Counter Cultured: Luke Bryan Returns to Country Roots in New Song

Below is an excerpt:

The four-time co-host of the Academy of Country Music Awards and outdoor enthusiast has a new music video showcasing his love of fishing and hunting. 

Luke Bryan’s new song “Huntin’, Fishin’, and Lovin’ Every Day” will even appeal to those who are skeptical of the country crooner’s music. Often associated with the “bro-country” movement, Bryan’s new song appears to have departed from this. As more country music adopts a more traditionalist tone, even Bryan recognizes the need to return to his true country roots–especially with this ode to dedicated anglers and hunters.

On the surface, the song seems to focus on fishing, hunting, and romance. However, it’s more about a guy who loves fishing and hunting every day.

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Counter Cultured: Cancel Out Noise With Help From Kenny Chesney

Below is an excerpt:

Are you easily distracted? Glued to technology? Don’t know when to relax? When too much noise clouds your judgment, it’s time to re-evaluate.

We all are guilty of succumbing to distractions. The ebb and flow of life, along with endless choices afforded to us compounded by a crazy news cycle, sometimes compel even the most disciplined people to get sidetracked. When we realize certain distractions have more costs than benefits, we accordingly must do the following: reshuffle, reprioritize, and reorganize.

There are many distractions one can experience like temptation, gluttony, social media, or being hooked to technology. Distractions can be easily conquered—thanks to the help of music like Kenny Chesney’s new single, “Noise.”

The country music singer announced the new single on March 24th after stirring up a lot of excitement for it on his social media accounts. The song—which is symbolically reminiscent of Miranda Lambert’s  2014 hit song “Automatic”—just hit the airwaves and has become popular on country radio. Why? It’s catchy and has an interesting message.

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Counter Cultured: If Your Girl Hates Guns, Find One Who Doesn’t

Below is an excerpt:

Notorious hypersexual fashion magazine Cosmopolitan still thinks it’s a serious political journal–especially on the subject of female views on gun ownership. After painting gun-toting guys as “gunsplainers” last month, a new video showing girlfriends appearing disgusted to learn their boyfriends own guns is dominating the Internet.

Without boring readers about the video’s subject matter, it’s a terribly monolithic portrayal of women, particularly girlfriends. Cosmo believes the majority of women are creeped out by guns. (They ignore the fact that more women are purchasing firearms and participating in shooting sports than ever before.) Even worse than the hysteria displayed by the four girlfriends is the lack of confidence displayed by the “boyfriends” featured in the video, who appear clueless and timid in their defense of owning firearms.

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So My Sister And I Are On a List of 50 ‘Sexiest’ Conservatives…

Well, there’s a first for everything…

I stumbled upon this list of 50 Sexiest Conservatives as rated by Conservative Intel featuring my sister Anna Maria and I as among the 50 nominees.

Here’s more about Conservative Intel from Politico:

Conservative Intelligence Briefing, a website best known for releasing 2014 election surveys from a startup GOP polling firm, is owned by a Republican consulting firm that rents email lists and conducts fundraising for GOP candidates.

The site, which partnered with Harper Polling in January 2013, is owned by Conservative Connector, a company that rents out email lists of conservative activists and donors.

My sister Anna Maria and I are listed alongside Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee; Congressman Ron DeSantis, and many of our fellow young conservatives. Here’s Conservative Intel’s reasoning for including us:

Anna Maria Hoffman and Gabriella Hoffman: They say two is better than one, and when it comes to this duo of conservative sisters, we couldn’t agree more. Together they founded Counter Cultured, a media effort aimed at promoting cultural conservatism to a younger generation hooked on liberal a-morality (redundant, we know). While so many organizations focus on the economic aspects of conservatism, few are willing to stick their neck out on the social side, but it’s clear the Hoffman sisters are as fearless as they are conservative. We can rest safe knowing we have leaders like this fighting the left’s culture war, and in the meantime, any chance we can clone their DNA?

We appreciate the shout out, I guess. We’ve never fashioned ourselves as “sexy” but I get the point of the list–to recognize those in the conservative movement doing something worthwhile for the cause. (In our case, our accomplishments as young conservative bloggers and cultural commentators with Counter Cultured.)

Thank you for following our efforts! We appreciate the kind shoutout.

Counter Cultured: Male Gun Owners Are Attractive, Not Crazed Ammosexuals

Excerpt from my latest Counter Cultured article:

This Valentine’s Day, fashion magazine Cosmopolitan has a message for women: make sure your guy tones down or abandons his support for gun rights or else he’s going to harm you.

Cosmo’s gun control puff piece “It’s Time to Talk About What Guns Have to Do With Dating” encourages their female audience to talk to their guys about the dangers of firearms from a “gun safety”, disarmament perspective.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to everyone. Cosmopolitan, like other publications in the tank for radical feminism, has an agenda: paint the shooting sports industry and its members–particularly men–as crazed loons who love their firearms. To make their case, they use the pejorative term “gunsplainer” to describe men who admire firearms, their history, their functionality, and their utility for self-protection.

The author, self-described award-winning journalist and author Liz Welch, heavily relies on Everytown for Gun Safety’s talking points to suggest that single women are likely to be in harm’s way if they date guys who own guns. In fact, the magazine and Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun outfit had recently announced their new partnership called, “SingledOut.”’s website reads, “Lax gun laws put single women at risk. But, together, we can shut down the gunsplainers and take action to keep young women safe. Spread the word by sharing this site with your friends and family.”

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I’m Quoted in Marie Claire on NRA Membership

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 4.27.59 PM

I was recently included in a Marie Claire series called “Women and Guns” to offer my take on the rise of female gun owners and National Rifle Association membership. It comprises of 10 chapters–some pro-Second Amendment ones, other anti-gun ones. Either way, it’s quite a decent account on the gun issue–could be even better.

Julia Sonenshein- who authored”Chapter 5: The Lobby–How the NRA is Rebranding–with Women-reached out to me several weeks ago to offer my take and I happily obliged. (Glad to see my thoughts weren’t butchered, and that my best quote was selected.) My thoughts, along with the thoughts of others like Florida State University student Shayna Lopez-Rivas, rape survivor/gun advocate Amanda Collins, and Rebekah Hargrove, president of Florida Students for Concealed Carry.

Odd we were featured alongside the likes of Hillary Clinton. A good chunk of the series, sadly, is full of misinformation–but I’ll give Marie Claire credit where credit is due: giving our side nearly an even playing field to communicate our views.

Go here to read the entire article.

Let me know what you think!

The series was linked by REDBOOK Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bizarre , Women’s Digest, ELLE Magazine, and Esquire Magazine. Crazy.

Counter Cultured Article: Carrie Underwood Honoring Military On Her Tour

Below is an excerpt:

There’s so much to love about country music singer Carrie Underwood, especially her big heart.

The “American Idol” winner announced she’s partnering with Carnival Cruises in conjunction with her “Storyteller” tour to support military families through Operation Homefront, an organization vested in offering short-term and long-term assistance to military families. Below is more about the organization:

By connecting the American donor community to our military families through a robust array of valued and life-changing programs that address the specific short-term and critical assistance, long-term stability and recurring support needs they experience, Operation Homefront is able to help military families overcome many of the challenges inherent in military life.