Expose the Intolerance of the ‘Tolerance’ Crowd

“What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other’s folly – that is the first law of nature.” -Voltaire

There has been a lot of discussion about tolerance recently. The mouthpieces of the “tolerance” crowd suggest that if we don’t accept gay marriage or leftist views, we should be condemned to hell, ostracism, IRS targeting, or lawsuits, to name a few. Two recent examples come to mind. Two gay businessmen invited Senator Ted Cruz for a campaign event only to condemn him afterwards for his so-called “bigoted views” after many in the militant gay “rights” movement threatened to boycott their businesses. (Pretty pathetic, right?) Funny how we must submit to same-sex marriage but can’t have our views respected. (Tyranny never sounded so delicious!) The second example is Sweet Cakes Bakery in Oregon. The persecution of its owners, Aaron and Melissa Klein, is not new, however. They’re Christian bakers who were forced to close shop after same-sex marriage activists bullied their business into submission and subsequent closure. One lesbian couple even suggested their refusing to make them a cake was “mental rape.” (What a lofty, deluded accusation–and an offense to rape victims everywhere.) Free association is protected under the First Amendment. Christian bakers have every right to refuse service as gay bakers do, and vice versa.

The beauty of living in the United States is we enjoy boundless freedoms, especially free association and free expression under the First Amendment. Sadly, those who comprise the “thought police” under the guise of “tolerance” are eager to suppress alternative view points. It’s rather pathetic to see the rise of petulant children masquerading as adults who inject statism into discourse. For example, we hear and witness the following: “I don’t like your views, so I’m going to sue the pants off of you!” What are we becoming? The former Soviet Union? This stuff is getting ridiculous, especially with the media and government bureaucrats juicing people up through class warfare rhetoric.

Tolerance is a two-way street. Practice mutual respect, but don’t feel obligated to change your views to please someone. That’s cowardice. [Yes, you can hold a view and be civil with someone who disagrees with it! Imagine that?] Be kind unto others. [Many on the Left have yet to perfect this art.] Engage in dialogue respectfully. [If someone exudes immaturity and vapid qualities, forget it and move on. Don’t focus on the frivolous things in life.]

Be a good steward of freedom. Regardless of your position of the legal definition of marriage, encourage support for the First Amendment. Dissent is a beautiful thing!

What are your thoughts? Weigh in below. Be respectful or else…

Saying Children Deserve a Mother and a Father is Bigotry?

Who knew that saying kids fare better with a mother and a father is a dangerous, bigoted concept?

Apparently tweeting support for natural marriage is hate-filled, unadulterated, and dangerous.

Case in point:

Disclosure: I support marriage between a man and a woman. (Gasp!) Anyone who’s known me since my high school days knows that I’ve held this view and don’t plan to change it. Religion isn’t telling me to believe this; I’ve done my own research, reading, and thinking to conclude this. If you disagree with these views, that’s perfectly fine. We have a beautiful right called the First Amendment. You’re entitled to your opinion, as I am entitled to mine. Respectful disagreement is perfectly acceptable. However, when you start painting mere disagreement of views as “bigotry” or “discriminatory,” I, like so many others, can’t take you seriously. How does reducing the exchange of ideas to ad hominem attacks encourage dialogue and strengthen our society? It doesn’t. You look foolish and desperate. Additionally, how do these people suppose they suppress our “dangerous, bigoted” thoughts? Implanting a microchip into our brains? Asking the NSA to spy on us? Bolshevized re-education? Sending the IRS on us?

Asking government to ban or discourage alternative views is not the solution. We’ve become so desensitized as a society that every conservative, anti-big government, religious, or pro-free market view is now perceived as racist, bigoted, and discriminatory. This is ridiculous.

Voltaire said, “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” Be good stewards of freedom and discourse, not lackeys of statism and tyranny.

James O’Keefe Unveils Fifth Video in “To Catch a Journalist” Series

Here’s the latest video from Project Veritas:

After stirring the hornet’s nest of the “Ivory Tower” media world, and being attacked regularly for hit, Project Veritas brings you Part V in our series, To Catch a Journalist.

This latest release brings our investigation full circle.

Last month, this series was criticized — before its release — by Sam Stein of the Huffington Post.  He assumed we came up empty in our questions posed to a progressive “think tank” in Ohio . . . but we didn’t.

To Catch a Journalist: Rutgers Education Professor in Pay-for-Play

Occupy Wall Street Hooligans Bring Socialist Movement to San Diego October 7

It was brought to my attention that some here in San Diego–namely socialists and communists–are bringing the “Occupy Wall Street” movement to San Diego, California, this October 7th,2011.

Here is a video about the Occupy San Diego gathering:

This movement aims to overthrow capitalism in exchange for some “beautiful” alternative. No matter how many times we probe these people, they fail to offer an alternative to capitalism…

Undoubtedly, these hypocrites reap the benefits of capitalism and simultaneously want to destroy it. (Irony much?) Instead, they look to socialism for an answer. Both socialism and its ugly cousin communism are defined by collective farms, redistribution of wealth, poverty, pogroms, and nonexistent human rights.  Is this the alternative they seek?

The corporatists in Wall Street–who are sympathetic to crony capitalism, not free market enterprise–are to blame for our nation’s financial woes. Interestingly enough, these protesters have no complaints about them or their ties to the Obama Administration. Nevertheless, these Occupy Wall Street hooligans routinely blame capitalism  for their problems.

Why do people continue to dismiss history? Look at Nazi Germany, the former USSR, Vietnam, Cuba, and similar nations. Communism and socialism do not work. They reduce(d) people to human debris.

My parents endured communism and later escaped the former USSR. They came here to escape brutal conditions found in their former homeland. My mom–a devout Catholic–could not openly practice her religion. Similarly, my dad was subjugated to institutionalized anti-Semitism. Capitalism in America was the only system that could ensure their freedom.

The question beckons: if communism and socialism were so beautiful, why did my parents and other Soviet refuseniks/political refugees leave?

People need to think twice about socialism before demanding it here in America. Pay attention to the Obama Administration’s socialist programs being shoved down our throats.

Get REAL Alternative Speakers, Not Trash, To Speak at Rutgers

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi at an appear...

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We’ve all heard the ruckus about Jersey Shore‘s Snooki and her ludicrous speech fee. Polizzi’s recent speaking engagement (wait, she can speak in complete sentences and has something intelligent to say?) at Rutgers University in New Jersey caused a stir and angered many people there.

Apparently, $32, 000 in student fees (ahem, codeword for your tax dollars) were set aside for this MTV-glossed powder puff to talk about GTL, smushing, and late-night hookups. Here’s what 32K is worth: “Study hard, party harder.”

Doug Giles sets the record straight with his latest article on Townhall.com:

Well, mom and dad (who are still worth their salt), you now can officially scratch Rutgers off the list of colleges to visit this summer with your high schooler. The kicker in this hellish scenario is that this over-tanned hobbit with the morals of a drunken alley cat and the brainpower of a hockey puck got two grand more than Nobel-winning author Toni Morrison will be getting for her commencement address at Rutgers U later this year. I’ve got two words for this misappropriation of funds: Revelation Eighteen.

Greg Gutfeld‘s humorous take on the Rutger brouhaha is shown below:

While Greg points out that Snooki is “harmless,”  those dismayed by Paul Krugman, Bill Clinton, Van Jones, communists/Marxists, and socialists should get conservative speakers from YAF. The speakers bureau includes Ann Coulter, Ben Stein, Michael Reagan, Dinesh D’Souza, Michelle Malkin, Jason Mattera, Doug Giles, David Horowitz, Ann McElhinney, Steve Forbes, and many more! Here from real intellectuals, not incompetent noobs.

Must-See Video: Wall of Lies Will Combat MSA on Campus

Horowitz Freedom Center unveiled its Palestinian “Wall of Lies” several months ago for students to display on campus during “Israel Apartheid Week” this year.

Here is the promo video detailing the disturbing nature of that crazy week:

According to the Wall of Lies website, these are the schools that have jumped on board this effort:

These are the schools where campus organizations have signed up to participate in our campaign by either hosting film screenings, a speaker, displaying the Wall of Lies, or a combination of all three.  (note – while there are Israel Apartheid Weeks going on at some of these schools, this list refers to the schools that we are working with to promote the truth about the middle east conflict and is not indicative of all the anti-Israel activity on campus.) :

Bowdoin College

Brandeis University

Brooklyn College



Florida Atlantic University

Michigan State University

Penn State University

Rutgers University

UC Irvine


UNC – Chapel Hill

University of Pennsylvania


Yeshiva University

YOU can host a “Wall of Lies” on your university! Contact Jeffrey Wiener of Horowitz Freedom Center at 818-849-3470 ext 206 to learn how you can get involved and repel the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine this Spring!