WOS: New Study Says Americans Buy Guns for Self-Defense

Below is an excerpt:

An April 13th poll suggests that Americans overwhelmingly buy firearms for self-defense purposes. 

A new Rasmussen Reports poll released on April 13, 2016 found that voters believe their fellow law-abiding Americans are buying guns for self-defense purposes.

Off those polled, 66% believe self-defense is the main driving force for people purchasing firearms. 5% polled from that same study think Americans purchase guns to commit criminal acts, while 1% says gun purchases are job related. 22% of those polled for this survey believe people bought firearms for purposes other than self-defense.

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Wash Times: Cuba could be liberated by firearms

Below is an excerpt:

Despite the Cuban embargo being lifted in December 2014, the island nation is still ravaged by collectivist policies like gun control.

Could the presence of privately-owned firearms held by citizens help pivot Cuba towards the path to freedom? It’s very plausible.

Ever since the Castro regime violently and ruthlessly rose to power in 1959, the presence of firearms has been nonexistent. Since installing a military dictatorship, the Castro brothers have made private gun ownership impossible, subject to regulation, and punishable by law. Cubans have thus been rendered defenseless — a factor convincing many Cubans to flee the communist nation for freedom elsewhere.

Cuba’s government has deliberately created an environment where a Second Amendment can’t thrive. It has complete pull over all industries in the country, including the firearms industry. It assigns responsibilities to loyalists in Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) — thuggish neighborhood watch programs slipping into obsolescence — to enforce laws to discourage dissent, instill fear in neighbors who fail to goose-step with the regime, and provide so-called security for those who pledge to a CDR. Moreover, the government exploits disarmament policies to instill fear in people.

Despite the terror seen under the Castro regime, some Cubans have accepted the military dictatorship in place. If Cuba were to become capitalist like the United States, some suggest, changes in gun laws could be possible and therefore lead to violence.

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Counter Cultured: If Your Girl Hates Guns, Find One Who Doesn’t

Below is an excerpt:

Notorious hypersexual fashion magazine Cosmopolitan still thinks it’s a serious political journal–especially on the subject of female views on gun ownership. After painting gun-toting guys as “gunsplainers” last month, a new video showing girlfriends appearing disgusted to learn their boyfriends own guns is dominating the Internet.

Without boring readers about the video’s subject matter, it’s a terribly monolithic portrayal of women, particularly girlfriends. Cosmo believes the majority of women are creeped out by guns. (They ignore the fact that more women are purchasing firearms and participating in shooting sports than ever before.) Even worse than the hysteria displayed by the four girlfriends is the lack of confidence displayed by the “boyfriends” featured in the video, who appear clueless and timid in their defense of owning firearms.

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WOS Article: 40K+ People Sign Petition to Allow Open Carry at RNC Convention

Below is an excerpt:

Nearly 40,000 thousand people have signed a petition to allow attendees of the Republican National Committee (RNC) convention to open firearms this July in Cleveland, OH. 

One group of gun owners has submitted an online petition to force the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio–which will play host to the RNC Convention this July–to allow attendees to open carry firearms.

Americans For Responsible Open Carry submitted a petition on Change.org titled, “Allow Open Carry of Firearms at the Quicken Loans Arena during the RNC Convention in July.” They have cited Cleveland’s high crime rates and the threat of gun control as the basis for the petition.

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WOS Article: Colion Noir Slams Scotland’s New Ban on Airguns

Below is an excerpt:

Popular firearm commentator Colion Noir slams Scotland for airgun ban.

In a new video for NRA News, popular commentator and firearm advocate Colion Noir slammed the nation of Scotland for banning airguns.

“…the Scottish government is now requiring its subjects to register their airguns in the next six months or face up to two years in prison,” Noir said. “We’re talking about an airgun—not a real gun, but an air gun—which if you ask me is a glorified BB gun. But let the anti-gunners tell it, I’m a fearmonger because I say universal background checks, which only work if there’s a national gun registration, will inevitably result in a gun ban.”

Noir added, “In 1967, the British government required a registration for all shotguns. In 1988 they banned all semi-automatic rifles, as well as pump-action rifles. In 1997 they required a gun registration for all handguns and then subsequently banned the handguns.”

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Wash Times Column: Women are thwarting crime

Below is an excerpt from my second TWT gun column:

Good guys with guns aren’t the only individuals stopping bad guys with guns. Good girls with guns are thwarting crime, too.

With March being Women’s History Month — a month-long celebration honoring American women and their contributions to society — why not celebrate powerful, empowered, everyday women using firearms to defend themselves and others around them?

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