There are a lot of various shade structures that you can include whenever you are designing a custom patio or deck for your house. These shade structures will produce the ideal way to enjoy your outdoor area even if the weather conditions aren’t that excellent. Patio and deck coverings such as gazebos, pergolas, roofs, and much more are perfect for relaxing in the summer season without having the harmful UV rays hitting your skin. On the other hand, these shade structures can improve the seasonality of your outdoor area through winter and fall, depending on the design.

Think about including a patio or deck shade structure such as a screened-in porch or pergola if you’re looking for ways to revive your existing outdoor space or if you’re in the process of designing a custom patio or deck. Aside from providing you protection from the weather, these coverings also guarantee the privacy and improve the overall aesthetics of your outdoor area.

Before you hire a professional deck builder to design and build your deck, here is a short overview of the most common patio and deck coverings.

Screened-In Porches

Before, screened-in porches were directly constructed onto a home. Usually, it is installed in the back door for simple access. But, nowadays, screened-in porches have evolved into a much more complicated feature. It can be constructed as a component of your deck or patio design. A screened-in porch is constructed with huge screens instead of glass windows. This offers all the excellent experiences of being outdoors without the dust, rain, bugs, and much more.


This deck and patio covering is an 8-sided outdoor garden or patio structure that includes a solid roof. Usually, they are the most complicated patio or deck structure available. In addition to that, if the surrounding landscape works within the design of the gazebo, it can be a great addition to an outdoor area. Usually, gazebos are very sturdy and can endure severe weather conditions.


This shade structure is a normally utilized framework in gardens that help climbing plants, roses, and vines to grow. Usually, a trellis is made out of metal, vinyl, or wood with latticework along the sides. This enables the vines of the plant to climb along. In addition to that, this shade structure is usually freestanding.


This shade structure is a freestanding structure that includes a solid or slatted roof and sides with latticework. However, there are some designs with open sides. Usually, this shade structure is installed with the landscape design and can cover pathways, cover entertaining patios and spaces, or define walking areas.

Acrylic Patio Covers

This type of shade structure is available in a lot of various colors and finishes. They’re made up of plastic material and can endure severe weather conditions. They are resistant to damage, easy to clean, and requires low maintenance. But, vinyl can discolor under high exposure to UV rays if you do not apply paint or polish. This is the best patio cover if you’re looking for one to protect your car.