Goodbye Summer, Hello Campus Visits!

“To travel is to live.” ― Hans Christian Andersen, The Fairy Tale of My Life: An Autobiography

To those of you who read this blog, I’m happy to announce that I’m going to resume regular blogging — well, when time permitted.

Hope everyone had a great summer! I know I did. Now that it’s September, I’ll be making frequent trips into the field (Northeast) to fulfill my Regional Field Coordinator duties.  I have the privilege of meeting with eager  motivated conservative/libertarian students. I get to visit places like NYC and Boston. I’m 22 – I’m young and should enjoy any opportunity to travel. Consulting fellow young conservatives and traveling to cool cities? I couldn’t ask for a better job!

Tomorrow I leave for New York to meet with students from Syracuse University, Ithaca College, New York University, Vassar College, University of Rochester, and Columbia University in the City of New York. Six days in the field will prove interesting and productive with meetings, club fairs, driving, train rides, people-watching, and of course, sight-seeing.  Did I mention I’ll be in NY during the U.S. Open and Fashion Week?!

I can’t wait to help students combat the Left on campus this Fall.  I, along with my fellow Regional Field Coordinators, will be using social media to document our campus travels. We will be tweeting and posting pictures with the student groups we assist/meet with.

We hope you join us in spreading the good word of Leadership Institute’s Campus Leadership Program! Kindly share/retweet our pictures.


Bastiat, Beautiful Scenery, and the Big Apple

I recently returned from a work-related trip in the states of New York and New Jersey. Being the sheltered Orange County, CA kid I am, I had never been to New York before and was excited to plan this trip. Lucky for me, my job allowed me to embark on this quest to find and seek out conservative activists at New York  and New Jersey campuses.

Over the course of four days, I saw many things and met many interesting folks.

En route to JFK, I sat next to a Czech man also from Alexandria, VA. He was making a connecting flight at JFK to get to Prague, Czech Republic. The elderly gentleman, Pete, noticed my Bastiat book and then proceeded to talk about how great his work was. Pete said how much he valued his [Bastiat’s] contributions to society and also valued those of other notable economists from the Austrian School. Pete recounted how he and his wife (who hails from Germany) came to this country in 1976. Pete quipped, “I born under Hitler and raised under Stalin.” At that moment, I knew then and there that I had an ally in him. He reminded me of my paternal and maternal grandfathers in many ways. Like him, both of my grandfathers – especially my late Grandpa Misha  – wore baseball caps, large vests, and traveled lightly. He also boasted this kind demeanor commonly found in immigrants from the former USSR, particularly the ones who saw what a nightmare Communism was in the Old Country. You know when you meet a stranger for the first time and instantly hit it off with them? This is exactly the feeling I got when I talked with Pete. Like my parents, he understands the dangers of universal healthcare, the failure of forced “equality”, class warfare rhetoric, and other radical positions this sitting president touts on a daily basis. It is always heartwarming to meet people who come from a similar background. Although I was fortunate to be born in the United States, I recognize Pete’s and my parent’s concerns about this administration embracing socialism and Marxism. I befriended Pete and plan to keep in touch with him.

Gabby Conquers NYC? Sort Of…

Once I hitched a cab to my hotel, I laid eyes on the terrible traffic that is commonplace there. What made it worse was the fact that the Messiah himself, President Obama, was in town for yet another fundraiser with his celebrity surrogates. How lovely. Those of us who hail from Southern California are familiar with traffic, and my adopted home – Washington, D.C. – was recently named the city with the worst drivers in America. New York traffic couldn’t be that unbearable, I thought. Alas, I was greatly mistaken.

Aside from the traffic, I enjoyed navigating the subway system. It boasts many similarities to the WMATA, our beloved metro system here in the  D.C. metro area , but had far more stops and is more subterranean than it. I had to get from Queens, NY to Manhattan to meet with students at the King’s College, so the subway helped out.

Kings College is set in the heart of Wall Street and the Financial District in NYC. The skyscrapers surrounding it tower high above the streets, and are worth marveling. (Yes, I did see Occupy activists in and around Wall Street.)

And the New York Stock Exchange:

Of course, no trip to New York City is complete without a stop to Times Square. Despite the rain that night, I enjoyed being immersed in the popular hotspot. Our gracious tour guides – some new friends from King’s College – gave me and Brandon, one of my field reps, a great but quick tour of the area. I was the only one in the group playing tourist, but that wasn’t an issue. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the greatness that is NYC?

Following my visit to King’s College, I went to NYU and Princeton University.

Here’s a shot of Princeton, a campus I found to be beautiful with its High Victorian Gothic style. (If you were wondering, YES – conservatives exist at Princeton and most Ivy League schools. Sad thing is, many are closeted and afraid to publicly express their views.)

After spending several days in NYC, I went to upstate NY to meet with more students. I came across this thing before leaving the city. Apparently, unions display these rather disgusting, ugly-looking inflatable rats as a form of protest when they don’t get their way…

FACT: Upstate New York is gorgeous.

I’ve lived in suburbia my entire life, whether it be in Laguna Niguel, Coto de Caza, or La Jolla in California but have grown to accept and enjoy living close to a major city. Nevertheless, I’ve always been one for the outdoors since I enjoy fishing, camping, and hiking in my free time. That being said, upstate New York was anything but boring and uninteresting. The foliage, rivers, lush green pastures, and countless farms are great fixtures in the region. It reminded me of Lithuania, my ancestral homeland, with its crisp fresh air and nature. Here is a breathtaking sunset near Ithaca, NY.

One odd thing that I noticed was cemeteries located near every land-grant (public) university. Whether Syracuse, Ithaca, Cortland, or Buffalo, cemeteries are a commonplace in upstate New York. Beats me, but here’s more information about them.

One place we stumbled upon was this diner near Geneseo, NY:

It was NASCAR-themed and had a country flair to it. The food was also delicious. Here’s another view from the inside.

My other field rep, Simeon – who also graduated from UCSD this June – and I visited and met with students from Syracuse U, Cornell U, SUNY Geneseo, and SUNY Buffalo. I absolutely loved Cornell’s surroundings with its gorges, forests, wild deer, the Finger Lakes, and old architecture. SUNY Buffalo was our largest meeting with over 30 students in attendance. Each university was unique, and the students were equally passionate and dedicated to the cause. I can say that there is true, genuine hope in New York. Young conservative activists just need to be identified and equipped with the right tools to counter liberal bias on campus.

As I was heading back to D.C., I realized I was riding the same plane with Al Sharpton (think race-baiter, serial hypocrite) and Doug Schoen, Democrat and Fox News contributor. Talk about an interesting experience…

My takeaway from the trip? New York lives up to its reputation as an impressionable and exciting place. Los Angeles and San Diego pale in comparison to NYC with respect to size. Upstate New York reminded me of several places in Southern California, with its small towns, forests, and mountains – minus being a desert. While New York is a blue state, I learned to appreciate it and value the experience by not allowing politics to entirely get in the way of my trip. I’ll be going again in October to help students counter U.N. Day.

Next stop: Boston and Southern New England!

Update: I will resume blogging in the next couple of weeks. I’ve got some wonderful writing opportunities that I will .

New James O’Keefe Video Helps Reveal Truth Behind “Occupy Wall Street” Movement

“I have nearly infinite faith in the power of free people, making their own decisions on what is best for them and their families, to create a great, lasting and moral society.”—James O’Keefe

On October 11, 2011, investigative journalist and conservative activist James O’Keefe released a new video directed at the  “Occupy Wall Street” movement.

Previously, O’Keefe brought down ACORN with fellow investigative journalist Hannah Giles. His other projects include video exposés of National Public Radio (NPR), teachers unions, and Medicaid. Additionally, he starred in “Landrieu Dance”—a music video directed by conservative filmmaker Christian Hartsock—to prove detractors wrong.

O’Keefe and his Project Veritas released the following statement about the new video:

Project Veritas founder, James O’Keefe, made an appearance at the “Occupy Wall Street” protests in New York City. Mildly disguised as a banker, James met with surprising requests for investments into the proposed interests of the protesters.

In the video, O’Keefe dons a business suit and introduces himself as a banker to unsuspecting event goers. He blends into the “Occupy Wall Street” event in New York City and talks with several protestors there. Throughout the video, he interacts with hippies, communists, and other colorful individuals. Surprisingly, protestors welcome him with cake and compliments, among many things.

O’Keefe’s exchange with one particular protestor should be noted. He tells the protestor that he works on Wall Street. Shortly afterward, the man solicits him and later asks, “Would you like to make a lot of money on this, ethically?” The protestor went on to say, “Now myself, I’m not a business person but…I would like to get my interests financed.”

The rest of the exchange is seen here:

Continue reading at Landmark Report

Occupy Wall Street Hooligans Bring Socialist Movement to San Diego October 7

It was brought to my attention that some here in San Diego–namely socialists and communists–are bringing the “Occupy Wall Street” movement to San Diego, California, this October 7th,2011.

Here is a video about the Occupy San Diego gathering:

This movement aims to overthrow capitalism in exchange for some “beautiful” alternative. No matter how many times we probe these people, they fail to offer an alternative to capitalism…

Undoubtedly, these hypocrites reap the benefits of capitalism and simultaneously want to destroy it. (Irony much?) Instead, they look to socialism for an answer. Both socialism and its ugly cousin communism are defined by collective farms, redistribution of wealth, poverty, pogroms, and nonexistent human rights.  Is this the alternative they seek?

The corporatists in Wall Street–who are sympathetic to crony capitalism, not free market enterprise–are to blame for our nation’s financial woes. Interestingly enough, these protesters have no complaints about them or their ties to the Obama Administration. Nevertheless, these Occupy Wall Street hooligans routinely blame capitalism  for their problems.

Why do people continue to dismiss history? Look at Nazi Germany, the former USSR, Vietnam, Cuba, and similar nations. Communism and socialism do not work. They reduce(d) people to human debris.

My parents endured communism and later escaped the former USSR. They came here to escape brutal conditions found in their former homeland. My mom–a devout Catholic–could not openly practice her religion. Similarly, my dad was subjugated to institutionalized anti-Semitism. Capitalism in America was the only system that could ensure their freedom.

The question beckons: if communism and socialism were so beautiful, why did my parents and other Soviet refuseniks/political refugees leave?

People need to think twice about socialism before demanding it here in America. Pay attention to the Obama Administration’s socialist programs being shoved down our throats.

10 Years After 9-11: My Thoughts

On September 11, 2001, I was en route to Moulton Elementary when I heard the news about the attack on the twin towers. I was only in the fifth grade. My dad, sister, and I were listening to Bill Handel on KFI AM 640. We were in disbelief when we heard the news. My dad thought Handel was joking as usual (this liberal host usually rants about how much he loves Clinton and Obama). Nevertheless, Handel was serious. The news alerts that followed on KFI confirmed that America was under attack by Muslim terrorists who were determined to carry out jihad.

It was absolutely scary to bear the reality that terrorists had attacked New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania. Although in California, I felt the impact of the devastation like the rest of America. It was awful and heart wrenching to see the smoke, people falling out of the World Trade Center buildings, and rubble.  The terrorists who attacked us committed the worst atrocity ever wrought on American soil.

Ten years later, we must not forget that terrible day. We must be stronger, less complacent, and more proactive. We must preserve our American traditions. Most of all, we must continue to pursue, capture, and punish all terrorists and their enablers.

Here is a great tribute to 9-11 from Budweiser. The iconic Clydesdale horses illuminate all things Americana, strong-willed, and valiant:

I leave you with the following : Never forget those 3,000 lives lost. Never surrender our freedoms to political correctness. Never appease to enemies. Never back down or surrender your strength. Never forget 9-11. God Bless the USA. ♥

Newport Beach City Council Approves Reagan Statue

Taken from Newport Beach Now:

The Newport Beach City Council approved a proposal to erect a statue of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan tuesday night by a 5-2 vote. Voting for the statue project were Mayor Mike Henn, Councilpersons Keith Curry, Rush Hill, Lucy Diagle Ed Selich, Steve Rosanskuy and Nancy Gardner voted against the proposal.

Hs-bill Columnist Bill Lobdell of the Daily Pilot (known to locals affectionately as ‘The Daily Plot’ for decades) can now put to rest his diabolical scheme to upend any official public honoring of former President Ronald Reagan by the City of Newport Beach. Just teasing you Bill, but when you hatch your next unsuccessful liberal column crusade, Laguna Beach would would in my opinion be a much better venue. There it stands a greater chance of success! Not a bad effort though all-in-all, despite your unseemly methods.

Councilman Keith Curry, the proposals leading advocate led off the council meeting with a lengthy rendition of why he believed the honoring the former president was warranted. In the name of compromise he offered a new proposal that altered his previous plan to place the statue at Newport Beach’s new Civic Center now under construction. Curry instead proposed to place the statue in Newport’s Castaway Park.  He also added that a process by which the artist selected to create the statue would include input by a committee of private donors, the City’s Art Commission and the Parks, Beach’s and Recreation Commission would be used.  The City Manager would ultimately make the final decision on who will create the statue and where it will be placed.

The only thing most people pro or con on the Reagan statue debate probably agreed on last night was that Newport’s City Manager Dave Kiff was not the luckiest guy in the room when the entire process fell into his lap!  Kiff from what I’ve seen seems more than up to the job.

Before the council made its decision, members of the public had their chance to give their opinions of the proposed project. Many in the audience were pro-Reagan supporters and there were just as many or more anti-Reagan opponents as well.

Picture 2 Some of the speakers complained that the Council and Curry had violated the rules and spirit of how public art was supposed to be selected in the city in the case of the Reagan statue. The Council had previously approved a measure soliciting donations for a Reagan memorial earlier this year. Opponents believed that the Art Commission should be the primary way any art would be selected and placed within the city.

Newport Beach City Attorney David Hunt however advised the Council that they were well within city policy to make the final determination on how public art in the city was created, chosen and placed in Newport Beach. That didn’t sit well with some people in the audience, especially one woman who claimed she was appalled at seeing the “violent” memorial to 1st U.S. Marine Division in Castaways Park that was installed in 2008.


In the most pointed cheap shot attack on the project itself Dr. Suzanne Savary, President, Newport Beach Women’s Democratic Club (see below) told the Council and the overflow audience that she would support and approve of a statue of Reagan if it were placed at Hoag Hospital to honor the former President’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease that he suffered from later in life.

Savary told the council she didn’t want her children being taught about the former President via a public statue honoring him. Even referring to the former President Reagan in her prepared comments to the Council members as “that man”.

I can’t wait for people like Dr. Savary to begin the process to raise the money and begin a project to honor whomever her and fellow Democrats in Newport opposed to the Reagan statue want, unless of course they only want tax payer money spend on public art and for only the city government to tell them who is worthy of such an honor.  That notion never seemed very democratic to me.

Unitl then I won’t hold my breath in the meantime, but I will take my kid to visit the Reagan statue as I have the Marine statue in Castaways Park when its dedicated.  As I would and have all the other pieces of public art in Newport Beach, regardless of who or what they honor. Of course, as long they are done in a respectful way to all the citizens of this fine city. So far I haven’t found one that isn’t.

Other speakers last night spoke in more glowing terms about Reagan and why they supported the project honoring the late U.S. President.  In the end, when all is said and done Newport Beach wil have a statue honoring the 40th President of the United States Ronald Reagan. A fitting tribute in my opinion to just one of many U.S. presidents deserving of the honor, regardless of their political views or party.

Jewish Group Attacks Glenn Beck, Firing Request Denied by News Corp.

Leftists will do anything to suppress Glenn Beck’s influence. It is such a shame that some Jews resort to this behavior. Glenn Beck is not anti-Semitic. Not one bit. Also, Beck does not use vitriolic rhetoric. reports on this here:

On Thursday, January 13, Jewish Funds for Justice President Simon Greer traveled with several others to News Corp. Headquarters in New York City with one goal – to take a stand against Fox News pundit Glenn Beck over what they believed to be multiple uses of violent and dangerous language – the same sort of rhetoric that Beck has been accused of using in the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Tucson, Arizona that led to the deaths of many Americans and caused Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords to become severely wounded.

As a Jew, I am troubled by these incidences. That is a whole other issue to delve into another time. Nevertheless, it is shameful.

Beck’s spirits will not be broken, no matter how many groups demand for his removal or his death like Bill Maher did (which is ludicrous).