Winning: More Lithuanians Are Purchasing Guns for Self-Defense

You might be thinking, Why should I care about people in Eastern Europe buying more guns for self-defense? Let me tell you why: These people, with whom I share a similar heritage, realize that gun control will lead their country into disarray and tyranny that once befell the nation during Soviet times.

Here’s more about the trend from Lithuanian Tribune:

Audrius Čiupaila, the head of the licensing division of the Public Police Board under the Police Department, said the number of weapons bought between March and October went up by 7 percent year-on-year.

In his words, the gun arsenal owned by Lithuanian citizens increases by 3,000-4,000 various weapons every year.

People in the country currently own over 100,000 various pistols, revolvers and different shotguns. Some of them are highly spectacular guns that can be used for more than just self-defence, sports or hunting, but also for a guerrilla war.

Compared to the United States, most of Europe has strict laws against gun ownership or boasts laws that prohibit concealed carry. Lithuanian gun laws are quite restrictive as they’re regulated by the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy, the Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior, the Customs Department under the Ministry of Finance, and the Weaponry Fund of the Republic of Lithuania, and the European Commission. (Yikes!) However, Lithuanians may privately own semi-automatic firearms and handguns with a permit.

Compared to the U.S., Lithuanians must present a reason to purchase a gun as ordained by the Holder’s Right to Acquire and Possess Weapons and Ammunition Law of 2002. Its provisions are outlined below:

1. Permanent residents of the Republic of Lithuania and legal persons registered in the Republic of Lithuania may acquire and keep weapons, ammunition for the following purposes:
1) hunting;
2) sports;
3) self-defence;
4) professional activities;
5) collection;
6) training;
7) scientific research;
8) other purposes, if they are in conformity with laws and international agreements and treaties.

2. Permanent residents of the Republic of Lithuania and legal persons registered in the Republic of Lithuania shall have the right to acquire ammunition for weapons which they are entitled to possess.

Unlike the U.S., Lithuania doesn’t permit open carry or conceal carry in public. Their age requirements are different, as well. Under ‘Requirements for Permanent Residents of the Republic of Lithuania, Legal Persons Registered in the Republic of Lithuania in Order to Acquire and Possess Arms and Ammunition of Certain Categories or Types’, these requirements must be met in order for citizens to acquire a handgun or semi-automatic firearm:

2. Long firearms with rifled barrels classified in Categories B and C, and cartridges for them may be acquired and possessed by permanent residents of the Republic of Lithuania who are at least 21 years of age, have a valid hunter’s licence and at least 3 years of hunting experience, as well as by legal persons, having a licence to hire weapons, upon having obtained a permit.

3. Long firearms with smooth-bore barrels, pneumatic weapons, archery weapons classified in Categories B and C, their ammunition may be acquired and possessed by permanent residents of the Republic of Lithuania who are at least 18 years of age, have a valid hunter’s licence, as well as by legal persons, having a licence to hire weapons, upon having obtained a permit.

4. Weapons classified in Categories B and C, and their ammunition may be acquired and possessed by permanent residents of the Republic of Lithuania who are at least 16 years of age – members of shooting sports organisations, as well as by legal persons, upon having obtained a permit.

5. Short firearms classified in Categories B and C for self-defence, cartridges for them may be acquired and possessed by permanent residents of the Republic of Lithuania who are at least 23 years of age, upon having passed an examination and obtained a permit.

6. Long firearms with smooth-bore barrels classified in Categories B and C, cartridges for them for self-defence may be acquired and possessed by permanent residents of the Republic of Lithuania who are at least 18 years of age, upon having passed an examination and obtained a permit.

7. Weapons classified in Categories B and C, their cartridges for the purpose of professional activities may be acquired and possessed by natural persons and legal persons registered in the Republic of Lithuania, upon having obtained a permit. The said weapons may be carried by permanent residents of the Republic of Lithuania who are at least 21 years of age – employees of legal persons registered in the Republic of Lithuania, upon having passed an examination and obtained a permit. Automatic firearms, ammunition for them may, upon having obtained a permit, be acquired and possessed by the Bank of Lithuania; the said weapons may, in the course of official duties, be carried by employees of the Bank of Lithuania – permanent residents of the Republic of Lithuania who are at least 21 years of age, upon having passed an examination and obtained a permit.

Though gun laws in my ancestral homeland are quite restrictive compared to American gun laws, particularly that of my adopted home state Virginia, it’s encouraging to see more Lithuanians keep and bear arms. The Soviet tried to put a muzzle on Lithuanians with gun control before. Let’s hope Lithuanians and others in Eastern Europe take matters into their own hands to prevent tyranny from rearing its ugly head again in the region.


Bolsheviks and Tea Partiers Have NOTHING in Common

Julia Ioffe of the New Republic wrote an article suggesting that President Obama dissolve Congress like Boris Yeltsin “did” in October 1993 . (I plan to expound on Russian presidents and their tyrannical predecessors down the road.)

She writes:

Well, Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s first democratically elected president, was once faced with a similar situation exactly 20 years ago, in October 1993. The parliament, then called the Supreme Soviet, was increasingly against Yeltsin’s neoliberal economic reforms (suggested to him by young Western advisors like Jeffrey Sachs). On one hand, these reforms freed up the old Soviet command economy. On the other, they drove the country into chaos and violence, and left tens of millions impoverished, their savings nullified by skyrocketing inflation. The parliament, dominated by old Soviet conservatives, was increasingly against these reforms and refused to confirm Yeltsin’s key economic advisor. Yeltsin held a national referendum, a sort of national vote of confidence, which he won, and used it as a justification for what he did next.

Ioffe then tweeted the following:


Ioffe, who oddly enough was born in Russia and later immigrated here to the U.S. in 1990, should be ashamed for comparing Bolshevism to the Tea Party movement inset in American conservatism. Sadly, her post and tweet suggest that she’s ignorant of the Soviet history that befell her homeland.

Let me offer a few corrections to her claim.

1) The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was a bloody, undemocratic coup d’etat that lead to the rise of brutal dictators, or rather terrorists, Vladimir Lenin and later Joseph Stalin.
2) Bolsheviks (bolshoi, bolshe = ‘big’ in Russian) had a majority and succeeded in carrying out their bloody reign by eliminating the countless other parties in the Duma (Russian parliament)
3) The so-called Tea Party faction in the GOP (thankful it exists) is by no means a “majority” nor does it achieve its goal through murder or seizing full control of people’s lives via the government. It seeks to DEMOCRATICALLY elect people into office and frame a discussion on the value of American free enterprise.
4) Bolsheviks were proponents of Marxist-Leninism, which espouses full government control. Tea Partiers believe in constitutionally limited government.

As a Tea Partier and as someone whose family escaped the USSR, I always stress the importance of teaching the truth about the Soviet Union – not the revisionist wet dream glorifying Lenin and Uncle Joe. Millions of people died under the Bolshevik Revolution and later under Stalin’s reign of terror.

Simply put, Ioffe’s comments are asinine.

My goal is to bring light to the horrors and errors inset in Soviet communism and other Marxist revolutions. This will come with further reading and examination into the subject. Thanks to my family history and natural curiosity to counter the Left’s lies about this subject, I plan to fulfill this goal.

Too many young people have been lied to and deceived about the brutal reality of Soviet communism. We can’t allow revisionist history to deceive any longer.

[Note: Twitchy highlighted some tweets, including two of mine, in response to Ioffe’s tweet.]

Occupy Wall Street Hooligans Bring Socialist Movement to San Diego October 7

It was brought to my attention that some here in San Diego–namely socialists and communists–are bringing the “Occupy Wall Street” movement to San Diego, California, this October 7th,2011.

Here is a video about the Occupy San Diego gathering:

This movement aims to overthrow capitalism in exchange for some “beautiful” alternative. No matter how many times we probe these people, they fail to offer an alternative to capitalism…

Undoubtedly, these hypocrites reap the benefits of capitalism and simultaneously want to destroy it. (Irony much?) Instead, they look to socialism for an answer. Both socialism and its ugly cousin communism are defined by collective farms, redistribution of wealth, poverty, pogroms, and nonexistent human rights.  Is this the alternative they seek?

The corporatists in Wall Street–who are sympathetic to crony capitalism, not free market enterprise–are to blame for our nation’s financial woes. Interestingly enough, these protesters have no complaints about them or their ties to the Obama Administration. Nevertheless, these Occupy Wall Street hooligans routinely blame capitalism  for their problems.

Why do people continue to dismiss history? Look at Nazi Germany, the former USSR, Vietnam, Cuba, and similar nations. Communism and socialism do not work. They reduce(d) people to human debris.

My parents endured communism and later escaped the former USSR. They came here to escape brutal conditions found in their former homeland. My mom–a devout Catholic–could not openly practice her religion. Similarly, my dad was subjugated to institutionalized anti-Semitism. Capitalism in America was the only system that could ensure their freedom.

The question beckons: if communism and socialism were so beautiful, why did my parents and other Soviet refuseniks/political refugees leave?

People need to think twice about socialism before demanding it here in America. Pay attention to the Obama Administration’s socialist programs being shoved down our throats.

WaPo Writer Stoops to New Low, Accuses Glenn Beck of Being “Anti-Semitic”

Glenn Beck at Restoring Honor

Image by TalkMediaNews via Flickr

Every loyal Glenn Beck viewer knows he is the farthest thing from an anti-Semite.

Nevertheless, the MSM continues to spin the narrative that Beck hates Jews and Israel.

The Washington Compost…err, Washington Post, featured scathing drivel from Dana Milbank, who has a penchant for spewing venom on the likes of Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party Movement.

His latest attack on Glenn Beck alleges that he is  a “Jew-loving, anti-Semite.” He lamented Senator Joe Lieberman’s (I-CT) decision to join Glenn Beck at his “Restoring Courage” event in Jerusalem this August:

Lieberman, who knew Beck back when he was a morning DJ in New Haven, may have missed some of the broadcaster’s recent feats: hosting a guest on his show who describes as “accurate” the anti-Semitic tract “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”; likening Reform rabbis to “radicalized Islam”; calling Holocaust survivor George Soros a “puppet master,” a bloodsucker and a Nazi collaborator; touting the work of a Nazi sympathizer who referred to Eisenhower as “Ike the Kike”; and claiming the Jews killed Jesus.

According to this columnist, Glenn Beck is merely a ‘creature’, not a man. God forbid a conservative reaches out to Democrats and independents to stand with Israel! (Leftist brouhaha at its finest.)

The following is simply ludicrous:

I admire Lieberman, and I’ve defended him over the years when he defied party and faction. But if he shares a stage with this creature, he will surrender the decency that has defined his public life.

Beck appropriately lashed back at Milbank with the following from the The Blaze:

On his radio show Monday, Beck unleashed on the Washington Post for its “smears” and for “propping up lies.” Not only did he point out that he’s received the “defender of Israel award” from the Zionist organization of America — an honor previously bestowed upon the likes of Joe Biden, Tom DeLay, and even Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — but he also used a bit of historical evidence.

 Indeed, George Soros surrendered Jews to Nazis. To deny such makes one guilty by association.

Self-hating Jews and their apologists should be scrutinized, not Glenn Beck. (As a pro-Israel half-Jew and Glenn Beck fan, these people do not speak for me, for his fans, or for other pro-Israel advocates.)

Enough of these people getting away with this smear campaign. I hope that Mr. Beck pursues legal action against Milbank for defamation. The truth will persevere, and Glenn Beck will continue to stand tall and be courageous.

To bury the hatchet, let me humor you with the following: If Glenn Beck is a “Jew-loving, anti-Semite”, then I might as well be a “Nazi-loving, anti-communist”!  (Crying anti-Semitism v. Glenn Beck is illusory and nonsensical. It’s like claiming my deeply-rooted, anti-communist conservatism is based on love of Nazism and Marxist-Leninism. It just doesn’t make sense.)

Americans for Prosperity California to Counter CTA May 13 in San Diego

Americans for Prosperity California is having a counter rally to the California Teachers Association, one of the largest and most corrupt unions in all of the state.  This rally is being held to object demands for more taxes by union thugs.

Everyone in California is encouraged to go. It’s tomorrow, May 13th, in San Diego from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Americans for Prosperity California lays out the details below on Facebook:

Tell the Teacher’s Unions Enough is Enough! Join with Americans for Prosperity, The Republican Party of San Diego County, Orange County Republican Party, Radio Host Chip Franklin, Radio Host Mike Slater,, California Young Republican Federation (partial list), and taxpayers from throughout southern California at a counter rally to the union cry for more taxes. Tell them to stop using our children to oppose reform.

BRING: Homemade RESPECTFUL signs opposing tax increases, supporting reform, etc.
RSVP: Facebook, email or call (805) 229-1117

Since parking is difficult at the Embarcadero, AFP will be organizing shuttles from Park and Ride locations – you will need to email the above address for a location and pick up time.

Eagle Forum’s “Taking Flight” Convention to Storm San Diego

I am pleased to announce that our Eagle Forum State Convention is underway! See details below:

To purchase your ticket/hotel stay at the Town and Country in San Diego, click here.

To learn more about the speakers, click here.

To learn more about San Diego Eagle Forum, click here.



June 10-11, 2011
KEYNOTE SPEAKER (Schedule Pending)



President John “Woody” Woodrum


This California State Convention is for those Tea Partiers and all Liberty Group members who want to renew their purpose, strengthen their courage, and solidify and unify their group. Thus empowered, they can soldier on with the sure confidence that they will support candidates who will win, thereby changing the course of California’s history. For child care information click here

This California State Convention is also for conservative political candidates who lost their elections last year; as well as for those who want to serve the public but have never run for office before. We also welcome all currently elected officials and thank them for their service to our city, our county, our state, and our nation.
Radio Rock Star RICK AMATO Emcees!!
(Schedule Pending)
Bob Basso, portraying Patriot Tom Paine!
(Bob appears at more than 400 tea parties a year! Hear what’s going on in the rest of America kept secret by the lame stream media)
TAKING FLIGHT!!! – TAKING BACK AMERICA IN 2012 – Let’s finish the job!!!

To all conservative political candidates, elected officials, and those who may volunteer to serve in their campaigns, welcome.


To Finish the Job in 2012! (includes lunch)

Former Chair Armed Services
Visit his website here

JAMES O’KEEFE Video Journalist AKA “Acorn Pimp”, NPR, Planned Parenthood) – Principles of Video Journalism can help your campaign
GREGG JACKSON – Author, “Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies” Answering the question, “How can you tell when a liberal is lying?”
BILL WHITTLEPAJAMAS TV Political/Social Pundit
DRAN REESE Director, Salt & Light Council
How Values Voters will influence the Elections
BRAD DACUS, Esq – Founder – Lead Attorney Pacific Justice Institute
Legal news the mainstreams won’t tell  you

MARIE WALDRONDeputy Mayor, City Council Member, City of Escondido, CA
GABRIELLA HOFFMANCollege Conservatives – Getting the youth involved

The LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE – Robert Arnakis demystifies the Political Campaign so you can W-I-N!




June 10-11, 2011
Town & Country Hotel
500 Hotel Circle N.

San Diego, California



Friday, June 10, 2011 – 8:00am – 5:00pm The prestigious Leadership Institute, founded by Morton Blackwell, of Arlington, VA, comes to San Diego to kick-start your campaign! Lunch/materials included in cost.

Friday, June 10, 2011 – 6:30pm- 9:00pm– Dinner with the (Political) STARS! Rick Amato Emcees – Tom Paine gives us an All-American pep talk! – Keynote Speaker to be announced

Saturday, June 11, 2011 – 8:00am-9:00am – Check-in and Registration at the door
9:00am – 11:45am – Speakers, Presentations, and Introduction of our Sponsors
12:00pm – 1:00pm – Lunch with Rep. Duncan Hunter, (Ret), Rep. Duncan D. Hunter, and  Bob Basso, the actor who portrays Tom Paine
1:15pm – 5:00pm –  More speakers and election/campaign training

Break-Out Sessions Throughout the day – (Included in cost)
Sessions include:
James O’Keefe and Christian Hartsook – How Video Journalism Can Benefit Your Campaign
Meredith Dake – Social Networking is a Must! Learn Facebook, Twitter, etc
Gabriella Hoffman – Getting the college-age voters and candidates involved
Leadership Institute – Campaign Fund-Raising






4 WAYS!!!
@Banner $50.00 & Wall Space $50.00|Banner only – $50.00|Wall space only – $50.00



For Banners and Flipping Logos: Dran Reese
For Programs: Julio
For Wall Space and Vendor Tables: Woody:

Make checks payable to “Eagle Forum San Diego” and mail to:
Eagle Forum San Diego | 1666 Garnet Ave #311 | San Diego, CA 92109







You can send checks payable to
“Eagle Forum San Diego”
and mail to:
Eagle Forum San Diego
1666 Garnet Ave #311
San Diego, CA 92109
For pre-registration, call John “Woody” Woodrum at (858) 652-9528
and leave a message telling him you sent a check. We’ll put you on the list!

Town & Country Hotel special Eagle Forum Convention rates:

~ Single rooms are $111.38 (tax included)

~ Double rooms are $122.63(tax included)

~ Special parking rate of $6.00 all day


When you register, be sure to mention that you’re attending the Eagle Forum State Convention, and get your special discounts!

CALLING ALL CONSERVATIVE PARENTS! Would you come if you can get bonded, licensed child care and security while you’re at the Convention? Start teaching your children now so their generation will carry on your values.
Contact Woody at and let us help.
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(After the Convention, of course)


WHY SAN DIEGO? Let us count the ways….
1 – The World-Famous San Diego Zoo!
2 – The Family’s choice: Legoland

3 – Aviation History! The San Diego Aerospace Museum
4 – Go WILD! At the San Diego Wild Animal Park!
5- Let’s Golf! Find a course at

6- Try Sportfishing! No tall tales needed!

7 – Take a peaceful stroll through stunning Balboa Park
8 – How about those San Diego Chargers!

9 – Not to be outdone – San Diego Padres!

10 – And why are we in San Diego…the BEACHES!!!!

11 – World-renown apple pies…a mountain retreat… Julian

12 – For lovers of Turandot, Carmen, Faust and Der Rosenkavalier… San Diego Opera!

13- Hey, car guys (and gals) – Cruising’ Grand in Escondido Break out your Cobra, Corvette, GTO, etc…
14 – You like IMAX? The best theater is at the
Reuben H. Fleet  Space Center
15 – And who can forget Shamu? Sea World

For more information about Beautiful, FUN San Diego, click here

San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau

A portion of your registration fees will go to a scholarship fund for Eagle Forum Collegians


Must-See Video: Wall of Lies Will Combat MSA on Campus

Horowitz Freedom Center unveiled its Palestinian “Wall of Lies” several months ago for students to display on campus during “Israel Apartheid Week” this year.

Here is the promo video detailing the disturbing nature of that crazy week:

According to the Wall of Lies website, these are the schools that have jumped on board this effort:

These are the schools where campus organizations have signed up to participate in our campaign by either hosting film screenings, a speaker, displaying the Wall of Lies, or a combination of all three.  (note – while there are Israel Apartheid Weeks going on at some of these schools, this list refers to the schools that we are working with to promote the truth about the middle east conflict and is not indicative of all the anti-Israel activity on campus.) :

Bowdoin College

Brandeis University

Brooklyn College



Florida Atlantic University

Michigan State University

Penn State University

Rutgers University

UC Irvine


UNC – Chapel Hill

University of Pennsylvania


Yeshiva University

YOU can host a “Wall of Lies” on your university! Contact Jeffrey Wiener of Horowitz Freedom Center at 818-849-3470 ext 206 to learn how you can get involved and repel the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine this Spring!