Jews Killed, Palestinians Thrilled: Where’s the Peace?

My latest from The Washington Times Communities:

A Second Holocaust is imminent unless Palestinian terror is eradicated.

Divestment Defeated at UCSD

Due to delays and support behind efforts to rally against anti-Israel bias, we here at UCSD successfully defeated divestment!

Read about this feat from StandWithUs below:

StandWithUs salutes the Tritons for Israel for their strategy and dedication to defeating BDS on their campus.

On April 13th, 2011, the Associated Students (AS), the official student representatives at UC San Diego, passed a resolution authored by Academic Senator Adi Singer, stating that it was not the place of the Associated Students to pass resolutions that will divide the campus community and alienate specific groups. The resolution called for neutrality of the student senate, and reinforced the mission statement of building a cohesive campus community, and representing a diverse but unified voice. Two weeks ago, Student for Justice in Palestine (SJP) submitted a resolution calling upon the UC Regents to divest the retirement and pension funds from General Electric and Northrop Grumman, specifically because of their business dealings with the Israeli Defense Forces. Through intense lobbying of elected representatives and direct, peaceful dialogue with SJP,  the Tritons for Israel, a pro-Israel student group at UCSD, were able to achieve great success when last night, April 27th, SJP actually withdrew their divestment resolution, and it was not raised for consideration at the student senate.

In an opinion piece published in the campus paper today and authored by Tritons for Israel student leadership, “Tritons for Israel has always and will continue to stand for peace, dialogue, and justice. Divestment is not the way to a durable peace. Only by speaking to one another can we achieve a true understanding, and build the bridges necessary for a sustainable coexistence. Tritons for Israel hopes that we will someday have a willing partner in the struggle to achieve a sustainable end to the conflict, both in the Middle East and here on our campus.”

StandWithUs campus professionals and Board of Directors are very proud of the Tritons for Israel for this tremendous effort and achievement.

Thank you for being excellent role models for other campuses!

Read the statement of the Tritons for Israel Executive Board here

Read more divestment coverage from the perspective of the UCSD student newspaper here

Must Watch Video: Purdue U College Republicans Stand With Israel

Israel’s legitimacy and the Jewish people are constantly under attack from the militant Muslim Students Association and their Students for Justice in Palestine compatriots.

Out of fear or ostracism, pro-Israel groups fail to defend themselves to the fullest extent. As a result, their conservative, Christian and/or Republican allies come to their defense when they are too afraid to openly challenge the MSA and the SJP.

My friend and fellow activist Mike Cunningham, a junior at Purdue University, had the audacity to showcase support for Israel with a week-long celebration at his campus. He brought David Horowitz‘s “Wall of Lies” and subsequently hosted the Deputy Israeli Consulate of Chicago.

Be sure to watch the following video and circulate it:

After Four Decade Moratorium, Stanford ROTC is Reinstated

View from Hoover Tower observation deck of the...

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Kudos to our Stanford Review compatriots on their excellent reporting and persistent efforts to get ROTC reinstated at their respective campus.

Stanford Review has the details below:

About four decades since it voted to ban ROTC from campus, Stanford University’s faculty senate has voted to allow ROTC back on its campus today. Twenty-eight senators voted to allow to allow the program’s reinstatement, while nine voted against it and three abstained.

The vote followed a discussion among the Senate. Ewart Thomas, chair of the ad hoc committee charged with investigating the return of ROTC, gave the reason why the committee recommended its return: “We offer our recommendation today as a way of reducing this [civilian-military] gap . . . we believe [ROTC] will improve the quality of undergraduate education at Stanford for ROTC and non-ROTC students.”

“A huge part our education here at Stanford is to expose us to diverse ways of life, points of view,” stated student Imani Franklin ’13, a student member of the committee. She added that with ROTC on campus, “we’d be able to put a face to military service, to humanize the people who fight our wars. . . .”

In a statement, Stanford University President John Hennessy said about the vote, “Based on the vote of the Faculty Senate, we will begin conversations with the U.S. military about the process for re-establishing ROTC at Stanford.”

Read more from Stanford Review editors Autumn Carter and Kyle Huwa about the proceedings here.

Atheist Awareness Week at UCSD? Go Figure

I stumbled upon this flier at Muir College today. Of course, it was very odd and striking, so I thought I’d share it with you all.

I don’t understand why there’s even a week dedicated to atheism. Universities preach it left and right; usually at the expense of Judeo-Christian principles. Yet, in order to demoralize religion, the Rationalist Club thought it imperative to host.

Nevertheless, this is rich. Share your thoughts on this week and let me know if you agree that it is preposterous!

Go See Atlas Shrugged the Movie!

I had the pleasure of seeing the film adaptation of Atlas Shrugged this past weekend with my family. Not only was this movie enjoyable, it was comforting knowing that were watching a pro-American movie!

If you have not seen it, check out a clip here! It’s imperative that you go see it.


Thuggery 101 in the University of Missouri System

Big Government recently featured footage from two University of Missouri campuses detailing classes that promulgate thug tactics and collective bargaining.

The first video:

A corresponding video is revealed below: