Update on Blogging

Hi everyone,
I apologize for the absence of blogging on my end. Traveling and working consumes much of my time.  (I’m doing my best to inspire and work with fellow young people to promote conservative ideas on their campuses in the Northeast.) And socializing, when I fit that in, also takes up a lot of time. I’ve got to enjoy being young, you know?

Now, to blogging:  Of late, I have been writing for Counter Cultured and Young Cons. The former is a social-cultural blog headed up by my sister Anna Maria Hoffman. It’s written by young conservatives, and will tackle social-cultural issues. Highly recommend it. The latter is the website belonging to recent Dartmouth College grads Josh Riddle and David Rufful. Expect photos, videos, and blog posts from me.

Moreover, I should have columns coming up at The Blaze and CNSNews.com.

Thanks for your continual support and encouragement!