Provided that there are tons of selections when it comes to the podcast that wants to be discovered, it could be overwhelming to make it through and choose what actually suits you. Listeners need to consider several factors before they begin this journey. Now, how can a listener of podcast sort through the available content and pick the best podcast based on their preference? Below are some of the beneficial tips to consider:

Figuring out your taste

Ponder about your favorite plays, talk radio shows, movies, or books since it can provide you a more accurate sense of what kind of information you want most. This also helps you in terms of refining your searches. Thinking about a specific kind of listening taste will provide you a language to manifest your tastes. Regardless if you want to listen about public radio, food podcast, or an intellectual podcast, you should begin mapping the podcast types that greatly relates to your interests.

Knowing your genre

One of the methods to help narrow down your selection would be to think about which genre will stand out above all for you. Once you can find the genre, it will provide you a list of matching podcasts that suit that particular genre. Remember that every podcast genre has a matching variety.

Know what podcast format you like

Podcast formats come in 5 types, which includes the newsletter or information podcast, the panel or roundtable podcast, multi-host podcast, interview podcast, and the solo podcast. Some individuals are drawn to one specific format compared to the others. If you know what format matches you better, it will be much easier for you to scan through different kinds of podcasts available.

Recommendations through word-of-mouth

It’s vital to never forget how powerful recommendations are in terms of choosing the best podcast for you. The people that surround you usually know what your interests and tastes are. Hence, never waver to ask a work college or friend that listens to podcasts some advice and tips. With their help, you might just figure out the podcast that’ actually meant for you.


In choosing the suited podcast for you, one of the most common ways would be basing your interests. There are available podcast platforms that provide an intuitive customized suggestion feature that helps recommend curated podcasts to tailor according to your preferences and interests. Also, they provide an in-audio search feature that enables you to accurately get results to the information you’re trying to search.

Why should you listen to podcasts?

Podcast provides you the chance to make your personal portable radio station, which is curated according to your interests and preferences hosted by people you might relate to. Regardless if you’re relaxing at home, working, or even commuting, podcasts always offer a fresh and free means of entertainment with underlying benefits to enable the listener to have total control about what they are listening to. Because of podcasts, you can have novelty, variety, and flexibility at your fingertips.