Professor Sympathizes With Stalin, Says “It’s Bullshit” to Say He Committed Crimes

My first post at Campus Reform is centered around Grover Furr,  a Medieval English professor at Montclair State University in Montclair, NJ , who is an apologist for brutal Soviet dictator and communist Joseph Stalin.  In this video, Furr says that Stalin is an innocent man and that he has yet to find “one crime” Stalin committed. Talk about ridiculous. As someone who has had family murdered and oppressed by Stalin, I find his remarks to be repulsive and insulting. My maternal grandfather was imprisoned in a Russian gulag at the Belomar Canal at the Finnish-Russian border for 18 months. Many of my parents’ friends or family members disappeared under Stalin’s reign of terror from 1929-1953. Professors like Furr should not be teaching at universities.

Here’s the video:

More from Campus Reform:

“I know they say he killed 20, 30, 40 million people,” continued Grover Furr, a professor in Medieval English at Montclair State University.

“It’s bullshit.”

Professor Grover Furr of Montclair State University said he has yet to find “one crime that Stalin committed.”

Furr made the comments at a campus debate featuring three individuals supposedly representing conservative, liberal, and libertarian political views.

Following the debate, a student pressed Furr on his comments reminding the professor that most historians believe “100 to 150 million people [were] killed by communist regimes.”

The professor, however, doubled down on his original comment.

“What you said is bullshit,” said Furr.  “It’s wrong. It’s a lie.”

My article has been linked on Fox Nation, The Other McCain, CollegeInsurrection, FrontPage Magazine, WND, and other places.

Another video from Grover Furr:

23 thoughts on “Professor Sympathizes With Stalin, Says “It’s Bullshit” to Say He Committed Crimes

    • charlie says:

      i agree with the proffesor I’ve met people who lived under Stalin who say he was a hero he saved Russia from the Nazis and he also developed Russia massively he was radical and the american government who is controlled by the rich didn’t like that of course their gonna say communism is evil because this would mean that if a communist revolution where to happen then they would not only loose their grip on power but all of their illegally hoarded also the american government has committed many more atrocities then Stalin had supposedly committed american soldiers massacre civilians with remote control planes in Afghanistan they napalmed entire villages in Vietnam and the have committed countless other atrocities. gabriella is a moron she is probably skinny middle class girl who knows nothing about the real world. have read of this website it will tell you the truth about Stalin.

      • Mxkied says:

        Stalin was a murderer and a POS who’s better off dead just like the rest of you commie bastards! Commies are nothing more than murdering power hungry freedom hating thugs who are a cancer to this planet!

  1. JBrenn says:

    I would wonder if he’s ever been on Pravda’s payroll…
    How does he deny the stories of brutality to the Russian peasant- and middle-classes under Stalin’s “leadership”? The Holodomor was just, what? A story to scare people into compliance with the Politburo? He’s either got an incorrect understanding of the word, “crime”, or he’s in dire need of meds to bring him back to reality.

  2. Ruth Bonnett says:

    Thank you Gabriella. We have SO much to learn from those who have left totalitarian regimes, like Alexi Torres from Cuba who lives in your great country. His statement tells it all: “Individual’s positive actions become collective achievement.” His new works can be seen in this video, spreading the message of liberty and responsibility through his works of art: I love his Einstein and wish I had enough room in my flat to hang it.

  3. Ruth Bonnett says:

    Thank you Gabriella for posting these videos. When people from totalitarian regimes leave the security and seek freedom, we could learn alot from them. People like artist Alexi Torres who left Cuba and now lives in America. He has said it best:

    “Individual’s positive actions become collective achievement.”

    He has alot to say about liberty and responsibility.

    New Video of Alexi Torres’ works

  4. Joseph says:

    Grover Furr is an excellent academic who thoroughly supports his claims with documented evidence. This is in stark contrast to those who make baseless claims about x millions being killed. He uses documents released after the fall of the Soviet Union to reach his conclusions, rather than basing his work on fanciful population projections. His work is empowering the next generation to shake off the cold war falsification of history.

    • Gabriella Hoffman says:

      So you condone the slaughter of millions of people in the Soviet Union? That’s good to know that you’re okay with gulag imprisonment and mass murders of countless people. Don’t tell me – you’re for human rights, correct? Because if that’s the case, being a Stalin apologist really hurts your case. And oh, I forgot to mention, my grandpa was one of the millions of people imprisoned, tortured, and brutalized by his time in a Soviet gulag in the Belomor Canal near the Russian-Finnish border for 18 months. We have the papers to prove it. When I read statements like yours, I cannot help but shrug at the ignorance you display. Instead of listening to crazy professors, I suggest you get your head examined and quit sipping the revisionist history.

      • Joseph says:

        I am not saying that people weren’t imprisoned, criminals are imprisoned in all states. All I am saying is that there was no persecution of innocent people, only just application of the law. All whatever documents you have will prove is that your relative was a criminal. That may not sound nice to you, but reality isn’t always a nice thing, and that is the reality.

      • Rick says:

        The only person making uneducated claims is you, Joseph. The Ukrainians and Chechnyans would love to have a word with you.

        Dr. Furr isn’t the only one to have access to the Russian archives, you know, and yet he is one of the few academics that would proclaim Stalin to be completely innocent. Even most criticizers of the huge numbers of killings claimed by other don’t believe that it never happened–they just count the number much smaller. 600,000 is the smallest claim I’ve seen of people killed under Stalin’s regime, not including war deaths, of course, this number coming from the criticizers. How could ANYONE begin to believe that not even ONE of these people was innocent, that all 600,000, taking that number as the fact, deserved to die. I find that INCREDIBLY unbelievable, whether Stalin was leading or anyone else.

        There’s no reason not to acknowledge that some bad things went on during his reign. This doesn’t say anything against socialism. I don’t think you should model your ideas of socialism on Stalin’s reign, because if socialism means being prosecuted and killed over free speech or paranoia, or having the crops that I farmed withheld from my people until we were starving, or the forced extradition, and sometimes brutalization, of an entire nation’s people, I want nothing to do with it.

      • Joseph says:

        Well Rick, as a European who gained a history degree making these very arguments with success in a bourgeois institution, I am fairly confident that the last thing my comments are is uneducated.

        Lets talk about others with access to the Russian archives shall we? How about the man appointed by Boris Yeltsin, Dimitri Volkogonov. Here was a man with every reason to exaggerate the numbers killed, yet in the years of the purges, at the apparent height of repression, he found that the archives showed 30,514 death sentences passed. This is what the archives show. The archives make redundant the work of “historians” like Conquest, Service and Solzhenitsyn.

        As for the point of innocence, of course there may have been innocent people convicted, innocent people are convicted all over the world unfortunately, because no legal system is perfect, all are flawed. But what didn’t happen was people being picked up en masse and charged with ridiculous offences. People were convicted on evidence, not a whim. It is also worth remembering that Russian historians with access to the archives, V N Zemskov, A N Dougin and O V Xlevjnikstated have calculated that the maximum number of prisoners at any time in the USSR was 2.5 million, or 2.4% of the population. This is apparently less than in the United States, I wonder how many of those may be innocent, or just poor victims of circumstance.

        It is not to say no bad things went on. It depends on your definition of bad. As a European I am very thankful for the purges. That enemies within the Soviet Union’s state apparatus were agents of German fascism, that wreckers who were preventing the industrialisation were eliminated is a good thing. It is one of the reasons I do not live under Nazi subjugation, for that I am thankful. It was not a crime for Stalin to save his country and the rest of Europe from Nazism, it was heroic.

  5. Vijay Singh says:

    Over the years I have met people who argue that their families were repressed in the Soviet Union in the Stalin. But this in no way is an argument for or against the USSR. There were many people who were unhappy with a pro-people government and who worked against it. If they transgressed the law then action was taken against them. The defence of human rights in no way means that action cannot be taken against those indulging in anti-state activity. Seventy years ago one of the greatest battles took place in Stalingrad. Victory led to the end of Hitler and his supporters. The USSR lost 27 million dead in the Second World War. The world owes a lot to the Soviet Union for defeating Hitler.

    • Rick says:

      “There were many people who were unhappy with a pro-people government and who worked against it. If they transgressed the law then action was taken against them.”

      They pretty much justifies any reason for incarceration. If the law made pudding illegal, would even 1 year in prison be justified? They transgressed the law by indulging flavorful, illegal pudding, after all. Being law =/= right.

      “The defence of human rights in no way means that action cannot be taken against those indulging in anti-state activity. ”

      It doesn’t??? You’re insane. I have the right as a human being to express myself and speak freely, whether that’s against the state or your comments on this forum. I don’t know how you can even begin to say that a state can prosecute anyone that badmouths it. That is the very essence of a dictatorship. Just put yourself in that position for a moment. You’re in a country that you believe has taken a completely wrong turn, so you speak out or try to change it. The government rounds you up, put you in a prison, forces you to confess through torture (even if the first part of this wasn’t true), and puts you to death. Not a human right? Crazy.

      And I don’t what they did in WW2. If Stalin was a vampire, would I owe him human sacrifices because they helped?

      • Joseph says:

        The Soviets fought over 80% of the Germany army. For much of the war they fought alone while the Yanks and Brits dragged their heels over opening a second front. The Soviets liberated the Jews from the camps, the Soviets liberated Eastern Europe, the Soviets stormed Berlin and forced Hitler’s suicide. So yeah well done on landing on a beach and fighting a tiny proportion of the German army for a few months in a 6 year conflict. Well done America.

      • Mxkied says:

        You’re a sad human Joseph. All that indoctrination you liberals get overseas comes through in your comments. Did you know the Soviets committed atrocities on German soldiers and civilians?? They killed children, raped women with most of the rapes resulting in death, they killed men who weren’t even fighting. They were butchers I SHOULD KNOW MY GRANDMOTHER AND GRANDFATHER ESCAPED FROM THERE!! YOU HALF BAKED DUMMY!!

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