Why I’m Proud To Have Voted For Ted Cruz in Virginia

This post is a tad belated, but I wanted to communicate my thoughts on the state of the GOP race and the rise of Cruz as the viable ant-Trump candidate.

I am by no means an expert nor should you trust everything I say. I’m almost 25 after all. However, a lot of people have told me I have some sway over my fellow Millennials, so perhaps my political musings mean something–especially for those tossing between Trump and Cruz.

Last Tuesday marked Super Tuesday in Virginia and 12 other states. While Trump won seven of the contests, Cruz came out with three victories–Texas, Oklahoma, and Alaska. Yesterday, Cruz added Kansas and Maine to his victories while narrowly losing in Kentucky and Louisiana last night on Super Saturday. Since Super Tuesday, Marco Rubio has only won Minnesota and Kasich has yet to win a state–banking on Michigan this Tuesday and Ohio the following Tuesday. Ben Carson dropped out this week–helping to winnow the field.

Up until 2012, I voted in California. I held my nose for Mitt Romney by sending in my absentee ballot that year after moving to Virginia. The last vote I was proud to cast in recent memory was that for Ken Cuccinelli’s 2013 gubernatorial bid here in Virginia.  I’m glad my vote means something here in the Commonwealth, despite Cruz placing third here.

Last Tuesday, my family and I proudly voted for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)–as I pledged to do so back in September 2015. I’m confident he’s the right choice and right man for the job. There are many reasons why I voted for Cruz, but this simple thing compelled me the most: his anti-communist, liberty-minded family background makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Although Cruz didn’t have the best showing here in Virginia, I’m very glad my parents, sister and I cast our vote for him in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Why did I go with Cruz? I outlined my support for him back in September from three points: consistency, likability/approachability, and youthfulness.

What I wrote about him in relation to consistency:

Cruz has proven time and time again he’s not a campaign conservative. From his 21-hour speech on the Senate floor calling for the full defunding of Obamacare to fighting amnesty to defending the right-to-life, among many things, Cruz has valiantly fought for Americans in this sacred chamber. He’s even stood up to leadership in our party when they strayed or they supported bills contrary to our values. In his book A Time for Truth: Reigniting the Promise of America, Senator Cruz writes how he stood up for conservative values prior to his tenure in the U.S. Senate in college, in law school, as a G.W. Bush administration staffer, and as solicitor general of Texas.

What I wrote about him in relation to likability:

Senator Cruz may be Ivy League educated, but he’s the farthest thing from an elitist. In fact, he’s someone you can grab a burger with — especially if you like White Castle burgers.

What I wrote about him in relation to youth appeal/pop culture:

Millennials are tired of politics-as-usual and are looking for a leader unafraid to buck the status quo. Senator Cruz’s critique of both Democrats and Republicans will especially resonate with disillusioned Millennials — but carry actual substance and weight unlike the candidacies of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

Many bloggers are suggesting it’s time for Rubio to drop out and endorse Cruz to ensure a Cruz-Rubio ticket.  (And I couldn’t agree more with that sentiment.) As my good friend Elliot Gaiser wrote in PJ Media, a Cruz-Rubio ticket would satisfy all factions of the Republican Party:

This means Cruz is the GOP’s best shot at extending an olive branch to Trump supporters, channelling their anger about issues like immigration into a credible shot at the White House. Although Cruz has few friends among the Washington establishment, putting Rubio on the ticket could satisfy party leaders who fear Cruz can’t win a general election or govern once he reaches the Oval Office. If Rubio gets out now and Cruz names him as VP, the two could likely combine forces to Make Donald Drumpf Again.

Here are more endorsements of the Cruz-Rubio ticket:

Have doubts about Cruz’s credibility? Read what his former staffers Chip Roy and Brooke Bacak had to say about working for him in the U.S. Senate in a piece called “Why We Believe in Ted Cruz. We Were There“:

We have no problem conceding that reasonable minds can differ on the best legislative strategy at any given time. And we have had intense debates with respected friends and colleagues about which legislative strategies should have been used in those monumental battles and have accepted that some of us may never agree…

But what cannot be challenged is our personal experience as members of Team Cruz in those pivotal years. As humbled and honored as we were to have been part of it, friends and family know how much it cost us, in terms of health and time away from our very young children. One of us was one year removed from Chemotherapy – the other suffered mightily the ongoing effects of MS – and we can assure you that the ONLY thing worth that kind of a sacrifice is the opportunity to serve a cause bigger than ourselves – to do something to stem the tide of ever-encroaching overreach by the federal government that is eviscerating our Constitution and all the sacred principles and liberties it was written to preserve.

Cruz also won the CPAC Straw Poll with 40% to Rubio’s 30% to Trump’s 15%:

Mathematically speaking, Cruz is well-positioned to take out Trump in the primary and prevent us from going into a brokered convention. All evidence shows that Rubio and Kasich are siphoning votes from Cruz–allowing for Trump to take delegates or win outright.

According to the Real Clear Politics delegate tracker, here is the current total:

382 (Trump) 300 (Cruz) 128 (Rubio) 35 (Kasich) 8 (Carson)

Cruz is clearly gaining on Trump. Will Rubio get out and join Cruz as his VP pick? Will Kasich spare us misery and bow out to prevent more votes from going to Trump? Or will this lead to a brokered convention? Time will tell.

The momentum is with Cruz mathematically, in the grassroots, and as a narrative. Those of us supporting Cruz welcome all #NeverTrump folks to join our ranks to defeat him and spare the GOP/conservative movement a crushing loss to Hillary Clinton in the general election this November.


New Counter Cultured Article: Kasich is Wrong- Government Shouldn’t Promote Our Values

I’ve penned a new article for Counter Cultured today. I criticize John Kasich’s call to make a department vested in promoting Judeo-Christian values. Below is an excerpt:

Republican presidential candidate and Ohio governor John Kasich recently announced he wants to create a new government entity to promote Judeo-Christian values if he were elected.  I don’t know about you, but this proposal oozes big government overreach.

In a recent speech at the National Press Club, Kasich said the following:

“I will consolidate them into a new agency that has a clear mandate to promote the core, Judeo-Christian Western values that we and our friends and allies share: the values of human rights, the values of democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of association.”

 While this may sound fine and dandy in theory, there are noticeable red flags in Kasich’s proposal. Why does our government have an obligation to promote Judeo-Christian values? How burdensome will the creation and cost of this hypothetical department be for U.S. taxpayers? Aren’t individuals and private organizations better suited to promote Judeo-Christian values than government bureaucrats?

Continue reading at Counter Cultured.

Statist California Senator Set to Retire in 2016

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) announced today that she won’t be seeking re-election in 2016. ABC News writes:

The 74-year-old Boxer made the announcement in a video with her grandson.

She was first elected to the House in 1982 and then to the Senate one decade later. It was an election that marked a watershed year for women in politics with four winning U.S. Senate seats, including fellow Californian Dianne Feinstein.

In the Senate, Boxer has been a staunch supporter of abortion rights, gun control and environmental protections.

Isn’t this good news, fellow Californians? Though I may be an ex-pat residing in Virginia, I’m elated to hear this news. Babs was arguably one of the most statist, leftist U.S. Senators in recent memory. She’s been in office since I was 2-years-old. (22 years is a hella long time.) Scary, isn’t it?

And who could forget this gem of a video?

It’s a very long shot for a Republican to win a U.S. Senate seat (or any top position) in California. The most recent data on California voters says 44% of likely voters are Democrats, 32% of likely voters are Republicans, and 19% of likely voters are independents. The number of independent voters continues to rise, but most of them lean Democrat. Let’s not kid ourselves about the California Republican Party either…It’s in shambles.

It’ll take someone charismatic, principled, and likeable on the Right to clinch a U.S. Senate seat from Democrats. Maybe actor Gary Sinise? Not sure.

What do you think about Senator Boxer’s news? Weigh in below!

Today I Voted for Ken Cuccinelli

Happy Election Day, fellow Virginians!

election day

This has been a long year and a half of smears, lies, and deceit from Democrats eager to turn Virginia into California or even worse, Detroit, MI. Terry McAuliffe is a crook and our state can’t afford to have him lead it to ruin.

This was the first time I voted in Virginia’s statewide elections. Previously, I voted in my home state California and am happy to be in a state where my vote actually counts. That’s why I voted for Ken Cuccinelli (Gov), E.W. Jackson, (LG), Mark Obenshain (AG), and Brian Wolfe (Sheriff) this morning.



Not surprisingly, I received some lovely hate from a McAuliffe supporter. Keep it classy!


Also, it was just revealed that “libertarian” candidate Robert Sarvis (unsurprisingly) received money from Democrats, namely an Obama campaign bundler from Texas. I knew he wreaked of sleaze too. (Libertarians and moderates, don’t be deceived by this big government phony masquerading as a libertarian.)


So naturally, I had to confront this troll about being an accessory to McAuliffe’s scheming.

tweet5What’s the takeaway from all of this? Democrats and sore loser Republicans attempted to undermine Ken Cuccinelli and should pay for their misgivings. If we pull out a victory tonight – yes, it is possible – we will deliver a HUGE upset to our opponents. Let’s make that happen, please? Mark my words: This race will be very, VERY tight. Please make sure all of your friends and family members here in Virginia vote for Ken, E.W., Mark, and Bryan Wolfe if they live in Fairfax County.


UPDATE: Around 6pm ET, the Virginia Board of Elections will start tabulating precinct returns. Polls will close at 7pm. Pay close attention.

Saying Goodbye to 2012 is Bittersweet


I hope all of you are enjoying the holiday season with Chanukah, Christmas, and New Year’s celebrations. As we say goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013, I offer you my final blog post of the year.

This year will go down in history as one of the most eventful years to date. Somehow President Obama – arguably one of the most corrupt and dangerous presidents in American history – clinched a second term in November. SCOTUS ruled  the individual mandate provision in Obamacare constitutional as a tax. Shockingly, but not surprisingly, Mitt Romney lost the election. Our side witnessed devastating losses in U.S. Senate contests, as well. Unemployment rose. The country cared more about birth control politics than preserving free enterprise this election year.  And the list goes on and on.

2012 was not a good year for America. Don’t kid yourselves if you think higher taxes, the implementation of Obamacare, and other policies ushered in by this administration are going to benefit us. They’ll incur more harm than good.

If you want to be encouraged for the battle ahead, check out Rebooting America founder Justen Charters in his viral “Six Trillion Dollar Man” music video for ChristinePAC. Share it with your friends and family.

Although there’s much to complain about 2012 and the consequences surrounding Obama’s re-election, I recognize that much good came out of this year. I graduated from UCSD with a B.A. in Political Science on the three-year track in June. Shortly afterward I moved from Southern California to Northern Virginia to intern at the Media Research Center’s CNSNews division.  I then got hired to work for the Leadership Institute as the Northeast Regional Field Coordinator, which has been a great experience thus far. Working with conservative students is fun, hard work, and great. I’m also grateful for wonderful co-workers, and find myself incredibly happy with the work I’m doing. I’m very blessed for gainful employment!

I was also graced with many opportunities in 2012. I was a youth speaker at several conferences, appeared on many radio shows, and continued to write for various conservative media outlets. I befriended and strengthened friendships with great people and fellow young conservative activists. I met many  people who I look up to including Michelle Malkin, Ken Cuccinelli, Mark Levin, Dana Loesch, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), and incoming U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), to name a few. I got to explore this country more and ventured to Texas, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Massachusetts for the first time. FreePAC Dallas was a blast, and my various trips to the Northeast to meet with students were equally worthwhile. I also co-founded another youth movement – Resistance 44- with my good friend Justen Charters and gauged young people with our conservative message.

2012 wouldn’t be complete if it weren’t for my family, friends, and fellow activists. Thank you for keeping my spirits up. I’m thankful for all of you and your continual support!

Despite impending tax hikes on all Americans come January 1st (thank you, President Obama and Congress), Americans should look forward to 2013.

-Pro-life? Attend 40th Annual March for Life event. The march will be taking place on January 25, 2013 in downtown Washington, D.C.

-President Obama and Democrats in the U.S. Senate are threatening to enforce gun bans. If this happens, apply for a concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit. Check your state government’s website on how to apply for CCW permits in your state. Additionally, sign-up to be a member of the NRA, Gun Owners of America, and/or National Association for Gun Rights.

-If you live here in the Commonwealth of Virginia, you have the opportunity to help pivot our state red and elect Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli as our next governor. Outside support is also appreciated. This is the first and most important electoral contest our side must win. (Visit Cuccinelli’s website, sign up to be a campaign volunteer, and donate money to his campaign.)

-Get involved with the National School Choice Week movement. Next year’s event takes place during the week of January 27, 2013 – February 2, 2013. This is how we outreach to people.

-All conservatives – especially young people – must get involved in Rebooting America. If you liked National Papa John’s Appreciation Day, you’ll like our future events.

-Start reading blogs featuring young conservatives on Counter Cultured, Young Cons, Values and Capitalism, and Acculturated.

-Defend Israel and support groups like CUFI, Zionist Organization of America, StandWithUs, and Young Jewish Conservatives.

-Defend free enterprise and make the moral case for it. Don’t support higher taxes.

-Champion family values and undermine the welfare society.

-And most of all breathe, exercise, eat healthy, travel the country, be frugal, surround yourself with good people, and don’t succumb to pressure. Take the occasional break from politics and your electronics to enjoy the world around you.

What will I be up to in 2013? Here’s what you can expect from me:

  • Speaking engagements: I’m scheduled to speak at a CUFI on Campus’ SALT conference panel on student activism in San Antonio, TX on January 3, 2013, which is followed by my participation in “The Cheated Generation” panel at Maryland Conservative Action Network’s Turning the Tides conference on January 12, 2013 in Annapolis, MD. More appearances are likely throughout the year.
  • Look out for an e-book featuring yours truly: I, along with other young conservatives, wrote a chapter for an e-book slated for release in March 2013.
  • National appearance: Can’t reveal this yet, but you’ll be seeing me on the national stage in mid-to-late January.
  • Blogging: I’ll continue blogging for CNSNews.com, Counter Cultured, Right Wing News, and make my debut on The Blaze. Some other opportunities might come up. I’ll keep you posted.
  • Work: Work is my first priority, so it’ll come first before outside activities. Nevertheless, I’ll be documenting my travels, crazy professors, and leftist abuses in the Northeast if anything comes up. If you’re a student in the Northeast looking to be active on campus, please contact me here.
  • Rebooting America: I’ll be more involved. You should join the movement too.
  • Twitter: Follow my musings and tweets @Gabby_Hoffman.

L’chaim and cheers to a happy, healthy, and productive 2013!

Sound Conservatism, CollegeConservative Launch, and Battle of the Blonds

Today marks the launch of TheCollegeConservative–a new daily publication for conservative college students, by conservative college students. I have the esteemed pleasure of serving as one of three assistant editors and as a contributor.

The Daily Caller and FOX Nation picked up our website.

Here’s my debut piece entitled, “Of Principle and Pragmatism: Why Conservatism Always Trumps Moderation”:

In this time of great moral and economic peril, certain individuals continue to call for a radical transformation of our nation’s traditions, laws, and customs.

Then-Senator, now-President Obama championed “Hope and Change” and subsequently delivered class warfare rhetoric, socialized healthcare, appeasement, and anti-Americanism, to name a few. Similarly, Republicans—most pointedly, Republicans in Name Only (RINOs)—want to dilute the conservative message because “it alienates moderates and independents.”

Proponents of such change, particularly liberal Republicans, succeeded in undermining conservatism in 2006 and 2008. Towards the end of his presidency, President George W. Bush emboldened big government policies like No Child Left Behind, TARP, and billion-dollar budget shortfalls. Conservatism suffered a similar blow when John McCain clinched the Republican nomination in 2008. He was representative of the Republican Party gone awry: unabashedly moderate, disconnected from everyday life, and irresponsible in conduct. Without running mate and conservative champion Sarah Palin, McCain would have been a total failure.

In 2009, Ed Feulner of Heritage Foundation wrote about the importance of reconciling all tenets of conservatism: “I suggest that what is now needed is a politics of inclusion, not exclusion–no casting out of social conservatives or neoconservatives or any other kind of conservative, but a renewed fusionism that will unite all the branches of the now-divided conservative mainstream.”

After President Obama’s coronation into office on January 20, 2009, the tide began to change.

People united under the Tea Party Movement banner to reclaim limited government principles, constitutional values, and fiscal responsibility. Their efforts materialized in November 2010 after Republicans reclaimed control of the House of Representatives and won several Senate seats.

Similarly, Americans continued to champion traditional values. In 2008, Californians overwhelmingly voted 52 to 48 percent in favor of Prop 8—which defined marriage as between “one man and one woman.” Additionally, LifeNews cites Gallup analyst Lydia Saad on the ascent of pro-life views in 2011:  “Americans are rather conservative in their stance on abortion, with 61% now preferring that abortion be legal in only a few circumstances or no circumstances. By contrast, 37% want abortion legal in all or most circumstances.”

Nevertheless, moderate and liberal Republicans have called for a moratorium or the complete elimination of social issues from the Republican Party.

In a 2010 interview with Weekly Standard, Indiana governor Mitch Daniels said presidential candidates “would have to call a truce on the so-called social issues. We’re going to just have to agree to get along for a little while.”

Republican feminist Margaret Hoover similarly called on the Republican Party to drop its pro-life plank.  Hoover said, “If we don’t make inroads in the next 16 months, we’re going to lose the next generation.”

“People like you who try to divide our party on social issues, that is not the way forward for the Republican Party,” she added.

Moreover, the “brilliant” Meghan McCain—daughter of “Lord of the TARP” John McCain—has taken every opportunity to deride conservative women and social issues.

McCain said, “I consider myself a progressive Republican. I am liberal on social issues. And I think that the party is at a place where social issues shouldn’t be the issues that define the party.”

Recently, I heard the same rallying cry to hose down “extreme” conservative viewpoints at a conference. The male attendee—one markedly dumbfounded by conservatism at this conservative conference—bemoaned how Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum, along with social issues, are “too extreme” for the Republican Party.

The horror, the horror!

The question beckons: Who are these people to chide conservatives for holding their beliefs? Why must political expediency—not principles—be the sole path to winning elections?

In 1980, Ronald Reagan ran for president as a conservative and won. He did not pander to moderate viewpoints. On the contrary, he succeeded as President of the United States because he championed conservative ideals.

Renowned conservative thinker Dr. Robert P. George of Princeton University expounds on this by presenting the case for sound conservatism in “No Mere Marriage of Convenience: Uniting Social and Economic Conservatives.”

He writes, “Sound conservatism, as a matter of principle and not mere pragmatism, will honor limited government, restrain spending, and provide honest money and low taxes — while at the same time upholding the sanctity of human life in all stages and conditions; the dignity of marriage as the conjugal union of husband and wife; and the innocence of children.”

As a result, it is imperative to vote conservative in 2012, so as to defeat President Obama and restore this country’s greatness.

Throughout history, moderate Republican candidates lost in general elections. Next year, voters can select a conservative candidate—a social, fiscal, and national defense conservative—to implement real change in Washington, D.C.

Till then, I will cling to my fishing rod, anti-Communism, family values, and Constitution before succumbing to big-government, leftist and equally Marxist-Leninist viewpoints— so should you.

We at TheCollegeConservative hold no prisoners and will not kowtow to Cultural Marxism. You have been warned!

Continue reading at TheCollegeConservative.

Also, pieces by TCC contributors Domenic Gelsomino and Marc Seelinger were featured today.  Every weekday, we’ll publish three articles. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s batch!

I’d also like to thank Robert Stacy McCain and Smitty of The Other McCain for profiling my piece and our site. I couldn’t be more thrilled! Thank you, gentlemen. (If you don’t already read their website, I suggest you do.)

They had this to say about my jab at intellectual midget Meghan McCain. (Note: Snark is intended.)

You see Gabby, this notion of starting from any invariant principles and applying those principles to life is all backward. We have to embrace the notion that wise experts at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service somehow know better, despite the news that anthropogenic globalclimate warmingchange, like the rest of the Progressive project, stands revealed as a giant, steaming crock of. . .oatmeal.

And social issues like drugs and abortion are just another case of Maggie Is Right. We should welcome our new Priests of Baal just as much as we scoff at the notion of ideological purity (read: common sense).

Don’t let this here internet thingy fool you, Gabby. Just because you think you have access to better information does not mean you can reject the ‘wisdom’ of the self-appointed elite. They may be incompetent, Hoffman, but they’re all we’ve got, to hear them tell it. And Progressivism may suck, but time only moves forward, and that means our political ideas cannot look back, even if the ideas we reject were relatively superior to the dog’s breakfast currently before us.

You see, I’m not a fan of Meghead…er, Meghan McCain.

The girl is a liberal in Republican clothing who quips how oppressive and mean-spirited conservatives are. (The horror, the horror!). She always finds an opportunity to bash women like Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Laura Ingraham just to add to her 15 minutes of fame. She exploits Daddy McCain’s name and has no shame whatsoever. And she puts a bad name to smart and equally articulate blonds like myself…Thank you for adding to the negative stereotype, hon!

In all seriousness, Meggie, you don’t represent me, women, the Conservative Movement, or Generation Y. And yes, we will NEVER take you seriously as a political commentator.

Apart from my apartment ceiling suffering a massive blow today, this has been a relatively great day with TCC’s launch and Barney Frank’s retirement. Happy Monday, everyone!

Be sure to regularly check out TheCollegeConservative for new content!

Is This the Real Mitt Romney? Must Watch Video!

The guys behind Bad Lip Reading have released a new video. This time, they’ve put the spotlight on Mitt Romney.

With phrases like, “I’m a gremlin, I’m leaving the party!” and “Yo mama can eat me,” viewers see a new side to Romney.

The question beckons: Is this the real Mitt Romney? You decide. In the meantime, get a good laugh out of this: