“Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan” Meme – Best Political Thing Ever!?

Admit it. You’ve swooned over Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) like the rest of us. Females like myself are enchanted by those blue eyes, that perfectly parted hair, and those pearly whites. And males admire him for his fortitude, manliness, and business acumen.

Who could deny Ryan’s greatness?  He’s very attractive. And not only that – he’s articulate, family-oriented, and knowledgeable about finances. He is… the Most Interesting Republican in America!

Hey Girl, Its Paul Ryan”  lets the whole blogosphere see what we’re raving about.

If you’re familiar with “Newt Judges You,” “Texts from Hillary,” and “Dogs Against Obama,” then you’ll like this. It’s a play off of  the “Hey Girl, Its Ryan Gosling” meme.

Check out some of these memes:

And my personal favorite.

So, who are the masterminds behind this awesome tumblr account and correspondent meme? None other than CRAFT DC’s Lyndsey Fifield (@lyndseyfifield) and Naked D.C. Editor-in-Chief Emily Zanotti (@emzanotti)

Girls – Let not your heart be troubled. Thanks to “Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan,” now you can swoon over Paul Ryan every day. And guys – you might find these to be useful pickup lines. Just sayin’.

Check http://heygirlitspaulryan.tumblr.com/ for new memes each day.

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