Leadership Institute Founder Endorses Ted Cruz for President

So my organization’s president has endorsed Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for president.

Morton C. Blackwell founded the conservative non-profit Leadership Institute in 1979 and is involved in the RNC as a delegate. It’s important to remember that his endorsement isn’t reflective of Leadership Institute as it is his own individual endorsement–but it nonetheless is very timely as our state’s primary is less than two months away.

Below is his endorsement of Cruz as posted from Ken Cuccinelli’s The Cuccinelli Compass: 

In the past several weeks, the presidential contest has clarified.  I have decided to endorse Ted Cruz and to urge other serious conservatives to join me in supporting Cruz.

In the piece I wrote last November, which you can see here, I discussed several factors important to consider in making a choice.  Here they are:

  • Has the candidate a record of personal activism and leadership for conservative principles?
  • Is the candidate surrounded by people notable for their firm commitment to conservative principles?
  • Are the candidate’s currently stated policy positions solidly conservative?
  • Has the candidate ever continued to fight hard for conservative principles when it appeared to be a losing battle?
  • Does the candidate frequently reverse his or her positions on important issues?
  • Has the candidate built a record of helping conservative organizations and working to elect conservative candidates?
  • If elected, would the candidate melt when the heat is on?
  • Can the liberal media destroy any truly conservative presidential candidate?

Applying those questions and similar considerations to the current candidates and their campaigns, you and I should unite in support of a candidate who could win election and whom we believe would be the most determined and effective conservative president.

I believe that person is Sen. Ted Cruz.

He has consistently demonstrated his deep commitment to conservative principles.  He works hard for those principles.  He is very smart.  He’s a world-class speaker.  He has shown that he can raise the large amounts of money necessary to win the nomination and the November election.

Ted Cruz has famously organized what is probably the best national ground-game campaign.  Supporters of some other candidates have focused largely on paid advertising that has a limited effect on identifying supporters and getting them to participate personally in caucuses and primaries.

Republican Presidents frequently have problems selecting federal judges and Supreme Court Justices who turn out to be reliably conservative on the bench.  From personal experience, Ted knows much better than others the vital importance of this matter.

You and I can be confident that Ted Cruz will make superb judicial nominations.

The Democrats will almost certainly nominate a badly flawed candidate – a notorious, serial liar who is widely disliked and distrusted.  Let’s take this opportunity to nominate and elect a Republican president who has the courage and skill to advance our conservative principles.

Like me, you have probably sensed that support for Ted is growing rapidly across the country.  I hope and now expect him to win the nomination.

Please join me in supporting Ted Cruz.


Morton Blackwell
Virginia Republican National Committeeman

P.S.  Feel free to circulate copies of this letter if you wish. -MCB

Ken Cuccinelli also endorsed Ted Cruz for president at the first official Virginia campaign event in Mechanicsville, VA a few weeks ago.

It’s nice to see more conservatives coalescing behind Ted Cruz, no? Virginia’s primary falls on Super Tuesday this year, or March 1, 2016. Stay tuned for more updates from the Commonwealth of Virginia…

Update I: Senator Cruz retweeted a tweet from someone who posted my article:

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 7.47.53 PM

Important Virginia News: Former AG Ken Cuccinelli Endorses Ted Cruz for President

Cruz Cucc

Cuccinelli (L) introducing Cruz (R) at a St. Patrick’s Day young conservatives event in Arlington, VA earlier this year.

In a not-so-shocking endorsement out of our beautiful Commonwealth today, our former Attorney General and 2013 candidate for governor Ken Cuccinelli has endorsed Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for president.

At a rally for Cruz in Richmond, VA today–in conjunction with his several-day #CruzCountry Christmas tour–Cuccinelli issued this statement about endorsing Senator Cruz. Below is his full statement:

Today I endorsed conservative leader Ted Cruz for President. You can read my full statement below:

I am one of countless Republicans exasperated with how the Washington Republican “leadership” has failed to even try to advance our basic principles, to say nothing how they continue to violate their own campaign promises. Like many others, I believe Washington is a politically incestuous den of crony government – and that’s bi-partisan. We have many challenges as a country, but we will never confront most of those challenges unless we elect a President who is willing to swim against the current of corruption of Washington.

While many Presidential candidates are trying to make the case that they won’t be captured by Washington, only Senator Ted Cruz has the consistent track record to prove it. Does that make him appear to not get along with the Washington leadership? Yes. Does the leadership dislike him? Yes. In the mainstream media, this conflict is portrayed as a bad thing. I think it’s a good thing. The folks that don’t like Senator Cruz in Washington don’t like him because he’s an unapologetic Constitutional Conservative that doesn’t back down. I can live with that… in fact, I can get pretty excited about that!

The intensity of the Republican grassroots’ anger at the GOP leadership is THE major reason that Donald Trump continues to perform well in polling. It was also part of the successful launch of Dr. Ben Carson. That anger isn’t just a reaction to President Obama’s destructive policies; it is a reaction to the Republican leadership’s unwillingness to lead like Republicans. While I respect Donald Trump and Ben Carson, only Ted Cruz has had a consistent record (after getting elected) of challenging the Republican leadership and President Obama’s disastrous policies. Lots of people talk about fighting Washington, Senator Cruz has done it.

On foreign policy, the GOP seems to have three groups: the “neocons” on one end, the “Paulites” on the other end, and then a group in the middle. Most of the GOP candidates are neocons. I used to be a neocon too… until I figured out that neocon polices don’t work and cost far too much in lives and treasure. I would also note that the neocons are the most willing to “conveniently” read the constitution in ways that dramatically tip the balance between liberty and security…away from liberty. This tendency is particularly true with regard to their willingness to trample the Fourth Amendment (requiring government to get a warrant based on probable cause to search or seize your property).

I have come to believe that we cannot have a knee-jerk reaction to enter every armed conflict, but should preserve our strength and political capital to be aggressive where it matters most to American interests. Examples poor foreign policy actions include working to remove Muammar Gaddafi in Libya (in 2011) and Bashar Assad in Syria (which has not yet occurred). Although they may be loathsome human beings, our efforts to remove national leaders we don’t like in the Middle East often brings much more catastrophic circumstances with regard to America’s security, as we have seen in Libya where ISIS and Al Qaeda have greatly grown in strength since 2011.

Over the last 15 years, America has spent trillions of dollars that we don’t have on foreign policy ventures, most of which have proven bad investments. We need a President frugal enough to actually count the monetary cost our foreign policy. Ted Cruz is in the middle group of Republicans on foreign policy issues. While it may be rousing to hear emotional, warlike rhetoric from some candidates, I believe such strategies are proven failures and I want my next President to break the cycle of foreign policy failures of the current and past Presidents.

One of the reasons the GOP establishment and big corporate interests dislike Ted Cruz is because he has fought amnesty in immigration. The threat of terrorism and the debilitating drain on our resources from unfettered immigration show clearly that we must have a President who will stand strong for American sovereignty on immigration and against the big corporate interests that control the congressional leadership of both parties.

Ted Cruz’s consistent resistance to the growth of Washington power has also extended to the budget. The Fed just raised interest rates ¼ of 1%. That equates to almost $50 billion more dollars of interest payments on our national debt every year. And the Fed has signaled that it expects a full 1% increase through 2016. That means that our nearly $20 trillion national debt will squeeze out almost $200 billion of money from our national budget in 2017 just to pay interest on the debt! Wow, that’s a big number!

Obama has already eviscerated our military. The increased debt payments will make it much, much harder to find the money we need to repair Obama’s damage to our military. Among the top Presidential candidates, only Ted Cruz has shown the commitment to cutting the federal budget in the aggressive way necessary to attack our federal debt. That debt is one of the greatest threats to our children’s future that the next President will face.

One way Ted Cruz has demonstrated his commitment to conservative principles is by the type of people he has hired in his Senate office. He believes ‘personnel is policy.’ Many of the people Senator Cruz hired for his Senate office came out of former Senator Jim DeMint’s staff. Compare his hiring history to others in the top tier of the nomination contest and it’s no contest. This is part of Cruz’s consistent, conservative track record. He will bring in to his administration dedicated, patriotic conservatives to help shrink the power of government in our lives and in our economy.

And while I could go on to other reasons why Ted Cruz should be our next President, I will end with this: Ted Cruz has shown – starting long before he ever ran for the U.S. Senate – that he is committed to the first principles of this country. He is a full spectrum conservative who knows and has fought to protect our Constitution. He doesn’t protect the parts of the Constitution he likes, and he doesn’t protect the Constitution only when it’s convenient. Ted Cruz fights for our whole Constitution – all the time. This commitment to our Constitution will be reflected in how he uses the executive power of the President and the judges he nominates.

Ted Cruz has been a consistent, full-spectrum conservative who has a strong track record of fighting for -and bleeding for – our first principles. Many candidates “talk conservative” during campaigns, but their actions don’t match their campaign rhetoric. No other candidate can match Senator Ted Cruz’s strong conservative track record.

America is at a tipping point. It is not enough for us to get a Republican President in 2016 – someone who will simply preside over the decline of America. We need a Republican President who will undo the damage done by President Obama and who will take on his own party leadership to finally reign in the power and reckless spending of Washington.

That candidate is Senator Ted Cruz.

 This endorsement should give Cruz a huge boost here in the Commonwealth as Cuccinelli is one of the state’s most valuable and trusted conservative activists. Shall be interesting to see what plays out here in the Commonwealth of Virginia on March 1st, 2016…


Join Rand Paul’s Class Action Lawsuit Against President Obama and the NSA

Yesterday, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announced that he’s suing President Obama and the NSA in a class action lawsuit .

In December, a federal judge ruled NSA’s domestic phone data mining as unconstitutional.

If you’re concerned about the lack of transparency from our government and this clear violation of Fourth Amendment rights, then sign this petition in support of Paul’s class action lawsuit. Sign it and then share it with your family and friends!

Post-Election Analysis on Virginia Governor’s Race

Here’s my post-election analysis of the Virginia gubernatorial race:

Ken Cuccinelli was the right candidate to run for governor on our side. Say what you want about his conservatism, which didn’t hurt him, he only narrowly lost to Terry McAuliffe 45.27% to 47.75%. Had a moderate Republican been selected, McAuliffe would have won in a landslide. Exit polling showed that Cuccinelli actually won independents on the issue of ObamaCare 47 to 38%. Thankful for grassroots groups like Women for Ken and countless volunteers for their tireless work. (Yes, it is because of them – not the RNC – that this race was a narrow loss.) Yes, Cuccinelli should have been more ruthless…McAuliffe had so much dirt, we should have exploited it better. But McAuliffe had $15 million more to vilify, defame, and lie about Ken.

Why did Cuccinelli lose? No, it’s not because he was conservative. (Cuccinelli out-performed Romney in areas he won and even won a few liberal counties.) My only concern was that Ken wasn’t aggressive enough. Lack of help from the RNC is mostly to blame and the Obama bundler-backed “libertarian” Robert Sarvis did spoil the race.

There’s a number floating around saying the RNC spent $3 million in this race. According to records, the RNC donated $85,098 to Ken’s campaign (Virginia Public Access Project). The RNC put more resources into the NJ governor race although we all knew Christie would win in a landslide. Give me a break about having limited resources. If they weren’t so intent on undermining conservative candidates, we would have won this race. Everything is local, which is why you dedicate time to winning the Governor’s Mansion. They did diddly-squat for Cuccinelli. This incompetence is only foreshadowing the imminent war between the grassroots and Establishment. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you… (More on this later.)

Robert Sarvis, that squirmy “libertarian” spoiler who was backed by an Obama campaign bundler….This guy spoiled the race and took some votes from Cuccinelli. This guy supported high taxes (gas mileage), Medicaid expansion, taxpayer subsidized abortion, and wasn’t a fan of Austrian economics. People like this creep should never EVER be given the day and time in politics. This guy screwed libertarian ideas (especially economic ones) over by aiding and abetting McAuliffe.

What’s the takeaway? Cuccinelli was fighting for you; Terry McAuliffe was fighting for his pockets and Hillary Clinton. You will reap what you sow. ObamaCare is going to hurt our great Commonwealth, and angry white liberal males who were scared about a mythical war on birth control will get full maternity coverage under ObamaCare — until they lose their HC coverage. Terry McAuliffe will try to pass a lot of executive orders to usher in Marxist policies. We must be prepared to stop him.

Fellow Virginians: I’m not giving up on the Commonwealth of Virginia and neither should you. Be prepared to fight.

Today I Voted for Ken Cuccinelli

Happy Election Day, fellow Virginians!

election day

This has been a long year and a half of smears, lies, and deceit from Democrats eager to turn Virginia into California or even worse, Detroit, MI. Terry McAuliffe is a crook and our state can’t afford to have him lead it to ruin.

This was the first time I voted in Virginia’s statewide elections. Previously, I voted in my home state California and am happy to be in a state where my vote actually counts. That’s why I voted for Ken Cuccinelli (Gov), E.W. Jackson, (LG), Mark Obenshain (AG), and Brian Wolfe (Sheriff) this morning.



Not surprisingly, I received some lovely hate from a McAuliffe supporter. Keep it classy!


Also, it was just revealed that “libertarian” candidate Robert Sarvis (unsurprisingly) received money from Democrats, namely an Obama campaign bundler from Texas. I knew he wreaked of sleaze too. (Libertarians and moderates, don’t be deceived by this big government phony masquerading as a libertarian.)


So naturally, I had to confront this troll about being an accessory to McAuliffe’s scheming.

tweet5What’s the takeaway from all of this? Democrats and sore loser Republicans attempted to undermine Ken Cuccinelli and should pay for their misgivings. If we pull out a victory tonight – yes, it is possible – we will deliver a HUGE upset to our opponents. Let’s make that happen, please? Mark my words: This race will be very, VERY tight. Please make sure all of your friends and family members here in Virginia vote for Ken, E.W., Mark, and Bryan Wolfe if they live in Fairfax County.


UPDATE: Around 6pm ET, the Virginia Board of Elections will start tabulating precinct returns. Polls will close at 7pm. Pay close attention.

New Counter Cultured Column: Terry McAuliffe Wants Virginian Women to Submit to Big Government

I’ve penned a new column at Counter Cultured just in time for Election Day here in Virginia. My family and I will be voting for Ken Cuccinelli for Governor, E.W. Jackson for Lieutenant Governor, Mark Obenshain for Attorney General, and Brian Wolfe for Fairfax County Sheriff.

Below is an excerpt from my column criticizing Terry McAuliffe’s misogynist views and crusade for big government:

Tomorrow is Election Day here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Many of you have seen me comment, tweet, and write about the gubernatorial race in great detail. (Disclaimer: I’m a Ken Cuccinelli supporter and have been since he launched his campaign in Summer 2012.) This race is important for our state, and its outcome will have an impact nationwide.

A win for Cuccinelli is a win for freedom; a win for McAuliffe is a win for big government.

Much to the dismay of Terry McAuliffe and his surrogates, Ken isn’t an extremist or a woman-hater. On the contrary, Ken is pro-woman–more pro-woman than McAuliffe could ever claim to be.

Continue reading at Counter Cultured.

It’s November in Virginia: Vote Ken Cuccinelli and the Rest of the Ticket

Can’t believe it’s already November…Within a few days, those of us here in Virginia will be voting for our next governor. This race not only matters to our state; it matters to this country. There is one candidate who is a Washington outsider, constitutional conservative, and defender of freedom. That man is Ken Cuccinelli. (I will have two more posts here before Election Day explaining my support for Cuccinelli.)

What about McAuliffe and Sarvis?

Terry McAuliffe is a big government, cronyist stooge eager to turn Virginia into California or New York. He models his policies after the Clintons and President Obama. He’s currently under several federal investigations too. He’s pro-woman? Quite the contrary. He left his wife and newborn kids in the car to go raise millions of dollars for the DNC; and he recently declared getting an abortion after 20 weeks is a constitutional right. The guy is as corrupt as they come.

Robert Sarvis is a moderate progressive masquerading as a libertarian. This guy ran for office in 2011 as a Republican, lost, and is bitter. Heck, he even campaigned saying he’d model himself after Cuccinelli. In several recent interviews, Sarvis revealed that he likes higher taxes (i.e., gas mileage tax), Medicaid expansion, no regulations on abortion clinics, and is in favor of mainstream economics (not much of a free marketeer). A vote for Sarvis is a vote for McAuliffe.

This is not a repeat of 2012. Cuccinelli has never flip-flopped on issues, and he was the first Attorney General to file an injunction against ObamaCare. He has stood up to the federal government on numerous occasions.

Fellow Virginia voters: Please vote smart. Vote for limited government – vote for Cuccinelli and the rest of the ticket.