December 7th, 2009: Gabriella Hoffman (then Staff Writer for The California Review) and editor Alec Weisman appear on The Rick Amato Show with Guest Host, Barry Jantz

May 10th, 2010: The Rick Amato Show- Talking about MSA girl at David Horowitz lecture

May 12th, 2010: Mention on Red State on David Horowitz lecture

May 13th, 2010: Freedom in 3D- RE: Horowitz Lecture

May 13th, 2010: The Rick Amato Show with Guest Host, Steven Baldwin

October 7th, 2010: The Rick Amato Show w/ Bob Siegel as Guest Host

October 10th, 2010: Oceanside TEA Party (10-10-10)

October 13th, 2010: The Rick Amato Show_Launch of Live Streaming Video w/ Christian Hartsock

October 17th, 2010: The Bob Siegel Show

November 22nd, 2010: FOX Nation highlights my article, “Princeton Wages War on Israel Through Sabra Hummus Boycott.”

November 22nd, 2010: On The Rick Amato Show discussing Princeton vs. Hummus/Israel article

December 9th, 2010: Mention on Act for Israel’s blog.

January 16th, 2011: Appearance on Bob Siegel Show.

January 31st, 2011: Mention on The Liberty Sphere regarding Bristol Palin and WUSTL sex education week.

February 8th, 2011: Blog post linked on Jihad Watch

May 15th: Landmark Report article linked to The Other McCain

May16th: Simona Rudina/Horowitz event on The Other McCain

May 16th, 2011: Radio appearance on Clash Radio.

May 23rd, 2011: Rick Amato Show w/Nicole J. Pearce discussing RCUS

May 25th, 2011: Doug Giles Show w/Nicole J. Pearce discussing RCUS

June 2-3, 2011: Student Panel, Eagle Forum Collegians Summit, D.C.

June 11th, 2011: Youth Panel, Eagle Forum of San Diego’s ‘Taking Flight’ Convention

June 17th, 2011: SOC912 Meeting. Speech with Dad

November 27, 2011: Quote, Daily Caller – “Conservative college students battle liberal academia with new website”

March 30, 2012: Quote, College USA Today – “As Obamacare Supreme Court Debate Ends, Students Express Mixed Opinions”

May 22, 2012: NRA News, Discussing Resistance 44

July 29, 2012: NRA News, Smart Girl Politics

November 28, 2012: Quote, Daily Caller – “Majority of young voters wants bigger government”

Nnovember 29, 2012: Reposted quote, Business Insider – “Most Young Voters Actually Want Bigger Government”

December 12, 2012: Tweet quoted, Voice of America – “NRA Wants Armed Police in US Schools”

December 26, 2012: Quote, POLITICO – “Right ballistic over John Boehner ‘purge’”

December 28, 2012: Quote, – “Twitter Gun Debate Expands After NRA Presser”

January 11, 2013: Interview, – “Millions noticing paychecks lighter today due to payroll tax hike”

January 12, 2013: MDCAN, “The Cheated Generation Panel”

February 5, 2013: NRA News, Women Who Shoot

February 6, 2013: Smart Girl Politics, “Youth in Action” Interview

February 24, 2013: FreedomWorks, Grassroots Fly-In: Youth Panel

March 10, 2013: FreedomWorks, College Fly-In: International Panel

March 15, 2013: NRA News, Youth Outreach at CPAC

March 19, 2013: Quote, Daily Caller – “UCSD student government pushes divestment from Israel”

May 12, 2013: BlogCon, Moderator: Uniting Conservatives and Libertarians

May 14, 2013: America’s Future Foundation, Panelist: “The Student Debt Crisis” (Coverage in PolicyMic)

May 19, 2013: Breitbart News, “Young, Conservative and Why It’s Smart to Be Like Us”

August 13, 2013: NRA News, Discussing “The Fishing Mystique”

September 17, 2013: Texas Monthly, “What We Learned From Senator Ted Cruz’s Twitter Q&A This Morning ”

November 4, 2013: NRA News, Discussing “Terry McAuliffe Wants Virginian Women to Submit to Big Government”

December 11, 2013: “Young, Conservative and Why It’s Smart to Be Like Us” Published

January 20, 2014: NRA News, Discussing “Young Women Should Take Fewer Selfies and Spend More Time Outdoors”

March 11, 2014: Mentioned, Michelle Malkin- “Settled science: Global warming has raised ocean level so much Cory Booker can no longer drive to Hawaii”

April 4, 2014: The Dana Show, “War By Women”

April 30, 2014: NRA News, “Stand Your Ground Against Gun Grabbers”

June 5, 2014: NRA News, “UCSB Killer Elliot Rodger, Not Guns, is to Blame for Massacre.”

June 6, 2014: Boston Globe: “#YesAllConservativeWomen Hashtag Exists”

June 30th, 2014: Mediate – “Feminist Columnist’s Hobby Lobby ‘F*ck-In’ Joke Generates Angry Response”

August 11, 2014: NRA News –  Discussing my op-ed in Richmond Times-Dispatch

September 18, 2014: NRA News, “Gun Groups Don’t Degrade Women”

October 3, 2014: Slate, “Of Course Tom and JerryWas Racist. The Question Is What to Do About That.”

March 2, 2015: Right Wing News, CPAC’15 in 64 Pictures

March 3, 2015: Newbusters, “We Asked CPAC Attendees: In One Word, How Do Liberals Portray Women?”

June 10, 2015: NRA News Interview, “Happy National Fishing and Boating Week!”

June 30, 2015: The Blaze -Quote, “Watch: Millennials Defend the Second Amendment”

July 6, 2015: IJ Review- Quote, “All Sorts of Millennials Give Passionate Explanations of Why They Think Guns are Good”

September 25, 2015: HotAir – Cross-post, “Ted Cruz is the best candidate for millennials”

December 27, 2015: Richmond Times-Dispatch: “Herring’s edict won’t make us a safer place”

December 28.,2015: NRA News-Discussing my Richmond Times-Dispatch article

December 28, 2015: VPAP mentioning my RTD editorial

January 7, 2016: Interview on The Rebel Media TV show “On the Hunt” with Faith Goldy

February 1, 2016: Interview with GVH Live on Trump v. Cruz

February 2, 2016: GVH Live Interview Linked to Huffington Post

February 11, 2016: Quoted in Marie Claire: “Women and Guns”

February 12, 2016: My sister and I listed in Conservative Intel’s “50 Sexiest Conservatives” List

February 23, 2016: Quoted in Blaze article about support for Cruz:

March 1, 2016: Appearance on NRA News for Washington Times article

March 8, 2016: GVH Live Interview at CPAC’2016 on Cruz Appeal to Millennials

March 9, 2016: NRA News Interview on Townhall Column

March 17, 2016: The Morning Answer  on AM 870 with Elissa Krauss, Ben Shapiro, and Brian Whhitman plugs in my Washington Times column

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