Car accidents happen everywhere that’s why I’m giving you the basic things you need to do to be a good driver and lessen the chances of getting into trouble. 

1. Prioritize Safety 

Avoiding situations that will get you into trouble is your best defense at keeping yourself safe. If you are on the road, make sure that you give way to drivers who can possibly endanger you in their way of driving. Wear your seatbelt at all times and make sure your doors are locked. Keep ample distance between your car and the car you’re following.  

2. Mind your Surroundings 

Always pay attention when you are on the road. Your mirrors will help you in checking what is happening in your surroundings thus make sure to check them every once in a while. If you are on a busy road, make sure you get out of the way of drivers who tend to be aggressive and reckless in driving. Moreover, if you are on a road that have pedestrians always slow down when nearing in one.  

 3. Stop Codependency 

Never depend your safety with anyone. Your safety is your own and it is always safe to keep it that way. If you have a driver who is interested in merging in the lane you are in, never assume the car you are following gives way, make sure you give the car who wants to merge a space or you can assume the worst possible scenario.  

 4. Route for Escape 

If you are I a driveway make sure that you always have a way to be seen and of course to see everything. This kind of thinking or precaution will help you see the bigger picture in every situation that can happen and can give you an escape if ever you need a part of the road that is safer.  

 5. Manage your risks one at a time 

If you are facing a lot of possible risk, it is better to manage these risks one by one. Tasks are best taken one by one and so does risks taken while driving. 

 6. Distractions 

Any activity besides driving will distract you and can lead you to a possible accident. Get rid of any snacks that might distract you from paying attention on driving. Keep your phone away and do not attempt to start texting while driving. Remain from chitchat and phone calls. If you are driving, it is always best to focus on driving. If you think you are a good multitasker, trust me, driving itself is so much multitasking already. 

 7. Driving Course 

If you want to make sure you are safe while driving, enroll yourself to a driving school, for driving education or even improvement.  

Driving school in Manassas offer both driving aspects. If you are interested, book an appointment with them today or visit their website for more details on any driving question you might have. If you delay your driving education, you are already risking your life on the line. Make sure you get the right driving knowledge and keep your welfare at your own hands!