Me-Ouch! Hold Onto Your Kitties or Else…

Me-Ouch! Hold Onto Your Kitties or Else…

Published on NewsReal Blog, June 27th, 2010.

Trouble is brewing in the land of Ben and Jerry’s decadent ice cream. Unlike calls for secession from this rather odd state, the problem now looms with the city of Barre, VT and its impending law to enforce the use of cat leashes. Just when you thought our pets can be safe and unaffected by the radical changes heralded today, a local government has to encroach on a cat’s right to roam freely. Not only are humans losing their rights, our furry friends are being deprived of them too! Talk about madness.

Now, I am not a supporter of PETA and their radical efforts to advance animal rights. Yet, where are they as this furry household pet beckons for their support? They are nowhere to be found! Bill O’Reilly similarly brought this issue up and called the proponents of this leash law “pinheads” in his “Pinheads and Patriots” segment on his June 24th, 2010 show.

One has to be a moron to leash a cat. It parallels the idiocy that underlies the notion of dressing a cat up with trinkets and baby clothes. It may be a cute gesture, but boy, is it torture! These acts are simply unnatural and should be frowned upon.

Nature intended cats to roam and prowl freely in given territories. They will go about their ways, and claw you if you interfere, so beware! The clause justifying the need for cat leashes is rooted in complaints, particularly in regards to the destruction of a local Barre, VT resident’s backyards. Understandably, some residents might feel hurt by cats encroaching on their turf. Others in this city argue that roaming cats prey on wildlife, notably birds, and thus impair conservation efforts. Yet, it will be the cat owners, and soon enough other pet owners, that suffer from the burden of taxes and punishments that will surface from this pathetic law — and of the others that will undoubtedly follow.

My heart goes out to our feline friends—you are not alone! The state of Vermont and its constituents should not take this issue lightly. How come socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is not pushing for a cat rights’ czar? Of all the outrageous czar appointments made by the Obama Administration, at least this one could be justifiable. Time will only tell if our pussycats will be spared this injustice.