WOS Article: Competitive Shooter From Venezuela Slams Gun Control

Below is an excerpt:

NRA News commentator Gabby Franco, who grew up under tyranny in Venezuela, stars in a new video slamming gun control.

For those of you familiar with the National Rifle Association, competitive shooter Gabby Franco is a familiar face. Her commentary is spicy, hard-hitting, and equally informative.

According to her biography, Gabby got involved in the shooting sports at a very early age. She first became exposed to firearms at age 11. At age 16, she joined the Venezuelan Olympic team and won her first International Silver Medal in 1997 at the Bolivarian Games in Peru.  Here’s more about her from her biography:

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Thrilled to Be Published in The Washington Times!

Today I’m proud to announce that an article of mine is published in The Washington Times, one of the most renowned conservative publications in existence.

The National Rifle Association posted it on their Facebook and Twitter pages:

NRA-ILA also posted it to their blog.

A tremendous honor to be published there and to have my article widely shared by so many! Thank you.

Update: My article was tweeted out by Tea Party Patriots and AmmoLand.


Townhall.com Column: Aspiring NJ Cop Finally Gets His Firearms Privileges Restored

Today I have a new column up at Townhall.com. Below is an excerpt:

A small but important Second Amendment victory was handed to one aspiring cop in New Jersey last week.

A former private security guard, Josey-Davis had his firearms privileges restored on January 29, 2016, after a being arrested in September 2013 and subsequently charged with a felony.

Josey-Davis is one of many people whose lives have been adversely affected by draconian anti-gun laws in deep-blue states. His miraculous victory—which has been largely ignored by civil rights groups and the media—is a repudiation of gun control policies that criminalize legal gun owners like him.

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WOS Article: NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Challenges Obama to Debate

Below is an excerpt from my new article at Wide Open Spaces:

Following President Obama’s disparaging comments on the NRA and guns at CNN’s recent “Guns in America” town hall, Wayne La Pierre challenged him to a one-hour debate.

National Rifle Association (NRA) CEO and Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre has challenged President Obama to debate him on guns following recent executive actions the president has taken on them to advance gun control.

In a newly-released eight minute video entitled “A Challenge For the President,” LaPierre offers the president an opportunity to debate him fair and square.

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NRA News Appearance on Article Criticizing Everytown for Gun Safety

NRA News

I appeared on NRA News on Tuesday, March 24th, 2015, to discuss the problem with Everytown for Gun Safety’s latest misinformation campaign targeting young women who support gun rights and concealed carry. Here’s more on the appearance:

At the Counter Cultured blog, Gabriella Hoffman has written about Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, and its assertion that young women can’t handle firearms. A series of tweets from the gun control group characterizes young women as drunk, irresponsible, and a danger to themselves. Hoffman describes the responsible behavior of young gun owners, and the effect of reduced crime from concealed carry on campus. Originally aired on NRA News Cam & Co 03/24/15.

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Update I: Here’s the full YouTube clip from my March 24th NRA News appearance: