College Board Is Lowering Standards for Advanced Placement Classes

I stumbled upon this article from Breitbart yesterday about new College Board standards for its AP U.S. History course. It’s quite troubling:

Beginning in August, such a course will be offered to 500,000 of America’s most talented high-school sophomores and juniors – the College Board’s new AP U.S. History Framework. The new College Board Framework will replace the traditional 5-page topical outline with a 98-page document that dictates how teachers should cover the required topics. George Washington gets one brief mention; other founders, such as Benjamin Franklin and James Madison, none. The Declaration of Independence is referred to in passing in one clause of one sentence.

If the Framework virtually ignores the most important men and documents in American history, what does it find worthy of attention? The answer is, pretty much anything that casts a negative light on our country. The redesigned Framework inculcates a consistently negative view of American history by highlighting oppressors and exploiters while ignoring the dreamers and innovators who built our country.

The Framework asserts that the British-American colonies were characterized by the development of “a rigid racial hierarchy” (page 27) that was in turn derived from “a strong belief in British racial and cultural superiority” (page 29) – and teaches that much of the rest of American history was shaped by those beliefs. There is much emphasis on mistreatment of slaves and native people, but none on truly revolutionary founding principles that laid the groundwork for the freest nation on earth (consent of the governed, development of democratic institutions, religious liberty). World War II was a time of racial discrimination and other inequities, not of massive sacrifice and achievement by soldiers and civilians alike.

For those of you who’ve taken Advanced Placement (AP) courses in high school–I was one of those kids–you’ll recall how time-consuming, challenging, and worthwhile these classes were. I took (and passed) most of my AP tests that resulted in me having a year’s worth of college credit completed. Despite how grueling AP classes were, I learned a lot and felt prepared for college.

I went out of my way to qualify and participate in AP classes during my time at Tesoro High School (’09) in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. The “regular” classes, as we called them, were lax and dull. Teachers who oversaw these classes were generally careless. Students who were enrolled in these classes were generally unmotivated. The coursework of regular classes was mediocre or worse–borderline propaganda. As a smart and capable student–because I’ve benefited from “white privilege” right?–I didn’t want to waste my time taking classes that would stifle my learning potential. Call it elitism, call it arrogance–I made the choice to challenge myself. Most of my leftist peers in AP classes also decided to do the same.

Why is College Board trying to shape AP classes in the mold of regular classes? Why equalize the academic field?

When I graduated from Tesoro High School in June 2009, I felt prepared for college at UCSD (’12) because of our Advanced Placement program. My school had a generally rigorous AP program consisting of 20 AP courses. (The exception was AP Environmental Science because the content was silly and all our class did was watch movies/bake pancakes.) I took 10 courses from 10th-12th grade, graduated with a 4.4. GPA, and received the AP Scholar with Distinction Award from College Board. One of my favorite classes was Mr. Harnett’s AP U.S. History class during sophomore year of HS. For our summer reading, we were required to read Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America (which I didn’t realize at the time was quite conservative and pro-America). He was a fair teacher who challenged his students to learn. He kept any bias he held hidden, which was greatly appreciated. Mr. Harnett never used his class to condemn America or complain about the U.S. Constitution. His class was enjoyable and one of the most sought-after classes in the entire school.

It’s a shame that the College Board has mandated AP teachers to teach students to revile and despise this country. AP U.S. History should celebrate America’s greatness and our unique political system.

Shame on you, College Board. 

Earth Day Rant: Green is the New Red

How interesting that ‪#‎EarthDay‬ coincides with Vladimir Lenin’s birthday. Bolshevik terrorist Vladimir Lenin and Earth Day founder Ira Einhorn have a lot in common. The former pioneered a movement that led to Russia’s collapse, global chaos, and death to millions; the latter killed his girlfriend and made a composite out of her.

Green is the new red, after all. Why? Big government and cronyism thrive on these environmental schemes to profit off of fear-mongering, foster group-think, and impose more regulations on businesses for the “sake of the environment.” I don’t know about you, but I’m certain everybody likes to have clean surroundings. True conservationists promote the environment through sustainable activities like fishing, hunting, and fracking/drilling. And if you suggest that “climate change” is not caused by humans or don’t believe the hype exaggerating natural changes in climate, you should apparently be imprisoned. Crazy! Modern-day environmentalism promotes technologies that are more expensive and truly harmful to the environment. Human life is expendable in the name of population control and abortion because we need to lower our carbon footprint! Fossil fuels are icky! Meat is gross!

ENOUGH. This movement is rooted in control and power. Don’t buy the hype and don’t consult bureaucrats if you want to protect and promote the environment.

You-the individual-can better the environment best.

Want to Immortalize Communists on Campus? Hang a Poster for Marxiness and Say Cheers to Leninade!

Taken from NewsReal Blog on September 23rd, 2010

I honestly do not understand individuals who admire communists. Maybe I am a delusional daughter of Lithuanian immigrants who “brainwashed” me with their anti-communist rhetoric. Maybe I am a paranoid conservative eager to dispel the myths that communists are not worth celebrating. Either way, it is frustrating that some Americans do not understand how evil these people are and fail to grasp the insurmountable number of people they killed! Try explaining that to my peers in college who hang up flags of Che Guevara and embrace the works of infamous Marxist-Leninists. Now, communists—alive and dead—continue to plague the halls, dorm walls, and social hubs at universities. Here at UC-San Diego there’s even a Che Cafe and  several  homages paid to a Messianic Obama around campus.

Recently, I crossed paths with the famed red drink adorned in Cyrillic and a haunting portrait of V.I. Lenin called Leninade.

Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever. –Vladimir Lenin

People will argue that this drink’s message is a harmless play on words and mockery of communism. Regardless, my fellow Eastern Europeans with an understanding of communism and its travesties find this gesture extremely offensive. It can be appropriately compared to plastering one’s college dorm walls with a poster of a shirtless Vladimir Putin—Russian Prime Minister and former KGB operative.

The photos will inevitably trigger mass swooning by women all over Russia – as well as unfavourable comparisons of their husbands to Mr Putin’s manly physique.

Making communism sexy and appealing is only going to aid the cause of advancing this oppressive—albeit failed—system, not prevent it. Let us hope that college students do not swoon over pictures of Hugo Chavez, Joseph Stalin, and Fidel Castro because it is not sexy and hip!

Leninade is adorned with the phrases, “”POPAGANDA,” “Get Hammered and Sickled,” “A Taste Worth Standing in Line For,” and “Drink Comrade! Drink! It’s This or the Gulag!” Does Leninade creator Danny Ginsburg understand what he is propagating? Placing communist rhetoric on pop drinks and posters is only going to leave Obama Zombies susceptible to this doctrine. Ginsburg is obviously not sensitive to the victims of Lenin and their families with this gesture. Lovely when “humanitarian,” so-called liberals don’t condone these killers in their campaigns, right?

Time will only tell if naive Americans will finally grasp that communism is ill-fated, not something worth capitalizing on.