The War on Men Must Stop: My Thoughts on Manliness


WARNING: This post contains traces of sarcasm and humor. Please don’t take offense to anything I write, unless you’re a beta male.

Earlier this week, I was tweeting about the need for more manly men in our country. Apart from communists and Marxists, nothing irritates me more than feckless people – especially feckless men.

You see, in a selfish sort of way, I don’t want to have to pick and choose a potential boyfriend (and later husband) from a crop of wusses. When a female looks for a potential mate, she looks for a guy who resembles her dad – a guy who is loving, strong, affectionate, fun to be around, and confident. I want to look forward to dating, not babysitting – is that a crime? I know other women share this same frustration.

I’m biased when I say this, but my dad is the definition of manliness. Heck, HE IS the Most Interesting Man in the World – well, his lookalike.

When I say my dad is the epitome of manliness, I sincerely mean it. My dad doesn’t take crap from people; he lived in a communist country and went through (and later overcame) many challenges in Lithuania. He is a fisherman, general contractor, husband, father, brother, and friend.  If that’s not manliness, then what is? There are many men like this; they just need to be recognized and encouraged.

In general, feeble-minded men are a reflection of a country gone awry – a country vulnerable to attack.

That being said, you can read my thoughts on manliness and the war feminists are waging on it below:

“It’s Raining Beta Men: Why Emasculation is a Curse, Not a Blessing”

Harvard professor and Manliness author Harvey C. Mansfield opined, “We are attracted to the manly man because he imparts some of his confidence to everyone else.”

Manly men—past and present—have captivated the world with their talents, leadership, oratory skills, and virility. They are strong, protective, and brave. They are fathers, gentlemen, husbands, friends, and neighbors. They are innovators, pioneers, and model citizens. Simply put, manly men are invincible.

Great men like Ronald Reagan, Charlton Heston, Winston Churchill, and Clark Gable exhibited manly traits in their respective lives. They lived in an era where men were expected to defend themselves and were prepared to fight. Before the ascendancy of feminism, manliness was the gold standard – a virtue all young men wanted and sought. Anything short of manliness was discouraged.

Today, we look to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Florida Congressman Allen West, actor Bruce Willis, and other manly men for confidence and guidance. They make us feel safe and comfortable. They lead us and represent us. They protect us from harm’s way here and abroad. Without them, civilization would cease to exist.

Alas, feminists have waged a war on men and continue to perpetrate it.

Feminists contend that patriarchy and its “male enablers” enslave women through marriage and motherhood. They assert that men are sex-driven, lustful pigs keen on subduing women. As a result, feminists are determined to undermine them.

Here is proof:

1)      A typical feminist believes men enslave women through marriage:

“Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the Women’s Movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage.” – Sheila Cronan, in Radical Feminism – “Marriage” (1970)

2)      A typical feminist thinks men are rapists:

“Male sexual aggression is endemic, if any sex act against a person’s will were considered rape, the majority of men would be rapists.” – Marilyn French, The War Against Women, Ballantine Books, 1992, p. 193

3)      A typical feminist wants to eradicate manliness:

“Only when manhood is dead–and it will perish when ravaged femininity no longer sustains it–only then will we know what it is to be free.”  –Andrea Dworkin, Our Blood: Prophecies And Discourses On Sexual Politics

In order to successfully carry out their agenda, feminists want “new castrati males” to replace manly men.

Rush Limbaugh famously coined this lexicon and recently affirmed that new castrati males are “men with no guts who have just been bullied by women and the power structure and liberalism in general.” He could not be farther from the truth.

Beta males greatly contrast manly men. They are weak, defenseless, and overtly emotional. They are uninspiring and deprived. And more importantly, they are subservient to women.

Unfortunately, these emasculated males have pervaded society. Turn on the T.V., and you see a guy crying on his wife’s shoulder or hiding behind her skirt. Listen to men talk about the so-called contraception shortage. They’re feckless and equally duped by feminist talking points. Watch beta males be berated by their feminist girlfriends and wives in public. It is humiliating and outrageous to watch.

When will the madness stop? When will real men stand up to emasculation and demand its end?

Fear not, there is a glimmer of hope.

Daily Telegraph recently published an article highlighting a new study that found strong men are likely to be conservative. It said, “Researchers cite muscle-bound Hollywood action heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris and Sylvester Stallone as evidence that aggression is linked to conservative politics.”

The article added that conservative men boast “the hunter-gatherer instincts of macho men – which are a hangover of out cavemen origins when the strongest ruled the roost.”

Conservative men must vow to defend manliness. Our nation was built upon the hard work of men, not wimps. With the lackluster economy, high unemployment, and destructive leftist policies already in place, emasculation will add to this country’s demise unless it is stopped.

Men: America needs you and your strength. Do not surrender your virility to feminists. Instead, work tirelessly to combat this attack.

Beta males – you will not go unnoticed. Let the reclamation of manliness begin!

Originally posted at RightWingNews.

For more on manliness, check out Mandependence and the “Art of Manliness.”

UPDATE: Linked on Ace of Spades, Instapundit, and The Other McCain.

43 thoughts on “The War on Men Must Stop: My Thoughts on Manliness

  1. themoonandme says:

    That’s a really great post. You know though that there are lots of men out there trying to discover what it means to actually be a man. There’s a lot of confusion since female empowerment took hold. Men lost their roles in society, to a degree. That said, maybe I’m wrong. Just as we women have changed, and decided that we don’t need permission to dress like this or talk like that, maybe men too are having their own re-identification. It’s possible that we’re hankering after an old ideal, just the way some chauvinistic types implore us women to get back into the kitchen.

  2. donationcan says:

    I love that my husband is a hunter and can tear about an engine. I couldn’t handle dating a weak man, mostly because I’m a strong woman. I want a man who will stand up to me.

  3. Charlie Shield (@CharlieShield) says:

    If you’re PC at all, stop reading this comment now, before your head explodes.

    A real woman wants a strong man. Not a macho man, not a loudmouth, not an abusive man, but a strong man. And they are few and far between. Todays boys are content to lie on the couch, be supported by a woman (or by his parents, or by the government), twiddle with his ipad and never get his hands dirty.

    When a woman has a strong man, she tends to think and vote conservative. She wants the government out of her life and her family’s life so they can build something nice with no interference.

    When a woman can’t have a strong man — a woman who had one or more children by men who can’t or won’t be fathers, a woman whose man refuses to work hard and provide, a woman who chases men away with her feminist confusions — she wants a surrogate. Too often the surrogate is government. She votes and thinks liberal.

    Remember the middle-aged woman at the rally who gazed at President O. and involuntarily mouthed “I love you, Obama”?

  4. Joel says:

    A minor point… The “New Castrati” was not coined by Rush Limbaugh, but rather, he was recounting reading from Gerard VanDerleun’s blog, “”. Unfortunately, Rush had difficulty remembering where he had read the term, but later gave Gerard his credit.

  5. TIM says:

    I agree with you. I had an observation on the photo montage. The photo of the solidier three from the top or two from the bottom on the right is an esoterically famous photo of an exhausted Panzergrenadier on the Eastern Front. I think it was taken in fall of 42 around Stalingrad. He probably died shortly after this was taken. I am not saying he was a Nazi, but the man in that photo did fight for Nazi Germany.

  6. BMedia says:

    I thought I’d like this post but it seems I’m too left leaning. I’m glad there is a diversity of opinions out there but yet my dislike of isms and violence leaves me feeling my manhood was attacked from an unusual angle. There is a woman in every man and vice-verso without this wholeness one is a shadow of what he or she can be. I spent most my life unable to cry, things are much better now that I can, although I still never do. I am every bit the man the Hollywood characteurs you use as examples examples are, except that I’m real and not a psychopath violent or an asshole.

    • ruth says:

      you are so right. i live with a real man and not a hollywood oretty lie. he does not know what to do when i cry except get lost and confused. its hard for him to show his real feelings and cry but they are there so powerful.

      • robertvanl says:

        DITTO:But here’s a Big Caveat for ya: WOMEN sure aren’t Reacing for the Heights either. We are – BOTH men AND women – living through an appalling demuse of culture and character … So. Waddaya gonna DO about it ???

  7. Tz says:

    you father seems like a nice guy and so did my father and his father, but our fathers dear friend are not the norm, they are the exception of the norm in the world we live today and I’m also very sorry about that.

  8. ruth says:

    shalom from jerusalem. if you want a manly man then you dont need to look at famous men who have their own agendas for what they do. look at the men of day to day living who you will never hear of in a media gone mad on pop culture and false standards

    like my shmuel. born in morocco came here as a 5 year old. we have been together for more than 5 years. a man who is a master carpenter one of the best in jerusalem. whose shop was filled with beautiful paintings and knick knacks along with this great handiwork. now he is sick with diabetes and has too much pain in his hands, but hopefully he will recover enough to go back to it.

    this is a man who fought in 5 wars in israel, like the men here of his age. this is a man who you want with you when are fighting the devils ,i took on the biggest mafia in israel to destroy those who protect and brought the pedophiles mostly from america here, to my street to destroy our children with drugs and vicious gang rapes. kiddie porn, big bucks here and i took them on and am doing them a great damage. and you want a real man with you in this war.

    when you are dragged repeatedly to court on false charges by the perverts you want a shmuel ben david ohion with you. the judges love him. different judges they all love him. respect him. he looks very average but they like him. so do the police. i am only alive because the criminals are more afraid of him than god.

    this man is a hero but you wont hear about it in the media or the professor land conferences where they praise their genius with false modesty. this man is the wind behind my wings that lets me fly to places that i could not go on my own.

    he does not understand my obsession, he has no fancy words, he does not know how to expres himself well with words, but he knows in a second if you are scum or straight and you really dont want to play games with this man. he will rip you to pieces. i have seen him rip apart devils in his way and he is just as effective as me in my way. same results.different approaches.

    if you get to find a man like this, and after a miserable abusive unhappy first marriage of 22 years, if you get to find a man who makes you roar with laughter, stands by you when he does not know what the hell you are doing. but knows that something hurts and you want to fix it. and comes along grumbling but he comes to stand with me. to the media, when they come for the story, he was very gracious. to the legal the poor victims who come here crying and broken, to the other mother warriors fighting the devils with me, he shows graciousness and derech eretz though he thinks its too huge to win.

    we are winning. hell we are winning. they are going down. that is how you judge a man. is he loyal even when he thinks you are nuts. he says to me i can drive elephant mad so i have a hat with elephants on it for all the elephants i drove crazy.

    come and meet us. he has made a few shiddichum he has a good sense of who is suitable to each other. we will find you a real man but then you will have to clean your mind from the goy concepts you live with in galut. you dont see the quality men if you have hollywood lies as your values.

    chag samach from holy jerusalem. if you look on my facebook wall you will see my shmuel its a hysterically funny picture with …… well see for yourself. shalom.

  9. Kevin says:

    Excellent article Gabby, and spot on!
    Real men in this country are under a full frontal attack, and I’m quite tired of being labeled “a bad guy” just because I exude manliness. As a single guy, most women find it offensive that I like to shoot guns, hunt, fish and can and will get my hands dirty. I have a father that taught me to protect and defend those that I love. These days I see men cower and run in the face of challenge or danger.

  10. KellyB says:

    I had a father who was a manly man who worked hard, got his hands dirty, loved and protected his family, and thankfully I married a man who does the same. And you know what, they both had occassions in life that brought them to tears. Shedding an ocxassional tear does not indicate a lack of manliness.

    I get utterly disgusted at the war being waged on real mean. It’s most evident to me in commercials and sitcoms where the husband is almost always depicted as an out of touch, goofy, boob. Ugh!

    I blame radical feminism 100% for this. And along with the emasculation of our men has come the loss of feminity in women. I love it when a man opens a door for me, or offers to carry something for me or offers his jacket to me if I’m cold, even though I’m perfectly capable to take care of myself. It shows they respect me as a woman, but a feminist takes offense at these gestures calling them degrading and offeensive. Alas, such acts of gentlemanliness and chivalry are more and more rare.

  11. Frederick Peterson says:

    You should read my book:
    “Chivalry and Steel – The Meaning of American Manhood in the Age of Spandex, MeteroSex, – and ‘Men’ who shave their chests, but not their faces”.
    But here’s a Big Caveat for ya: WOMEN sure aren’t Reacing for the Heights either. We are – BOTH men AND women – living through an appalling demuse of culture and character … So. Waddaya gonna DO about it ???

    • ruth says:

      change the world starting with you. be a better more moral h onest person and affect others to be better. that is w hat i do and others too. do the same. in your way, your manner with your powers and abilities. enjoy the trip.

  12. randellmd says:

    Maybe this is why union thug liberal commies are so agressive. they have to overcompensate for the feminist wives that rule the roost at home. LOL i’m kidding,..or am i.

  13. tigabeck says:

    Hi Gabriella, You said Rush “couldn’t be further from the truth”. Where exactly is he wrong? I grew up in the 70-80’s and can tell you first hand what he describes is fact. Did I miss something?

  14. Melody says:

    I would also like to add the homosexual man is doing his part by making men care more about their clothes, wrinkles, hair and preying on them to being more girly rather than masculine… and definitely more selfish.

  15. Jay Cotton says:

    Did you mean to say that Rush “couldn’t be farther from the truth” about his definition of his term “new castrati”? You seem to agree with him in your article. I’m assuming it’s a miswording. I liked the article and appreciate you writing it.

  16. bmpaz says:

    Sure is refreshing to hear a woman appreciate a man for his God-given differences and embrace it and not continually bash them for not being a woman with facial hair.

  17. bmpaz says:

    Feminists should be very careful what they ask for. Weakness invites atrocity. When a violent, degenerate rapist picks you as his victim, you will then appreciate a real man not willing to put up with nonsense and evil.

    • robertvanl says:

      DITTO: But here’s a Big Caveat for ya: WOMEN sure aren’t Reacing for the Heights either. We are – BOTH men AND women – living through an appalling demuse of culture and character … So. Waddaya gonna DO about it ???

  18. Frank Tauss says:

    Dear, while I appreciate you appreciation, you have a smalle problem that needs correcting. I would have just emailed but couldn’t find a link to do so.

    In your “men then” lower right, above the sepia image of the fella wearing the slouch hat, the guy in the helmet? German WWII. From the helmet and smock, what I can see of it, Waffen SS circa 1944. While they were serious badasses, quite possibly not what you were trying to project.

  19. Me in Wy says:

    I agree 100%! I think it is a true shame what feminists have done to our society. Manly men knew how to treat a lady and feminine ladies knew how to treat their men. I cannot fathom their mentality that it is somehow degrading for a man to want to want to love and protect the woman he loves. This same instinct can be found in nature, and it is how men show their love. As a stay at home housewife, I feel blessed to have a man who loves me so much that he provides for me, and is strong for me, and protects me. What he cannot say with words, he expresses very clearly with actions, which is better than words any day of the week! Manly men, there are still some women out there that embrace who you are, appreciate all you do, and wish like crazy that there were more of you out there. When we blur the line between male and female, both sides lose all that made them special. The war on men must stop. They are NOT the enemy, feminists are.

  20. Tig Dupree says:

    Gabriella, Manly men are out there, and they are not the hairy, belching, profane, pinheaded jerks that TV portrays. They are “quiet men,” hard-working, introspective, respectful, tender, and strongly protective. They do not beat their chests in faux fury, do not abuse others, and do their best to support, provide for, and nurture their families.

    I am a 67-year old white male, retired US Army officer, still working in the Defense Industry, training troops. I am sick and tired of being generically portrayed as a stupid, slovenly “metrosexual,” pathetically in need of some “strong woman” to “rescue me.” I have small critters in the home and spoil them rotten. I dabble in the arts, make pottery, work in wood, and ride motorcycles. I respect others until they prove themselve unworthy of my respect.

    All this to say, I was reared to be “a man,” to take responsibility, and be prepared to defend my home and family with everything at my disposal, to include my life.

    And if that ain’t being a manly man, I don’t know what is.

  21. ksoileau says:

    Your article reeks of female entitlement. Your phrase “I don’t want to have to pick and choose a potential boyfriend (and later husband) from a crop of wusses” implies that you deserve a good man in the first place. Having a vajayjay doesn’t entitle you to a man of excellence. Your character and what you bring to the table is what determines the man you get (or don’t get). There’s an old saying: You don’t get who you want. You get who would want you.

  22. SMirnej says:

    Their reason for living got removed.
    their rule in the most and possibly only important society (family) was taken away from them and lost their reason for doing and being what they used to be, and became creatures who aimlessly look for fun.
    fun being anything that distracts them from real life , from video games to other hobbies.
    it’s not only men then and men now, it also is men in countries with less gender equality and ones with more gender equality.
    and this has not only stolen the calm and gentleness in men, it also has stolen calm, and warmth from women(concluding from comparing my mother with her friend who came to USA earlier.)

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