TWT Column: Doctors

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Owning a firearm is a personal choice and right afforded to us by the Second Amendment, not a symptom of a disease.

Some doctors have joined the crusade to impose greater restrictions on firearms in this country under the guise of public health. Why? Patients who own firearms, they assert, must have a predilection to act violently and dangerously toward children and others.

Instead of getting triggered by law-abiding gun owners who pose no immediate threat to the public, why don’t these doctors focus their efforts on actual medical issues?

There are two recent instances affirming this dangerous trend. One instance involves doctors requiring patients with children to confess gun ownership to them, while the other instance involves medical professionals lobbying the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to conduct studies favorable to gun control.


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WOS: New Study Says Americans Buy Guns for Self-Defense

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An April 13th poll suggests that Americans overwhelmingly buy firearms for self-defense purposes. 

A new Rasmussen Reports poll released on April 13, 2016 found that voters believe their fellow law-abiding Americans are buying guns for self-defense purposes.

Off those polled, 66% believe self-defense is the main driving force for people purchasing firearms. 5% polled from that same study think Americans purchase guns to commit criminal acts, while 1% says gun purchases are job related. 22% of those polled for this survey believe people bought firearms for purposes other than self-defense.

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Wash Times: Cuba could be liberated by firearms

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Despite the Cuban embargo being lifted in December 2014, the island nation is still ravaged by collectivist policies like gun control.

Could the presence of privately-owned firearms held by citizens help pivot Cuba towards the path to freedom? It’s very plausible.

Ever since the Castro regime violently and ruthlessly rose to power in 1959, the presence of firearms has been nonexistent. Since installing a military dictatorship, the Castro brothers have made private gun ownership impossible, subject to regulation, and punishable by law. Cubans have thus been rendered defenseless — a factor convincing many Cubans to flee the communist nation for freedom elsewhere.

Cuba’s government has deliberately created an environment where a Second Amendment can’t thrive. It has complete pull over all industries in the country, including the firearms industry. It assigns responsibilities to loyalists in Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) — thuggish neighborhood watch programs slipping into obsolescence — to enforce laws to discourage dissent, instill fear in neighbors who fail to goose-step with the regime, and provide so-called security for those who pledge to a CDR. Moreover, the government exploits disarmament policies to instill fear in people.

Despite the terror seen under the Castro regime, some Cubans have accepted the military dictatorship in place. If Cuba were to become capitalist like the United States, some suggest, changes in gun laws could be possible and therefore lead to violence.

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Counter Cultured: If Your Girl Hates Guns, Find One Who Doesn’t

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Notorious hypersexual fashion magazine Cosmopolitan still thinks it’s a serious political journal–especially on the subject of female views on gun ownership. After painting gun-toting guys as “gunsplainers” last month, a new video showing girlfriends appearing disgusted to learn their boyfriends own guns is dominating the Internet.

Without boring readers about the video’s subject matter, it’s a terribly monolithic portrayal of women, particularly girlfriends. Cosmo believes the majority of women are creeped out by guns. (They ignore the fact that more women are purchasing firearms and participating in shooting sports than ever before.) Even worse than the hysteria displayed by the four girlfriends is the lack of confidence displayed by the “boyfriends” featured in the video, who appear clueless and timid in their defense of owning firearms.

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Wash Times Column: Women are thwarting crime

Below is an excerpt from my second TWT gun column:

Good guys with guns aren’t the only individuals stopping bad guys with guns. Good girls with guns are thwarting crime, too.

With March being Women’s History Month — a month-long celebration honoring American women and their contributions to society — why not celebrate powerful, empowered, everyday women using firearms to defend themselves and others around them?

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Townhall Column: Guns on Campus Won’t Kill Free Speech

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In a recent column in the Atlantic titled “How Guns Could Censor College Classrooms,” Firmin DeBrabander argues the mere presence of firearms on campus will hurt intellectual discourse in the classroom.

DeBrabander, who teaches philosophy at Maryland Institute College of Art, writes, “Campus carry will make students and faculty less inclined to engage in the critical intellectual work that must take place in the classroom.”

He adds, “I fear that campus carry will make students and faculty less inclined to engage in the critical intellectual work that must take place in the classroom, the courageous inquiry and experimentation American democracy requires.”

Since when does the presence of guns on campus pose a threat to free speech? Why should this professor fear the elimination of intellectual discourse in the classroom if students choose to responsibly exercise their Second Amendment rights? American universities are supposed to be marketplaces of ideas, not backdrops of zealous anti-gun, anti-freedom bigotry.

The misconceptions about gun owners purported by this individual are as delusional as they are unfounded.

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