UPDATE: Catch Me at CNSNews.com and ViralRead.com

For those of you who follow my blogging/writing, I want to update you about my whereabouts with respect to this.

I started blogging my freshman year of college and have contributed to many places over the course of three years. I wrote for the conservative paper at UCSD (California Review), David Horowitz’s NewsRealBlog, The College Fix, The Washington Times Communities, TheCollegeConservative, San Diego Rostra, RightWingNews, and countless others.

I will continue to write for RightWingNews and edit for TheCollegeConservative, but couple it with two other outlets: CNSNews.com and ViralRead.com.

I started interning/reporting for CNSNews.com last week. It’s the Media Research Center’s news publication. You can subscribe to my posts here.

And I joined ViralRead.com as a contributor.  It’s slated to be the conservative alternative to Buzzfeed.

Stay tuned for forthcoming posts and articles!

Three Unforgetable Years at UCSD

After a brief hiatus, I have returned and will resume blogging! (You can thank finals, papers, moving to D.C., and work for keeping me away!)

I wanted to briefly reflect on my time in college in this particular post. As many of you know, I completed my studies at the University of California at San Diego on June 13. After much consideration and thought, I decided not to walk with my classmates of Eleanor Roosevelt College given my job in D.C.  I wish my fellow Tritons success, and hope they’re on to bigger and better things. Go Class of 2012!

Aerial view of UCSD

How exactly can I sum up my time in college? Phenomenal. Arduous. Busy. Life-Changing.  All these words come to mind when I think of my time at UCSD.

UCSD is one of the most reputed academic institutions in the country, attracting the best and brightest young minds to University of California campus. Who wouldn’t want to study in San Diego? There are nice beaches, cute shops, quaint cities, and a bustling downtown. UCSD’s departments, mine being political science, are nationally ranked. Long since I came to UCSD, the competition has gotten more fierce and cutthroat. That’s what one should expect at a UC school. Nevertheless, I’m glad I went to UCSD given its reputation and proximity to Orange County, CA.

On the other hand, there were times when I wished I escaped UCSD. Like most academic institutions, UCSD does embrace leftist ideas. MeCHa, the Black Student Union, Muslim Students Association, Student Sustainability Club, Students for Justice in Palestine, and countless other groups dictate campus politics. While it’s not as bad as UC-Berkeley or an Ivy League school, UCSD can certainly be hostile to conservative and pro-Israel views. Despite this, I challenged the status quo and defended conservatism to the best of my ability.

Much to the dismay of some, I didn’t become a leftist. In fact, I reaffirmed my conservatism. Whenever I felt outnumbered on campus, I retreated to blogging, events, conferences, and similar outlets. If it weren’t for Young America’s Foundation, Eagle Forum, CUFI, The California Review, and other groups I was involved with, I probably would have gone insane. Haha.

Joking aside, studying and attending UCSD was a memorable experience – one that I will cherish forever. I made some great life-long friends and got my start in the conservative movement. I will never forget those three unforgettable years.

Here’s to the post-graduate life!

Young Cons’ Josh Riddle, Yours Truly Discuss College Conservatism on The RJ Moeller Show

Recently, I had the pleasure of going on Values and Capitalism’s The RJ Moeller Show. Values and Capitalism is a project of American Enterprise Institute.

Host RJ Moeller, a good friend of mine and Dean of Prager University, interviewed me and Josh Riddle of the Young Cons.

Here’s an excerpt about the show:

From there we shift gears in the second segment to welcome in college seniors Joshua Riddle (Dartmouth) and Gabriella Hoffman (UC-San Diego) to talk about life as conservatives on their college campuses. Joshua is the co-founder of The Young Conservatives website and organization, has played four years of Division I basketball, and is slated to take a job working for the radio talk show host Laura Ingraham this summer.

Joshua Riddle

Gabriella is a social media all-star who works as an editor/contributor at the The College Conservative website and is set to begin an internship with Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center in Washington, D.C., after graduation.

Gabriella Hoffman

These are two of the sharpest young conservatives around, and we encourage you to follow them both on Twitter. Josh is at @YoungCons, and Gabriella is at @Gabby_Hoffman.


You can hear the entire interview here.