Go See Atlas Shrugged the Movie!

I had the pleasure of seeing the film adaptation of Atlas Shrugged this past weekend with my family. Not only was this movie enjoyable, it was comforting knowing that were watching a pro-American movie!

If you have not seen it, check out a clip here! It’s imperative that you go see it.


James O’Keefe Takes Down the MSM in New Music Video

My friend and fellow activist Christian Hartsock just released a video called the “Landrieu Dance”  today, which stars ACORN nutcracker James O’Keefe (who also is another friend of mine).

After watching the video and seeing the final product, I can personally say it turned out great! Little do people know that I was a Production Assistant for the video, alongside my friend Kelly Steele. My other activist friend, Ryan Sorba, was an actor in the music video, as  well.

Interestingly enough, production for the video lasted nearly 22 hours! Despite how grueling and demanding it was (I mean this in a good sense, as making a good-quality video beckons patience, editing, re-shooting, frustration, and the like), it was worth every breath and minute of my time this past August.

Viewers will see that the video is fun, hip, and innovative. It’s a mash-up of O’Keefe stings, undercover videos, media response, and lighthearted clips. O’Keefe shows off his moon-walking skills, singing capability, and truthfulness that many fail to account for when he comes to mind.

Let me assure you that the music video, nor the clips featured, were heavily edited. Haters can hate, but you’ll only realize the truth  after the fact.


Folgers Jingle from Past, Current UCSD Guys–Watch!

Some lovely friends of mine from UCSD–including recent grads Jake Alexander and Aron Korney, as with graduating senior Omer Ben-Zvi–have entered into a contest to have their song featured in an upcoming Folgers Coffee commercial.

Watch the video below:


Gun-Touting Goddess Regis Giles Sets Record Straight

If you have not seen this video from hunting/2nd Amendment champion Regis Giles yet, you must watch it.

This video is taken from CPAC 2011’s Student Panel:

Kudos to her for standing up for her beliefs.

Regis is the daughter of Doug Giles (ClashRadio and Townhall.com) and sister of ACORN nutcracker, Hannah Giles.

To all you haters attacking her: you’re only fueling her (and us) with more motivation to keep on going.

Michelle Malkin Points Out Obama’s Fecklessness & More

Michelle Malkin uses an f-word–one that doesn’t incur problems.

Watch the video clip from Fox&Friends on February 24th, 2011:

Fun Video #6: Reagan 100 and Super Bowl

This video didn’t get much press during the Super Bowl. Nevertheless, RightWing News has the scope.

Watch the video below: