“The Five” Show to Take Over Glenn Beck Timeslot July 11th

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Following Glenn Beck’s departure from Fox News June 30, Fox News will add a new series to the lineup this summer. “The Five” will debut on July 11, 2011, at 2pm PT/5 pm ET.

Media Bistro has more information about the new series:

Fox News Channel will debut a new program called “The Five” airing in Glenn Beck‘s soon-to-be vacated timeslot beginning Monday, July 11 and running through the summer.

The show, a “The View”-like ensemble program, will feature a roundtable of five Fox News personalities from among the network’s deep bench of hosts and analysts, including Greg Gutfeld, Juan Williams, Dana Perino, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Geraldo Rivera, Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling, Monica Crowley, Bob Beckel and Kimberly Guilfoyle.

In a news release, FNC says the program will also feature added guests, including politicians, celebrities, sports figures and key newsmakers. The show is expected to run through the summer months.

As we reported yesterday, Fox News will air encore presentations of Beck’s program next week.

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“The Five” to Replace Glenn Beck Through Summer

FOX News Channel (FNC) will launch a new weekday program on July 11th at 5 PM/ET, announced Bill Shine, Executive Vice President of Programming for the network. Entitled The Five, the program will serve as a replacement for Glenn Beck during the summer.

The new opinion show will feature a roundtable ensemble of five rotating FOX personalities who will discuss, debate and at times debunk the hot news stories, controversies and issues of the day.

In making the announcement, Shine said, “The Five brings together an eclectic group of FOX talent whose knowledge of key issues and unique insights will undoubtedly make for a dynamic program.”

Some of the revolving FOX personalities to be showcased in the weekly ensemble include: Greg Gutfeld, Juan Williams, Dana Perino, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Geraldo Rivera, Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling, Monica Crowley, Bob Beckel and Kimberly Guilfoyle. The program will also feature added guests, including politicians, celebrities, sports figures and key newsmakers.

Prior to the launch of The Five, FNC will run encore presentations of Glenn Beck from Monday, July 4th through Friday, July 8th. On Friday, July 1st, What Makes America Great, hosted by John Stossel will be presented at 5 PM/ET.

Glenn Beck Ends Popular Fox News Show to Start GBTV

My latest from the Washington Times Communities on June 30th, 2011. 

Although viewers lament Beck’s departure, they should look forward to his future.

Michele Bachmann: The All-American Candidate for 2012

My latest from the Washington Times Communities: June 23rd, 2011

Michele Bachmann: The All-American candidate for 2012

Americans agree with Michele Bachmann: “President Obama is a one-term president!”

Bachmann Leading Romney, Competitors in New Poll

Stephan Dinan of The Washington Times reported a post-debate surge in Bachmann’s poll numbers. As more Americans see and hear Bachmann, the more they gravitate to her:

Fresh off her well-received performance in last week’s GOP presidential debate, Rep. Michele Bachmann now tops the field of candidates in a new Zogby poll of Republican primary voters.

The poll found Mrs. Bachmann garnering 24 percent of the vote, well-ahead of businessman Herman Cain and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who each received 15 percent support.

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., who officially announced his candidacy on Tuesday, scored just 2 percent support.

Christie: “My Kids’ School is None of Your Business!”

NJ Governor Chris Christie told the following to a viewer on PBS the other day regarding public schools and why he sends his kids to private schools:

“What is her name. First off, it’s none of your business. Don’t bother where I send mine. Secondly I pay $30,000 in property taxes for a public school system predominantly that my wife and I don’t choose to utilize. We believe that a religious education should be part of our everyday children’s education. Third, I as governor and responsible for every child in this state not just my own. And decisions that I make are try to improve the educational opportunities of every child in this state. With all due respect it’s none of your business,” Christie told her.

Right on!

Another Establishment RINO Enters the GOP Contest

Jon Huntsman, former Utah Governor and recent U.S. Ambassador to China under Obama, declared his candidacy for POTUS today. This move increases the GOP field to eight candidates.

Here’s a video of the announcement he made, which mimics Ronald Reagan’s 1980 announcement:

Here are several reasons why he will not be our candidate:

Offense #1: He worked for the Obama Administration as the U.S. Ambassador to China.

This factor automatically disqualifies him from winning the nomination. We don’t need someone who pushed Obama’s agenda abroad to be our nominee, no matter how “honorable” it was.

Offense #2: He believes that global warming exists.

Green jobs have failed to add to private sector growth, and the movement to “Go Green” is run by eco-hypocrites.

Offense #3: He’s the Republican Barack Obama, and the farthest thing from Ronald Reagan.

A Yahoo opinion piece details why:

Craig Shirley and Bill Pascoe, the former of whom is the author of two books on Reagan, put the matter more bluntly in the Daily Caller. Not only is Huntsman not Reagan, he is instead a Republican version of Barack Obama. By that they mean that unlike Reagan, who was a candidate who relied on his ideas, Huntsman, like Obama, relies on his personality. In effect, in his moderation, Huntsman is devoid of ideas by design.

While Huntsman is not likely to prosper in his goal of cobbling together a coalition of Republican moderates and independents to win the nomination, he will play an important role in the upcoming 2012 campaign, at least while he lasts. He will be the media’s favorite Republican and, in the fullness of time, be used as a club to beat up Republicans when he is inevitably rejected.

The list goes on and on of repeat offenses by him. Nevertheless, Huntsman will not get a pass from the Tea Party and other disillusioned voters. America cannot afford another John McCain, similar progressive Republican, or Barack Obama.

Let the RINO hunting season commence! Real conservatives only.

How to Be Above Green Fanaticism on Your Campus

Cross-posted from NotEvilJustWrong.com.

Written by Gabriella Hoffman
Monday, 20 June 2011 21:35
green-campusIn the narrow world of green fanatics, college students must follow the script.

They must save whales, be hippies, cuddle with lemurs, boycott meat, and defeat ‘global warming’.

Sadly, eco-hypocrites Al Gore and James Cameron, and their entourage of celebrity followers have brainwashed my peers with apocalyptic rhetoric, exaggerations and lies.Essentially, these zealots opine that the world is on the cusp of destruction due to “‘global warming’ and the continual abuse of Mother Earth.” If people don’t submit, green fanatics will do all in their power to convert skeptics.

And if that does not work they will use threats.

Take James Cameron’s words for example : “I want to call those deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out with those boneheads. Anybody that is a global-warming denier at this point in time has got their head so deeply up their ass I’m not sure they could hear me.

After meeting Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer at a Young America’s Foundation’s seminar last year, I was inspired to be more critical of ‘global warming’ and the green movement. I watched both of their documentaries—Mine Your Own Business and Not Evil Just Wrong—and saw the need to get this viewpoint out there through Facebook, articles, and other mediums. It was so refreshing to hear someone say that we were not alone in the fight to combat ‘global warming’ hysteria.

Previously, I knew cap and trade to be detrimental to the United States, but wanted to know more. Ann clarified this during a speech at Young America’s Foundation’s “Advancing Freedom” seminar last July.

“Cap and trade is an unbelievable scam. They want to punish fossil fuel companies. It will be disastrous to America,” she said.

Like other campuses, my university—the University of California at San Diego—inundates students with sustainability tips, Meatless Mondays, green products, and a slew of awareness events. This university has also played host to Ralph Nader, Al Gore, and as of late, Bill Clinton and his Clinton Global Initiative University program. Unless speakers like Ann McElhinney are brought to campus, students will never hear the alternative viewpoint.

Additionally, her views on sustainability are spot on. Known for being straightforward, Ann McElhinney exposes the hypocrisy of the green lifestyle with witty remarks, anecdotes, and jokes. For example, she sheds light on how maniacal, hypocritical, and anti-human environmentalists are during speeches at campuses, events, and rallies nationwide. At CPAC 2010, Ann exposed James Cameron for being an eco-hypocrite.

She said, “James Cameron is an idiot because James Cameron makes a film where mining is evil and living in the rainforest is gorgeous. Here’s my advice for James Cameron: Burn your passport and move to the rain forest. Bring your mother there!”

Watch more from her video below from CPAC 2010 detailing how deceiving and anti-American Avatar and its proprietor, James Cameron, really are.

Fortunately, a growing number of college students are rejecting this brouhaha.

John Howting, a recent graduate of Miami University in Ohio, describes the crusade to combat ‘global warming’ as one that misleads.

“First it was “global cooling” then it was “global warming”…now it’s “global climate change”… I call it the four seasons,” he said.

Justen Charters of Oregon adds that apocalyptic rhetoric makes ‘global warming’ not credible.

“The Second Ice Age was supposed to happen thirty years ago. Unless they were predicting the sequel to the Pixar film, liberals are messing up the facts again. Global warming, I mean climate change, is as much of a farce as Harold Camping’s rapture prediction…”

There is a growing need for young people to expose ‘global warming’. As a result, I have been enlisted by Ann and Phelim Media, LLC, as the New Media Intern to help disseminate the truth about movement to “Go Green.” My work will range from exposing outrageous ‘green schools’ to bringing Ann McElhinney to campuses nationwide to disseminating information about our films and upcoming projects.

It is pivotal that my generation sees how nonsensical and equally farcical worshipping individuals like Al Gore and living green lifestyles really are. Be sure to check out NotEvilJustWrong.com for updates to learn how you can get involved.