Farewell, Gibby! Thanks for the Guacamole.

As all of Obama’s loyalists abandon ship, the departure of Robert Gibbs is the latest one.

Arguably the most mediocre WH Press Secretary recorded in American history, Gibbs greatly entertained us in the Conservative Movement.

Here is my absolute favorite moment from him. There are more of them:

Watch the YouTube video and go to 24:05 on the WH Press Briefing on 05.11.2009:

Q    Keeping on just — on what happened today, I’m resisting my urge to ask about the avocados.  (Laughter.)

MR. GIBBS:  Let me go ahead and short-circuit that.  I assume those — I have some in my office.  The Mexican Embassy, as part of Cinco de Mayo, sent avocados.  I’ve not made the guacamole yet, but if somebody can get me a relatively sharp knife, some garlic, tomatoes and some red onions, and bring the chips, we’ll be good to go.

Q    Cilantro.  Does today’s announcement accelerate or change your expectations at all on how quickly the Hill is going to move on this?  And what — did you have to revise when you expect them — you talked about the winding process earlier — when you expect them to have the bill for the President?