoms afforded to them here in the United States.

Happy Independence Day, Lietuva!

Back to the USSR? A Message From A Concerned American

My dad commented on the current state of affairs in America. This video is a must-see. Not only is it enlightening, it is rather troubling to hear how America’s fate is being jeopardized. Watch it below:

My dad and “spiritual adviser” Boris Hoffman gave a rousing speech at the Eagle Forum of San Diego’s February meeting. An immigrant from Lithuania (a country formerly occupied by the now defunct USSR), my father is disappointed with the direction America is going. He draws parallels of Soviet communism to Obama’s Marxist-Leninism currently plaguing America. He talks about the need for young people to wake up, for Americans to stop taking their country for granted, and for people to stop downplaying American Exceptionalism. Like any immigrant oppressed by communism, my father recalls the limitations he faced there. If you let America continue down this wrong path, we will be the next USSR. Obama, his agenda, and his cronies are not a joke.

Immigrants Who Fled Fmr USSR Openly Compare Dem Party to Communists


From AP


If you have met me personally, you know that I cannot stand communism, Soviet-style politics, and the like. Everyone who knows me (to some extent) is aware that it makes my blood boil when socialism and communism are praised. Since I was old enough to comprehend basic things, I understood that the Democratic Party was unfriendly to freedom and individuality.

I wrote about the Democratic Party’s embrace of Soviet communism in my article, “Nightmares of My Father: Back to the USSR?”

People have told me I am crazy for making such an assumption. Why don’t you try having family killed, sent to GULAGs, and starved by Russian communists? Before you think highly of Russian communism, please talk to me, my parents, and those who understand how communists operate. You will be enlightened.

Nevertheless, it is a relief to see other immigrants from the former USSR exposing the Democratic Party.

Fox Nation gives a preview of the article here:

Many Russian immigrants to the “red borough” of Staten Island are flocking to the Republican Party, saying that the national Democrats’ “socialistic” policies remind them too much of the top-down oligarchy they fled in their native land.

With many of the borough’s Russian arrivees already owning businesses and active in civic organizations, their muscle could help the Island GOP solidify electoral gains made this year, when the party took back congressional and Assembly seats.

Silive has the full report on  Russian immigrants aligning with the GOP.