Young Cons’ Josh Riddle, Yours Truly Discuss College Conservatism on The RJ Moeller Show

Recently, I had the pleasure of going on Values and Capitalism’s The RJ Moeller Show. Values and Capitalism is a project of American Enterprise Institute.

Host RJ Moeller, a good friend of mine and Dean of Prager University, interviewed me and Josh Riddle of the Young Cons.

Here’s an excerpt about the show:

From there we shift gears in the second segment to welcome in college seniors Joshua Riddle (Dartmouth) and Gabriella Hoffman (UC-San Diego) to talk about life as conservatives on their college campuses. Joshua is the co-founder of The Young Conservatives website and organization, has played four years of Division I basketball, and is slated to take a job working for the radio talk show host Laura Ingraham this summer.

Joshua Riddle

Gabriella is a social media all-star who works as an editor/contributor at the The College Conservative website and is set to begin an internship with Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center in Washington, D.C., after graduation.

Gabriella Hoffman

These are two of the sharpest young conservatives around, and we encourage you to follow them both on Twitter. Josh is at @YoungCons, and Gabriella is at @Gabby_Hoffman.


You can hear the entire interview here.

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