9.28.2010 YAF Meeting Recap

Greetings YAFers,

Our first meeting of the year was a success! Christian Hartsock, conservative activist and film maker, made waves with his speech, “What I Did Find in Iraq.” Later on, Christian went on the air on The Rick Amato Show. Look out for him!

More updates from YAF at UCSD to come your way. The next meeting will be at 7pm in the Bear Room on Tuesday, October 5th, 2010.

Conservatively yours,

Gabriella Hoffman

Chair, YAF at UCSD

Want to Immortalize Communists on Campus? Hang a Poster for Marxiness and Say Cheers to Leninade!

Taken from NewsReal Blog on September 23rd, 2010

I honestly do not understand individuals who admire communists. Maybe I am a delusional daughter of Lithuanian immigrants who “brainwashed” me with their anti-communist rhetoric. Maybe I am a paranoid conservative eager to dispel the myths that communists are not worth celebrating. Either way, it is frustrating that some Americans do not understand how evil these people are and fail to grasp the insurmountable number of people they killed! Try explaining that to my peers in college who hang up flags of Che Guevara and embrace the works of infamous Marxist-Leninists. Now, communists—alive and dead—continue to plague the halls, dorm walls, and social hubs at universities. Here at UC-San Diego there’s even a Che Cafe and  several  homages paid to a Messianic Obama around campus.

Recently, I crossed paths with the famed red drink adorned in Cyrillic and a haunting portrait of V.I. Lenin called Leninade.

Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever. –Vladimir Lenin

People will argue that this drink’s message is a harmless play on words and mockery of communism. Regardless, my fellow Eastern Europeans with an understanding of communism and its travesties find this gesture extremely offensive. It can be appropriately compared to plastering one’s college dorm walls with a poster of a shirtless Vladimir Putin—Russian Prime Minister and former KGB operative.

The photos will inevitably trigger mass swooning by women all over Russia – as well as unfavourable comparisons of their husbands to Mr Putin’s manly physique.

Making communism sexy and appealing is only going to aid the cause of advancing this oppressive—albeit failed—system, not prevent it. Let us hope that college students do not swoon over pictures of Hugo Chavez, Joseph Stalin, and Fidel Castro because it is not sexy and hip!

Leninade is adorned with the phrases, “”POPAGANDA,” “Get Hammered and Sickled,” “A Taste Worth Standing in Line For,” and “Drink Comrade! Drink! It’s This or the Gulag!” Does Leninade creator Danny Ginsburg understand what he is propagating? Placing communist rhetoric on pop drinks and posters is only going to leave Obama Zombies susceptible to this doctrine. Ginsburg is obviously not sensitive to the victims of Lenin and their families with this gesture. Lovely when “humanitarian,” so-called liberals don’t condone these killers in their campaigns, right?

Time will only tell if naive Americans will finally grasp that communism is ill-fated, not something worth capitalizing on.

McGill University Heckles Bike Riders After Campus-Wide Ban

Taken from NewsReal Blog on September 21st, 2010.

No conservative should fail to seize an opportunity to expose leftist injustices around them. What better place to observe and report than Montreal, Canada? My appreciation for the United States radiates more after venturing up north, not that I ever doubted my patriotism or renounced it until President Obama was elected. From global justice churches to attempts at creating “biodiversity,” Montreal did not fail to live up to expectations as a hotbed for socialist politics.

While exploring downtown Montreal, my family and I traversed upon famed institution McGill University. It seemed harmless at first with its nicely-manicured lawns, students lounging out and studying, and European architecture. Yet, police officers got hasty when students rode their bicycles. I was shocked and stunned to bear witness to this! It is time that someone dispel doubts, as we here in the United States should be weary of similar proposals that could tap into our already-troubled universities.

What would be wrong with riding bicycles on a college campus, one might ask? Well, McGill’s administration sees it fit to ban all bike use on campus. As a college student, I am reliant on my bike as a mode of transportation to get to classes and various spots on campus. Not only does it provide one with a means of travel, a bike allows students to simultaneously exercise. McGill vied for stricter bike protocols because “mounted bicycles are incompatible with pedestrian safety,” a University of Alberta columnist cites with his disappointment in pedestrians oblivious to bicyclists. The larger issue at hand, though, is McGill’s efforts to reduce campus traffic in order to have a “healthier, safer campus.” I think this institution is just asking for more disgruntled students. Why aggravate students more? Universities already torture them enough with their endless brainwashing!

With calls for students to dismount their bikes in Montreal, American universities should note this ridiculous call to action and evade it. Many students rely on bikes since it is too expensive to drive on campus. Universities keep crying that they are short-strapped on cash, while they are wasting money on useless projects and professor pensions. Here is a more appropriate call to action for universities like McGill: do not pass legislation that is foolish and impractical.

Young Conservatives on the Rise: Meet Gabriella Hoffman

Young Conservatives on the Rise: Meet Gabriella Hoffman

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This blog post was written by YAF alumna Gabriella Hoffman

Gabriella HoffmanThis past summer, I had the pleasure of being one of four Sarah T. Hermann Intern Scholars with Young America’s Foundation at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, California. While interning with the premiere organization for cultivating the Conservative Movement’s future leaders, I witnessed firsthand how successful and how instrumental Young America’s Foundation is with keeping the conservative spirit alive. I learned many valuable principles and took advantage of the innumerable resources afforded to me for my campus activism and my career in the Conservative Movement. Not only did I get to relish working in a beautiful—albeit liberal—city and trips to President Reagan’s beloved Rancho del Cielo, my fellow West Coast interns and I also went to the 32nd Annual National Conservative Student Conference in Washington, D.C., August 2nd-7th, 2010.  Additionally, I assisted with the Advancing Freedom in an Era of New Socialism seminar on July 15-17th, 2010, the 29th celebration of Reagan’s tax cuts, and Wendy P. McCaw Roundtable Luncheons for Ben Stein and Marc Short.

When I first came to Reagan Ranch Center, I was fresh out of my first year of college and already familiar with Young America’s Foundation after they helped me bring David Horowitz to UCSD. Prior to college, I had acquainted myself with their bureau of conservative speakers and programs retrofitted for college and high school students. Yet, I never imagined myself working for them in any capacity early on. What better way to get your start in the Conservative Movement than with an internship with Young America’s Foundation?

It is not cliché to say that working with Young America’s Foundation provides one with an experience unlike any other. Not only do you get to with work with a great staff, have many resources, and relish a great environment, an intern with Young America’s Foundation gets to meet and talk with well-known conservative figures and up-and-coming activists. I was afforded the chance to talk with Michael Reagan, Rich Lowry, Fred Thompson, Kate Obenshain, Ann McElhinney, and Marji Ross—to name a few—and get their advice on how to traverse into the Conservative Movement. Additionally, I met fellow conservative activists at seminars and conferences, only to come out with life-long friends and cohorts from all over the United States and Europe. Your time with Young America’s Foundation will be unrivaled to any other experience out there!

If you want a head start in the Conservative Movement, interning with Young America’s Foundation is the best avenue. You will come out a stronger activist. You will network with the top players of the Conservative Movement. You will create friendships that last forever. Choose Young America’s Foundation and begin your career in the Conservative Movement!

UCSD YAF Chair Gabriella Hoffman to Speak at Oceanside 10-10-10 Pre-Election TEA Party Event!

I have the esteemed honor of speaking at the Oceanside 10-10-10 Pre-Election TEA Party event on behalf of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF). Be sure to come and join in on the fun! It’s a conservative takeover, and it’s time for Americans to capture back our nation from this awful administration.  Hope to see you there!

Event Details are below:


Get Ready for the 10-10-10 Pre-Election Tea Party
Silent No More! Remember in November! Ain’t No Astroturf Here!
“We The People!

Sunday, Oct. 10th, 2010   Noon to 4pm
Oceanside Pier Amphitheater
200 N. The Strand, Oceanside, Ca. 92054   ( Map)

Confirmed Speakers list and growing………

Eric Johnson-Lifelibertyfreedom.com
Richard Rider – San Diego Tax Fighters
Mason Weaver – Author of It’s OK to leave the Plantation
Dr. Gary Gonsalves – Co-Founder of Stop Taxing US
Dawn Wildman – Co Founder of San Diego Tax Revolt
New York Myke-San Diego Harley Davidson
Tommy Chandler- Chandler’s Watch
Pastor Greg Stephens
Americas Black Shield of Los Angeles
Tradional Family Values Representatives
Sandy Lehmkuhler – Warrior Foundation
Rhonda Deniston – Oceanside Regional Director of Stop Taxing Us and Guest Host of the Rick Amato show
Mark Meckler – Co Founder Tea Party Patriots
Shellie Milne – Menifee Tea Party
Johnathon Wilson – Pasadena Patriots
Brian Bloom – No on Prop 23 and Carb
Leslie Eastman – SoCalTRC
Jamiel Shaw Sr. – Jamiels law
Jenny Erikson – Smart Girl Politics
Phil Libertore – IRS Problem Solvers
iam2moro – iam2moro.com
Gabriella Hoffman – Young Americans for Freedom

Most Patriotic Costume Contest


Wear your most Patriotic Costume to win some fun prizes and show your patriotism!

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Oh, Universities are Fair and Not Ridden with Leftist Bias!

Taken from NewsReal Blog-September 1st, 2010:

A study recently came out from my university, UC-San Diego, concluding that universities are not ridden by leftist bias. The study notes that campus characteristics—ranging from small liberal arts colleges to large universities—substantiate claims that campus conservatives gloat in their minority status and are quite comfortable with it. Bogus conclusions if you ask me!

I am quite familiar with Amy J. Binder’s fascination with conservative students at UCSD. Several of my conservative cohorts have had her as a professor and I was one of many conservative subjects for a senior thesis completed by a student who worked with her this past year. Interesting how the results came about, if you ask me. Every chance leftist professors get, they will seize the opportunity to deride conservatives with attempts to “acknowledge our concerns and feelings” with these studies. The study even goes on to reveal that one prominent conservative organization is “spreading disdain” by berating left-wing professors as propagandists, according to the “conservative students” studied. Why else would the organization exist if liberals were not brainwashing college students?

This study observed two universities with the following: the Eastern Elite (small leftist arts college) and Western Public (large university). Additionally, students concluded that although their professors were progressive, they had the utmost respect for them. Well, if anything, you must feign disregard for so-called liberal opinions, or else suffer ostracism by your peers…vBetter yet, you can stand up and defend conservative beliefs while shocking the Obama Zombies around you! I do not need a radical leftist professor telling me to feel normal and accepted when I feel the opposite. I had a professor praise Angela Davis as a humanitarian in a lecture focused on religion after the mess following the “Compton Cookout.” Others have shown pictures of Obama as the “Messiah”, have continually bashed President Bush, and have openly called conservatives “evil”. Dear socialist professors, might I ask that you kindly stop putting words in my mouth and in the mouths of other students whom you work against?

It is imperative to stand up to this misinformation coming from our universities. Enlist in the Horowitz Freedom Center’s “Adopt A Dissenting Book” campaign, vie for or enforce the Academic Bill of Rights, bring a conservative speaker to campus–for example–to get the REAL conservative word out.