WOS Article: AR-15 Condoms Have a Weird Name

Below is an excerpt:

Amazon now features a very unusual and oddly named product for guns owners: AR-15 condoms.

AR-15 condoms will give license to gun rights opponents calling us “ammosexuals” because of this product’s name.

The so-called “condoms” are also known as finger cots, which are protectivecoverings for fingers made of materials such as plastic, rubber, metal, or leather. They are priced at $7.99 and sold in packages of 20 by Sinclair Stuff Storefront and Fulfilled by Amazon.

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Magical Things Do Happen in Old Town Alexandria

I’m not one for superstition or Disney make-believe, but I’m convinced that magical things do happen in Old Town Alexandria.

I’ve lived in the Alexandria area ever since I moved here nearly two and a half years ago. The place grows on you–making it impossible for one not to love it. Its charm, its ambiance, and its rich colonial history whisk you away from the heyday of the present by putting you back in the past. In 2013, Amazon ranked it the most well-read city in all of the U.S. Additionally, Alexandria is the fifth most romantic city in the U.S. (Also, for those of us who are conservative, Alexandria is the most liberal city in all of Virginia. *Shrugs*) However, there’s a lot to love about ALX.

Yesterday, my friends and I went to historic Gadsby’s Tavern for dinner. Many people recommended I try it, so we decided to go there.

This establishment’s claim to fame is that President George Washington frequently visited and was a patron. The tavern also held events in his honor. Other notable guests included John Adams, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and even the Marquis de La Fayette. (Check out the menu here.)

And an authentic Alexandria experience wouldn’t be complete without several random encounters with transplants. My girlfriends and I chatted it up with some guys who work for the Bureau of Labor Statistics (especially the Russian guy who had favorable views of conservatism – you know who you are! ) and some journalists from Kurdistan. So random!

We topped off the evening lighting up some sparklers by the water. Below is a picture of me doing just that:

To my friends and fellow D.C. area transplants: make a trip to Old Town. 9The bar scene is FAR better than Arlington’s bar scene, trust me.) Great food, great entertainment options, great location. Hope you make it down there!


I’m *Officially* Published!

Yesterday, the paperback edition of “Young, Conservative and Why It’s Smart to Be Like Us” became available on Amazon.

1505564_10152086116287668_1287118706_nI was one of 14 young conservatives to author chapters on why we identify with conservatism. Back in April, our stories were made available in e-book format. I chose to write about my family history and how it inspires me to advance conservative policies.

My thoughts on being *officially* published? It feels great to see my work and that of my friends/fellow activists published in book form. (For those of you wondering: Yes, I want to write a few books in the future that center around conservative politics and history. It’ll require vast amounts of reading and gaining more wisdom. Until then, I’ll stick with grassroots activism and blogging.)

Over these last four years, I’ve honed my conservative beliefs and grown disenchanted by both major parties. Even as a registered Republican, I’m inclined to criticize Republican politicians whenever they fall out of line with conservatism. (Criticism is healthy, and our guys should be held accountable too.) In my view, conservatism – not establishment Republican ideals – is the only way forward.

I hope my story inspires other young conservatives to speak out and encourage our peers to get involved. We can’t discount our generation, especially with countless disaffected former Obamanites looking for guidance following the disastrous Obamacare roll out. We can win over members of our generation with conservative ideas and policies.

At 22, I’m quite proud of my many accomplishments at such a young age. I hope my story and my actions motivate others to find their voice and get involved.

Looking for the perfect Christmas present? Get your family members “Young, Conservative and Why It’s Smart to Be Like Us”!


Breitbart Profiles ‘Young, Conservative and Why It’s Smart To Be Like Us

Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, wrote an article in Breitbart about “Young, Conservative and Why It’s Smart to Be Like Us.

Here is an excerpt featuring my thoughts:

Gabriella Hoffman, who is a first generation American, talks in great detail about her grandparents and parents growing up in a collectivist Soviet Union. In a phone interview, Gabriella said, “Most young people would be conservatives if they understood history. I meet students everyday that don’t understand the brutality or inhumanity of communistic regimes. Since my family had to live through it, I have a deeper appreciation for the country we live in.”

I am one of 14 co-authors of the e-book. Order your copy today!

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Covet the Youth: 14 Young Conservatives, Including Yours Truly, to Be Published in E-Book

I have excellent news: I’m going to be a published author! Well, sort of.

Don’t expect any full-length books from me anytime soon. I’m only 21 and still need more life experience before chronicling events, activism, and thoughts.  I still need to grow, adequately educate myself on history better, and become more well-read. But I digress…

Yesterday it was revealed that an e-book I co-authored with 13 other young conservatives entitled “Young, Conservative, and Why It’s Smart to Be Like Us” will be published this April 9, 2013.

The e-book features yours truly, RJ Moeller, Liz Thatcher, Liberty Betts, Kevin Eder, Allen Ginzburg, Mary Chastain, Daniel Webb, Brady Cremeens, Brandon Morse, Katelynd Shaw, Erin Brown, and Dina Fraioli.

Be sure to look out for it!