Maybe you’ve seen a bad car window tinting job before. Maybe the film bubbled or peeled off, giving your car an unwanted feel. You get what you pay for, and auto window tinting is no exception.

DIY tinting kits are generally available online, typically with less than $100. But that doesn’t come with professional installation. Remember that car tinting requires accuracy and experience by car experts. Some people place the film right on the glass and it looks good. But it starts peeling off in less than a year.

How Much Does it Cost to Tint Car Windows

There are a number of companies offering car window tinting throughout the country, and they offer professional services at competitive prices. The prices are different for every service provider, by they may charge anywhere from $25 to $50 per window. But they can also offer discounts based on the type of car tint used. Installation generally takes around two hours for small vehicles. It takes a whole lot longer for larger vehicles.

Tinting the whole vehicle costs $99 for a basic tint for an average car with standard windows. Tinting a bigger vehicle cost using a higher quality tint may cost anywhere between $199 and $400, depending on several factors.

The Factors that Affect the Prices

There are many factors that affect the price of window tints. Heat reflection is one. Some car owners would only tint the two front windows to save on costs. In fact, that’s the most common type of order.

There are also different types of car window tints, such as ceramic and metal, and the prices for each are different. The type of tint should be considered as well. There are high-performance car window tints and light-dyed metal tints. Solid and non-metallic car window tints provide a higher heat rejection rate and they also don’t fade as fast as the others.

When it comes to tinting types, the lighter ones usually cost $150 and it’s about $240 for the heavy-duty type. The prices will slightly rise for medium and large size SUVs. Some providers charge $25 for the front windshield and extra $60 for the two front seats, in case you don’t want to tint the entire car.

The Advantages of Window Tinting

Car tints block heat and cool car interiors by 60% or more. Up to 99% of UV rays are blocked in order to prevent the interiors from cracking and fading in the sun. Some people have tinted their cars because they wanted to block the sun.

The advantage of consulting with a licensed company offering auto window tinting service Philadelphia is the fact that these reputable businesses know all about the state-level rules regarding car tints. They know how dark the windows are supposed to be. States have different laws. So, before you tint your windows, it is important to know more about them first.

Professionals also use high-quality films to ensure that the tint is evenly applied without bubbles or dust underneath it. This is a type of skilled work, which is usually done with a heat pistol to better control the glass film. Someone with less experience can break the film or even damage the vehicle’s window.