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Gabriella Hoffman is a young conservative blogger, grassroots activist, and columnist.  She graduated from UC-San Diego in June 2012 with a B.A. in Political Science and minor in History. During her time in college, she was president of UCSD YAF, a  contributor to The California Review, and Director of College Outreach for EFSD. She also served as the Executive Assistant on The Rick Amato Show and produced the “Top Young Con of the Week” segment on KCBQ 1170.

From early on, Gabriella has championed conservatism. During her time at UCSD, she brought David Horowitz to campus May 2010, where he successfully highlighted the dangers involved in radical Islam with efforts like “Apartheid Week” and comments made by those proponents like Jumanah Albarhi. The event made national headlines, with mentions on Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. She was one of the foremost conservative activists at UC-San Diego, having interned for Young America’s Foundation at the Reagan Ranch Center in Summer 2010. During her time at UCSD, she was a regular contributor and staff member of UC-San Diego’s conservative paper, The California Review. Gabriella also served as the New Media Intern for Ann and Phelim Media, LLC.

Unlike many out there today, Gabriella attributes her conservative upbringing to her  parents – Lithuanian immigrants. Her parents have a remarkable insight into conservatism because they fled the evil empire as political refugees in 1985 and entered the U.S. legally in 1986.  They taught her to be a strong advocate for traditional values, limited government, strong national defense, and anti-Communism. As a result, she is quite the firecracker in defending her conservative beliefs against all odds.

Gabriella has spoken at several events, including Tea Party events throughout Southern California and similar gatherings. Her latest appearances were at Eagle Forum’s 18th Annual Collegian Summit in Washington, D.C. and Eagle Forum of San Diego’s “Taking Flight” Convention as a youth panelist. In April 2011, Gabriella was awarded a one-time $5,000 scholarship from the Phillips Foundation after it recognized her as a Ronald Reagan College Scholar. She was also a Production Assistant for “Landrieu Dance,” a music video directed by conservative filmmaker Christian Hartsock starring James O’Keefe. Most recently, she spoke at events sponsored by Christians United for Israel, Maryland Conservative Action Network, FreedomWorks, and BlogCon2013.

Gabriella has lent her talents to two national youth-led movements: the first being Restoring Courage U.S. (pro-Israel movement to stand with Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Courage” event) in 2011, and the second being Resistance 44 (movement to counter Generation 44) in April 2012.

Gabriella is also a columnist and blogger. Her articles have appeared on  Campus Reform, Counter CulturedGuns.com, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Times of Israel, Townhall.com, Washington Times, and Wide Open Spaces. She previously wrote for the  Washington Times Communities  under “Being Young, Conservative and Spicy,” CNSNews.com, and at Landmark Report.  Moreover, she served as an Assistant Editor for TheCollegeConservative. Gabriella was also a reporting intern for the CNS News division of the Media Research Center in Summer 2012.

She is one of fourteen co-authors of the e-book, “Young, Conservative and Why It’s Smart To Be Like Us.” (April 9, 2013.)

She’s been featured on Boston.com, The Rush Limbaugh Show, Fox News, Texas Monthly, Drudge Report, National Review, POLITICO, Twitchy, Daily Caller, HotAir, Huffington Post, Marie Claire, and The Dana Show for tweets and interviews about youth issues from a conservative perspective.

She currently works at the Leadership Institute as the Northeast Regional Field Coordinator and is based in Northern Virginia. She’s a frequent guest on NRANews’ Cam and Company Show. Gabriella maintains her own blog at www.thegabriellahoffman.com. Follow her on twitter @Gabby_Hoffman, connect with her on Instagram,and like her Facebook page.

55 thoughts on “About Gabriella

  1. Gabi says:

    Hi Gabriella! Great blog, great writing, great American-Lithuanian girl:)
    Here is our TO-DO List:
    We need to hang out more next quarter, including but not limited to, studying for Poli12, playing tennis, TFI, and maybe even CR (if I join). I hope we can collaborate in organizing projects and events promoting Israel, conservative values, etc. Over the summer we MUST hang out, plow through our reading list, and hopefully you can teach/get me caught up on the basic of how our gov’t works, the influential political figures, issues, etc.
    Other than that, I congratulate you on your blog and very much admire your ambition. Good luck with finals! See you on the 16th😉

    • conservagrl16 says:

      Gabi, you are incredibly sweet!

      Amen to our to-do list!!! But you should include Young Americans for Freedom (which is more conservative) to that list when you ca.😉
      We will promote our undying love for Israel till the end. I will so educate and inform you on politics, it’s actually not that difficult but you’ll be moved by it. And summer, yes, we have to make plans for visits, especially if I’m closer with my internship!!!

      Thank you for taking time to read my blog, I very much appreciate it!!!!! I can’t wait to see you on my birthday!!!!

      Much love, Gabriella

  2. richard davidson says:

    A federal law enforcement agency DOES NOT SHARE the intent of the law. A reply letter was made to a UCLA-RAND Law School report on the costs to business of those that do not share President Obama position “We uphold our values”. The law enforcement agency dos not investigates but somehow finds a violations of the statutes it enforces. That is predetermined judgement and discriminatory practice to investigate some and not others. This is our tax money spent on a agency that has gone beyond the intent of Congress. I would like to provide a copy of correspondence to USA Los Angeles and USA San Francisco to you and Ms. Coulter. reply to comment your interest all are treated the same. Richard

  3. Kenneth Switalski says:

    What a rarity–a conservative on an American University campus!!
    I applaud your conservative values–you have so much more support than you know!! Keep up the good work.

  4. JoeKidd says:

    I’m certain you’re playing a pivotal role in America’s Conservative Comeback.
    Thank you for all you’re doing, and take care and God Bless!
    JK and sons

  5. James says:

    This is probably the funniest satirical blog I’ve ever read. Your writing almost rivals Voltaire in quality.

  6. sex says:

    This is a terrific blog post, I found your webpage checking google for a similar subject matter and came to this. I couldnt discover to much alternative material on this piece, so it was great to discover this one. I will likely end up being returning to look at some other articles that you have another time.

  7. Jacob Gutierrez says:

    i don’t think u can write a bio about yourself that sets u in such a high and mighty stature…watching fox news since u were nine and being faced with liberal injustices? fox news has the unfortunate reputation for being the voice of the right so already ur interpretation of goings ons in the world is biased and u won’t be able to help that

    • Gabriella Hoffman says:

      Look at your writing…and then stop your venting. You have no idea who I am. I’ve accomplished more than you ever will. If I’m biased, then why does the United States uphold “biast, conservative” views then? I think you’re the one who is one-sided. You cannot face conservative viewpoints, sad for you.

      • hi says:

        Do you know who’s accomplished more than you ever will? Doctors, engineers, humanitarians – people who make positive contributions to society and the human race without being divided by party lines.

        Truth is, I agree with many of your arguments – particularly ones how higher education should be primarily based on merit. I also disagree with many of them. But what I don’t understand is how you can possibly see the world in such a black-and-white manner. You talk like America is falling to the Communists. Seriously?? It’s still a democracy. We have elections that aren’t rigged. We don’t live in fear of the government killing/exiling us or our families. Is it really the end of the world if taxes are raised so people can get health care?

        Is this really what you’re basing your entire life around – fighting to restore conservatism in America, when liberalism in America really isn’t that much different in the grand scheme of things? What about *real* dictatorships, where people’s basic human rights are actually violated and genocide actually occurs? Shouldn’t we all focus our attention there?

        But if you really want to spend your life making posters that compare the fairly elected presidents of democracies to Communist leaders, then I guess that’s fine. I have serious doubts about its true benefit for society, though.

      • Liberalboy says:

        I do like how you respond to people clearly trolling your site, and ‘blow them up’. However, when someone who is ‘level-headed’ posts on your site, you ignore it.

        How mature, or is it… spicy?

  8. Sybil says:

    Hi Gabriella! Love your postings, especially re the Sabra humus boycott. I have a few people that read the post and want to get in touch. Email me so we can discuss. Thanks!

  9. deane says:

    Hey Gabrielle,
    Did you know that the E.U. building is being built in the shape of the Tower of Babel! I saw an hour of Beck devoted to that so it must be TRUE!
    Good luck with your future career as a puppet for propagandists, which as a history major, if you actually do homework at Davis, I would hope you understand the ramifications.
    Oh, and the Tea Party now wants to save liberty and freedom by restricting the right to vote to individuals who own land only-Judson Phillips-what an awesome idea!
    You suck, water carrier.

    • Gabriella Hoffman says:

      You must not know how to read. I’m not at UC Davis, nor am I a history major.

      It’s lovely when you leftists go about your name calling, really. I think that’s your only defense.

      Sucks for you to be so short-sighted.

  10. Dan says:

    Gabriella, great post on the Action for Israel site .

    For some of the answers to your questions I turn to Pat Condell’s video tube presentations at http://www.youtube.com/user/pa….

    This ex- British comedian is a master at anti-political correctness, and he does a really fantastic job at disclosing the mostly western hypocrisy when it comes to judging Israel.

    I think that much of the double-standards stems from jealousy; how on earth does this stubborn nation survive thousands of years of persecution and still manage to develop into a technological and cultural superpower in an area where your neighbors get stoned to death for looking the wrong way. And please apologize while you are at it for all the Nobel prizes Jewish thinkers win. Bummer folks….

  11. Michael Pipkins says:

    Hello Gabriella,
    We have been (quietly) watching your blog and have determined that it would make a fine addition to our site: NewAmericanGazette.com

    If you are interested, we can feed directly from your RSS, so you don’t really have to do anything – except say that it is OK. Although, it would be nice if you could increase your RSS summary to a couple of paragraphs (instead of just a couple of lines) so that our readers have a little more meat to chew on before clicking onto your post.

    Whether you choose to join us or not – please keep up the good work.
    Michael E – Editor –

  12. Peter A. Robyn says:

    Good to meet you Gabriella!

    I am contacting you to promote HistoryStrips. I hope that you don’t mind me contacting you for this reason.

    HistoryStrips is an entrepreneurial and patriotic endeavor to help better educate Americans about our great country.

    HistoryStrips are beautifully illustrated, patriotic and 100% factually accurate timeline depictions of American history that can be displayed at home.

    Anyone who displays a HistoryStrip at home will become better educated about how we became a free country and about those who brought us our freedom.

    Please visit our website to view The Revolutionary Era 1761-1812 timeline and consider purchasing a HistoryStrip for your home.

    Also…. Thank you for the efforts that you are making to restore our country to the principles upon which our Founding Fathers established the United States of America 235 years ago. Please contact me at your earliest convenience, I’d love the opportunity to network with one of our new leaders for the next century of American freedom!

    Many thanks!


    Peter A. Robyn


    Article published in the NY Times, this past December 7th, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day:

  13. Dave Kayes says:

    This blog seems to get a good ammount of visitors. How do you promote it? It gives a nice unique twist on things. I guess having something real or substantial to talk about is the most important factor.

  14. Bato Bantelis says:

    I am glad to see a few standing up against the unjust vilification of other people based on sweeping statements founded on no present, historical, nor substantial facts…
    Israel is one example of this victim… because they only wanted to claim what was their own thousand of yeas ago!…

    You can read my responses on these issues, on Yahoo News comments!…
    This is batobantelis@yahoo.com

  15. Saku Mättö says:

    Hi Gabriella,
    I look at matters from a European viewpoint and I find it to be beneficial to all parties concerned to find common ground rather than push one’s own point to the max. What’s your take on this?
    Saku (Helsinki, Finland)

  16. erinannie17 says:

    I would love to invite you to review a new novel featuring a young Republican woman who works in the media in Washington, DC. How can I reach you?
    My email is mcbridemarketing at gmail

  17. concretebob says:

    Welcome to Virginia, young Lady. I have some very good friends who started at LI. I run the DC Chapter of Protest Warrior and a small non-profit called Cooking with the Troops. I hope you can join us at one our events at Ft Belvoir, Bethesda, and The Tank Farm in 2013. Check us out at cwtt.org or Facebook. If there is anything any of us can do to aid in your transition to the Right Coast, please don’t hesitate to ask. susankatzkeating.com is our NOVA POC. You may be a candidate for our Gang of Reprobates and we can most asuredly cook you a Welcome to the South meal.

    Good luck at LI. They do God’s work, IMHO.

    Bob Miller

  18. Conservative Carnifex says:

    Because when you want a political blog full of wisdom and insight… you seek it from a just-out-of-college kid with no life experience, no wisdom, and an admitted enviromentally-skewed world by parents who failed to teach her right from wrong, or hate from compassion.

    Look at the background here to see the hypocrisy: (1) “Oust All 30+ Czars Now!” What of Bush’s Czars? He had more, yet… silence. “Support Freedom! Reject Obama!” Yet, not a single “freedom” can be listed as lost (since it’s a fact not a one has been under his administration).

    Yes, yes… SHE didn’t write those signs, so it’s not her fault. Of course, you can see in her listing of “accomplishments” (if you could call them that) many of her heroes, most of whom are known seditionists, racists, bigots, xenophobes, or outright insane (like Glenn Beck, who was chased off the airwaves for his everyday examples of anti-American beliefs.)

    As to those praising Gabby for her revival of the conservative movement? You should be upset at her… after all, as of (2)February 21, 2013 only 22% of Americans identify as Republican- a near historical low. The same article shows Americans currently favor the President’s plans in all major issues facing the nation. Oops! Conservatism is dying, as it should, being an ideology that clings to the past, with its outdated ideals and alternate reality vision of the world.

    Such a sad waste of a young woman’s life, pushing messages of hatred, exclusion, and wishing actively for the deaths of so many Americans by rejecting their rights through the hateful beliefs and policies pursued by conservatives. After all, you can’t claim to love America when you want to (3) return to murdering 45,000 Americans each year from lack of health insurance by repealing Obamacare.

    (1) http://www.factcheck.org/2009/09/czar-search/
    (2) http://t.co/M1Uf5PhVDv
    (3) http://t.co/rizS5hDO (bullet point)

  19. Keith Stompro says:

    OUTSTANDING, Gabriella. You are a role model for all “dumbed down” Americans who don’t realize the importance of preserving our freedoms via the conservative enforcement of the U.S. Constitution.

  20. Argus says:

    Why be ‘conservative’? Why not look at the issues objectively (if that’s at all possible these days) from the viewpoint of a decent human being, and make your decisions from a perspective of Humanity and Justice?

    Educated and devoted you undoubtedly are but I have to agree with the comment above. As a New Zealander far removed from the issues I’d say that the American Empires needs more like you. Sadly.

  21. Bruce (@Stemic09) says:

    Thought you’d like to know you’re not alone in the immigrant department. Nazis invaded Germany, then invaded the Sudenland (my family’s home) we fled to Argentina. I couldn’t tolerate the political climate there and LEGALLY immigrated to the USA.

    This is my home. I will not tolerate “bullying” on the part the Left. I saw this behavior in South America. Trust me when I say that Socialism is NOT the answer. It is the destroyer of individualism and accomplishment.

    It is so regrettable that so many don’t understand the propaganda principle of Die Grosse Luge, or Big Lie.

    Thank you for scrutinizing so many statements made by so few and so often. Never relinquish that right.


  22. DaPoet says:

    Having compared the actions of conservatives with their own words it has become increasing clear to me – down through the years – that conservatives are just as morally depraved and dishonest as the liberals they oppose.

  23. Peggy says:

    Hi Gabriella,

    I was looking forward to discussing talking points regarding raising the minimum wage, but the comments are closed. Was this intentional? You said discuss below:)

  24. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert says:

    I am a conservative Irish Brit, basically now (at 64) a retired Anglican priest/presbyter, though I still do hospital chaplain work in the OC. I am an old “theolog” (with two doctorates, I lived and taught in Israel in the latter 90’s, after serving in Gulf War I), but I am also a retired RMC, that’s a Royal Marine Commando (officer, intell & recon). Yes, I live now with my wife in the SoCal, she too is a Brit. We have two young grown son’s, both born in my 40’s.

    There are very few of us conservative Brit’s sadly, note the antithesis in people like the theolog NT Wright, who love to come to the US and try to tell Americans how to live, and also how to believe the Bible, UGH! Let’s send him packing, and back to his liberal so-called “Open Evangelicalism” (a liberal British thing).

    Anyway rock on Ms Hoffman!

  25. Tyler Cashiola says:

    Hi Gabriella,

    I’m the associate editor of Absolute Rights. I’m looking for contributing writers and based off of your voice and activity within our community, I think we would work well together.

    At Absolute Rights, our mission is dedicated to preserving American citizen’s liberty and their constitutional rights. I’m positive that you have what it takes to help us out!

    As a contributing writer, you would have the opportunity to reach an active and engaged audience, with significant exposure for your writing and blog.

    I’d love to discuss the opportunity to share your content on the Absolute Rights site. We already have a talented network of contributors and want to explore how we could help you get noticed also.

    I’d like to thank you for your time; I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Tyler A. Cashiola
    Associate Editor — Absolute Rights

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