Notable Quotables This Week: Daily Caller and POLITICO

When I’m not busy working with students or traveling, I like to use social media. Apparently my opinion is being sought after. I’m only 21 and my tweets, posts, and opinions are making waves. I am grateful for this. 

I was quoted in the Daily Caller (Majority of young people want more government, November 28, 2012) on my thoughts about the new Pew Research Poll saying young people have a favorable view of paternalistic government.

“The rise in young people embracing paternalistic government comes as no shock,” said Gabriella Hoffman, a field coordinator for the Leadership Institute, in an email to The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Most have developed contempt for free enterprise and limited government from their college professors who inject anti-free market, socialist and even Marxist views into their lectures.”

Students with non-liberal views need to fight back, or be drowned out entirely, she said.

“If students don’t expose this bias and bombard their campuses with alternative viewpoints, then more young people will become slaves to the government.”

And I got a mention in POLITICO (Right ballistic over John Boehner ‘purge’, December 5, 2012) for a tweet calling for new House Republican leadership. (This tweet is mine and POLITICO took it from my Twitter feed, so it’s not representative of the organization I work for.)

“Gabriella Hoffman of the conservative Leadership Institute offered, “We want a competent Speaker of the House, not a feckless Weeper of the House. #FireBoehner.”

I will continue to update my blog. Stay tuned!