Glenn Beck Continues to Work Wonders

After much success with the Restoring Honor Rally (8/28), Glenn Beck is aiming  to restore confidence in our nation and her people once again.

Wilmington, Ohio recently suffered from DHL‘s pullout from the town. As a result, the majority of its workforce is unemployed, but not hopeless. Beck notes the town’s resilience in such a grave time in our nation’s history. The following will take place in December:


In mid-December Beck is taking his television and radio shows to a small Ohio town that was effected by the recent down economy to celebrate the giving message of the holidays.

“If they will have us, I’m going to pay [Wilmington, Ohio] a visit next month. I’m going to do the show from the streets. And I’m going to ask all the folks in nearby Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland or wherever else you might be to join me. Kind of a mini 8/28. It’s not going to be extravagant. It’s not going to be big. We are going to celebrate America’s first Christmas. We are going to find real hope where everyone else has found despair. ”

“What I’m asking the people in Wilmington, and they are hearing this for the first time” Beck continued, “What I’d like you to do is make Christmas presents for people. Things that my kids would want, or I would want that would remind me of a better time. Something that has value. If you happen to be watching this show and you are like my Grandmother you are making a quilt. Will you bring it and will you sell your goods because I would like to invite my friends and the people who watch this show to come on that day. Maybe we can open up some of the closed store-fronts and we can sell things for Christmas. ”