Professor Sympathizes With Stalin, Says “It’s Bullshit” to Say He Committed Crimes

My first post at Campus Reform is centered around Grover Furr,  a Medieval English professor at Montclair State University in Montclair, NJ , who is an apologist for brutal Soviet dictator and communist Joseph Stalin.  In this video, Furr says that Stalin is an innocent man and that he has yet to find “one crime” Stalin committed. Talk about ridiculous. As someone who has had family murdered and oppressed by Stalin, I find his remarks to be repulsive and insulting. My maternal grandfather was imprisoned in a Russian gulag at the Belomar Canal at the Finnish-Russian border for 18 months. Many of my parents’ friends or family members disappeared under Stalin’s reign of terror from 1929-1953. Professors like Furr should not be teaching at universities.

Here’s the video:

More from Campus Reform:

“I know they say he killed 20, 30, 40 million people,” continued Grover Furr, a professor in Medieval English at Montclair State University.

“It’s bullshit.”

Professor Grover Furr of Montclair State University said he has yet to find “one crime that Stalin committed.”

Furr made the comments at a campus debate featuring three individuals supposedly representing conservative, liberal, and libertarian political views.

Following the debate, a student pressed Furr on his comments reminding the professor that most historians believe “100 to 150 million people [were] killed by communist regimes.”

The professor, however, doubled down on his original comment.

“What you said is bullshit,” said Furr.  “It’s wrong. It’s a lie.”

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Another video from Grover Furr:

UCSD Prospect Calls Guardian “Right-Wing,” Spews Lies

In response to my article in the California Review, UCSD’s Prospect has attempted to prove me wrong in my analysis and debunk my assertion that the Guardian is liberal. The Prospect is, “the international studies journal at University of California, San Diego. News, politics, and culture from the US and around the world.” I’d love to see them try. Get ready for some chuckles.

From the Prospect on April 4th:

Adventures in Journalistic Rigor with “The California Review”

By admin in Culture, Politics, United States

By Taylor Marvin

UCSD’s The California Review has an article that discovers- surprise- that UCSD’s campus newspaper The Guardian leans left. In pretty unconvinced by the basic metric of the article- attempting to score Guardian articles by their political bias is inherently subjective and dependent on the author’s definition of conservatism, and I’m confident that I could repeat author Gabriella Hoffman’s methods and prove The Guardian to be a mildly right-wing paper. Also, the revelation that the student-run paper of a caucasian-minority, University of California campus that draw most of its students from Democratic counties leans editorially left isn’t exactly worthy of a Pulitzer. Most politically-active UCSD students tend to the left, so it isn’t surprising that The Guardian’s writers do as well. If The California Review’s editors want to advance a conservative perspective within The Guardian’s editorial content, they should join The Guardian. Given the UCSD student body’s appreciation for on-campus publications, I’m sure The Guardian could use the enthusiasm.

The California Review’s metric for ranking left vs. right leaning articles is particularly ridiculous. Since when do conservatives have a monopoly on “fiscal responsibility?”  Has Ms. Hoffman never heard of the Reagan or second Bush administrations? Couldn’t I claim that, given the mainstream and throughly disproven Republican position that national tax-cuts raise revenue, that pro-fiscal responsibility editorials lean left? It gets worse. An “anti-Islam” slant is conservative, rather than just bigoted? Being “pro-military” is ranked as conservative, which probably explains all the Democrats in Congress who don’t support the troops. And I’m sorry, if you disparage “alternative lifestyles” in 2011 you look like a bigot, and also someone who doesn’t realize it’s 2011. Please. The phrase “alternative lifestyles” is only acceptable if you’re a mid-1960s parent worried about your son becoming a hippie. The best part? The sample size: “At least 305.” That’s statistical rigor.

Update: Ms. Hoffman’s response can be found here. What’s unfortunate is that while I don’t dispute her core thesis that the Guardian tends to the left, her method of demonstrating this is entirely unconvincing. Editorial slants and political beliefs in general are so hard to quantify that bias is extremely difficult to demonstrate in anything by the most obvious cases, which, combined with her loose definition of a liberal bias, substantially weakens The California Review’s argument.

Update II: And wait, I call The Guardian “right-wing?” I though it was obvious I was arguing that Ms. Hoffman’s method was subjective enough that another author using the same procedure could claim The Guardian is a conservative paper, not that The Guardian is actually right-wing. I’m also going to steal the name “The Prospect,” it’s much more important sounding than what we have now.

Update III: Interesting. When I first viewed the California Review piece last night at about 10:00pm, it prominently displayed a disclaimer by the editor reiterating the author’s views were her own and not necessarily those of the publication as a whole. As of 8:00am this morning this disclaimer has been taken down.

Student Group Cozies Up to Communists at “One Nation Working Together” Rally

Taken from NewsReal Blog on October 5th, 2010:

Having watched both Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally and its counterpart, “One Nation Working Together,” I am not surprised that organized student groups chose to align themselves with communists in the latter. What makes this rather terrifying is that groups like the United States Student Association (U.S.S.A.) openly propagate communist and socialist agendas to implement “education reform.” Do not be fooled by this cause, as student fees aimlessly put into these “humanitarian” groups breed contempt for American ideals.

The U.S. Student Association and its henchwoman Lindsay McCluskey appear dedicated to reforming education. “Organizing and fighting for college access and college affordability” sounds like a beautiful idea. Despite its perceived message, the U.S.S.A. and similar groups propagate  hidden agendas that advance “social” and “economic” justice–offspring of socialism and communism:

The student members of the United States Student Association work together with a vision for a just society in which generations of representative leaders understand their power and engage and empower diverse communities to create social change…Today, college students face a multitude of barriers.  The average student borrower graduates nearly $25,000 in debt.  65,000 undocumented students are financially barred from a higher education because of archaic and nonsensical immigration laws.

Frankly, all of us college students are disgruntled with paying high fees to attend universities. Yet, aligning one’s interests with communists and their failed belief system is not going to yield results. Also, why must education be an entitlement for illegal aliens who sulk off of taxpaying dollars? I guess intellectual diversity is oppressive and hard work is too laborious. Boy, those communists sure know how to solve all of the world’s problems!

The U.S.S.A.’s agenda further confirms the notion that “social justice” actually means communism:

Communists are on the left, and the Nazis are on the right. That’s what people say. But they both subscribe to one philosophy, and they flew one banner. . . . But on each banner, read the words, here in America: ‘social justice.’ They talked about economic justice, rights of the workers, redistribution of wealth, and surprisingly, democracy.

Communism was a failed system that my family endured and fortunately escaped. Millions of people suffered and ultimately perished. Freedoms were limited; progress was nonexistent. If groups like the U.S. Students Association continue to embrace communist ideas and go unnoticed, expect the United Socialist States of America to follow suit.

McGill University Heckles Bike Riders After Campus-Wide Ban

Taken from NewsReal Blog on September 21st, 2010.

No conservative should fail to seize an opportunity to expose leftist injustices around them. What better place to observe and report than Montreal, Canada? My appreciation for the United States radiates more after venturing up north, not that I ever doubted my patriotism or renounced it until President Obama was elected. From global justice churches to attempts at creating “biodiversity,” Montreal did not fail to live up to expectations as a hotbed for socialist politics.

While exploring downtown Montreal, my family and I traversed upon famed institution McGill University. It seemed harmless at first with its nicely-manicured lawns, students lounging out and studying, and European architecture. Yet, police officers got hasty when students rode their bicycles. I was shocked and stunned to bear witness to this! It is time that someone dispel doubts, as we here in the United States should be weary of similar proposals that could tap into our already-troubled universities.

What would be wrong with riding bicycles on a college campus, one might ask? Well, McGill’s administration sees it fit to ban all bike use on campus. As a college student, I am reliant on my bike as a mode of transportation to get to classes and various spots on campus. Not only does it provide one with a means of travel, a bike allows students to simultaneously exercise. McGill vied for stricter bike protocols because “mounted bicycles are incompatible with pedestrian safety,” a University of Alberta columnist cites with his disappointment in pedestrians oblivious to bicyclists. The larger issue at hand, though, is McGill’s efforts to reduce campus traffic in order to have a “healthier, safer campus.” I think this institution is just asking for more disgruntled students. Why aggravate students more? Universities already torture them enough with their endless brainwashing!

With calls for students to dismount their bikes in Montreal, American universities should note this ridiculous call to action and evade it. Many students rely on bikes since it is too expensive to drive on campus. Universities keep crying that they are short-strapped on cash, while they are wasting money on useless projects and professor pensions. Here is a more appropriate call to action for universities like McGill: do not pass legislation that is foolish and impractical.