What Are We to Behold Post-Election Day?

Going into November 2nd, we were confident that Obama’s largely unpopular bills and efforts to radically transform America would come into light with a referendum on him. It surely showed! Now that the elections are over, we can find some solace in the people  elected to office.

Major gains were witnessed in several Senate races with wins by Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, Dan Coats in Indiana, Rand Paul in KentuckyKelly Ayotte in New Hampshire, Marco Rubio in Florida, and Mark Kirk in Illinois. Also, major gains in the House  were observed with victories in New York, North Carolina, Florida, and Virginia, to name a few.

But do not get me started with California: Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer, AGAIN…My state has disappointed America and conservatives. Sadly, this was expected.

Nevertheless, the rest of the United States has every reason to rejoice.

After witnessing huge gains in the House of Representatives for Republicans, our government will now enter a state of gridlock and divided government. Although this phenomenon is largely frowned upon, at least Obama won’t push his socialist agenda down our throats without a fight from Republicans! On that note, the Republicans better fend off ludicrous legislation if it surfaces.

Nonetheless, House Minority Leader John Boehner appears confident in these gains. When he assumes the role of  Speaker of the House come this January, he should honor his pledge to defend the interests of the American people.

Let us pray that the newly-elected Republicans do not compromise on their conservative principles and submit to the liberal ploy of  “bipartisanship.” To reiterate Rush Limbaugh’s words:

“When people say we must compromise with Obama, they are really saying that we must compromise with freedom.”

Obama is very dangerous, folks. Let us hope that our newly elected representatives stand up to him and defeat his policies. The TEA Party Movement proved to be a force to be reckoned with. More real change is to come in 2012-stay positive!