Earth to Everyone!? Marxist Org Behind “Together We Thrive” T-Shirts

The Tucson memorial arguably resembled a pep rally and circus.

Whatever happened to reverence for those deceased? Memorials and funerals are supposed to be somber events, not jovial rallies.

How about Obama’s plea to “confide in public servants” during his long speech?  That should have made your stomach churn much like it did mine.

Can you say kick off for Obama’s reelection campaign?

In addition to this absurdity, Obama’s Organizing for America (which has Marxist ties) was responsible for handing out “Together We Thrive” t-shirts. RedState’s Labor Union Report exposes the meaning behind the t-shirts here:

Even after nearly a week of the Left’s vitriolic and unwarranted public lynching of the Right over last Saturday’s massacre by a left-wing lunatic in Tuscon, I was willing to give the President the benefit of the doubt after (by most accounts) doing well in delivering Cody Keenan’s well-drafted speech on Wednesday. Heck, even his teleprompter performed without flaw, the pauses built in right at the appropriate applause lines. Although it appears as though the Obama White House was lying in wait for an Oklahoma City Moment so the Campaigner-in-Chief could try to get his mojo back, as long as there were no Roman Candles going off, I was willing to forgive the tackiness of the T-Shirts thinking, “Okay, the perpetual campaigner has to have a campaign slogan.”

I really was willing to overlook all of that. I really was. I wanted to. I tried to. But I can’t.

Not when, this morning, I found myself reminded just how phony this President really is. It wasn’t just that the President didn’t write his own speech (most don’t anyway), and it wasn’t only that he seized the moment in a politically opportunistic way after the accusations from his surrogates were flung at everyone on the Right, from Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, to ordinary Americans. No, that was irritating. But the last straw was learning the origins of the slogan “Together We Thrive” that pushed tolerating the narcissism over the edge.

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