I’ll Be Writing for The Resurgent!

I have some very YUUUUUUGE news, readers.

I’ve just been tapped to write for Erick Erickson’s new website, The Resurgent.

Erickson is a prominent conservative radio talk show host and commentator. He launched his website earlier this year following his tenure at RedState.

On top of writing elsewhere, I look forward to contributing 2-3 posts a week at The Resurgent.

What will I be writing about? Conservative issues from a Millennial but wonkish edge–my usual style. I’ll also focus on some cultural events, shooting sports industry news, fishing industry news, and similar topics of interest.

It’s a tremendous honor to have this opportunity! I promise to deliver great, spicy content.

Look out for my first post soon!

Obama’s Ridiculous Christmas Wish: Convert Your Conservative Relatives This Holiday Season!

There is a video floating around from the Obama campaign that targets conservatives.

Here’s more from The Blaze:

The Obama campaign released a new YouTube video on Tuesday just in time for the season entitled, “Home for the Holidays: Share Why You’re Working to Re-elect President Obama.”

Going back and forth between a collage of young 2008 Obama voters from different backgrounds now working on the campaign, each individual tells his or her story of propagandizing conservative family members, and encourages you to preach the same this Christmas — I mean holiday season.

Watch the video below:

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Wishes Christians Merry Christmas

The Likud Party led by Benjamin Netanyahu wins...

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The hawkish and equally revered Benjamin Netanyahu released a video wishing all Christians a Merry Christmas.

Although Israel maintains that it is a Jewish state, Christians and Muslims can equally practice their faiths there.

It is refreshing to hear someone of Netanyahu’s stature issue a message like this.

Don’t be a grinch this holiday season…say Merry Christmas!


Tim Tebow Should Terrify Moral Relativists

Whether you love him or hate him, Denver Broncos phenom quarterback Tim Tebow is a force to be reckoned with.

Regardless of how one views Tebow’s playing style—whether or not it is amenable to one’s tastes or preferences—they should reconcile his sportsmanship with his righteous character.

It is apparent that the sensational (and equally accomplished) 24-year-old football star faces unmitigated scrutiny from the media.

What exactly has he perpetrated that beckons their attention, one might ask?

He does not sag his pants, break the law, or immortalize superficiality like the delinquents of MTV’s Jersey Shore.  Nor has he impregnated multiple girls or faced any domestic violence charges. Furthermore, he has not burned American flags, denounced capitalism, or defecated in public like his unhinged “Occupy Wall Street” cohorts.

If Tebow is a positive influence, then why is he hated by many?

The answer: he is a Good Samaritan and equally God-fearing guy—qualities that are loathed and admonished in a culture defined by Cultural Marxism.

USA Today’s Larry Touton writes, “He is clean-cut, articulate, humble, gracious in victory, hard-working, and, if that weren’t enough, he’s a humanitarian. No, not one of those “humanitarians” who does his giving in the public eye, but a humanitarian who gives quietly in the orphanages of the Philippines.”

He further expounds on anti-Tebowites: “Their dislike for Tim Tebow is not, as they would have us believe, about his throwing motion or his completion percentage; it’s all about his open professions of faith and his goody-two shoes image. When it comes right down to it, we don’t want heroes who are truly good. We want them to fail the occasional drug test or start a bar fight from time to time. It makes us feel better about ourselves.”

As a result, disdain for Tebow is best attributed to his conservative upbringing and views.

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Flashback: Chris Farley Impersonates Newt Gingrich

Although many of us were too young to remember this clip, it is a must watch.

Comedian Chris Farley impersonates former Speaker of the House, current GOP frontrunner Newt Gingrich in this clip. He pokes fun at the Contract with America, Democrats, Gingrich, Republicans, politics, and a whole host of other things.