Marching for Life, Blizzard Edition

March for Life with some coworkers, current and previous Credit: Oressa Boelk

March for Life with some coworkers, current and previous
Credit: Oressa Boelk

Hello everyone!

Greetings from Ground Zero of Jonas, which has thankfully subsided here in the D.C. metro area. Despite 2-3 feet of snow, I’m happy this storm didn’t turn out to be so disastrous. (To those affected above the Mason-Dixon line, stay safe and out of warm’s way!) On the bright side, I’ve enjoyed shoveling snow (it makes for a good work out) and watching new films from the luxury of one’s home. Hope everyone–local or not local–managed to survive the wrath of Jonas!

I wanted to briefly touch upon the 43rd annual March for Life, which miraculously occurred before the wrath of Jonas. Despite blizzard warnings, my coworkers and I set out for the National Mall to attempt to meet some students. Additionally, I ran into several friends along the way. Attendance is believed to have been in the tens of thousands, which isn’t too shabby.


This was my third March for Life having attended the 2013 and 2014 marches. Despite pre-empting the blizzard, the 2016 March for Life wasn’t as cold as previous ones. Seeing fellow young people–especially those all all denominations, ages, and backgrounds–is always heartwarming. This is a great cause. I’m proud to be a member of the pro-life generation!

Below are some pictures from the March:

To follow March for Life’s efforts, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn about the march and how you can get involved.

Counter Cultured Article: Supporting PP Doesn’t Ensure a Woman’s Success

Up at Counter Cultured today, I have a blog post about Jennifer Lawrence clamoring support for Planned Parenthood because she credits them to her success. (What!?) Below is an excerpt:

In a recent interview in Glamour Magazine, actress Jennifer Lawrence gave a ringing endorsement of notorious abortion corporation Planned Parenthood–even suggesting success can be best achieved if women use Planned Parenthood’s services.

Lawrence said, “My mom was really religious with me when I was young. She’s not so much anymore. And I wouldn’t have been able to get birth control if it weren’t for Planned P. I wouldn’t have been able to get condoms and birth control and all these things I needed as a normal teenager who was growing up in a Jesus house.”

She added, “And now [because I had Planned Parenthood,] I am a successful woman who has not had a pregnancy….but seriously. What harm comes from supplying people with birth control, condoms, Pap smears, and cancer screenings?”

What a callous remark. There is no one path that guarantees success–let alone assistance from a federally-funded pro-abortion organization.

Thank you to Susan B. Anthony List for tweeting out the article too!

Richmond Lobby Day: Be There or Be Square!

Seal_of_Virginia.svg wikipedia

If you live in Virginia and want to hold the General Assembly/Governor McAuliffe, Lt. Governor Northam, and Attorney General Herring accountable, drive to Richmond to make your voice heard!

The 2016 General Assembly session will commence on January 13th, so Lobby Day will be taking place on January 18th, 2016.

Whether it’s for gun rights, the right-to-life, or limited government fiscal policies, we want our numbers to be strong so lawmakers can hear us. For those of you interested in participating with Virginia Citizens Defense League, here are all the details about the proceedings on Facebook.

I’ll be there with some friends to do some lobbying and some blogging about the affair. Hope to see and/or meet you then!

As always, I encourage you to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

New Townhall Article: PP Lives for Corporate Welfare, Not Women’s Healthcare

I’ve penned a new column up at after several months of a hiatus. Below is an excerpt:

At a recent donor retreat in Southern California, libertarian billionaire Charles Koch derided corporate welfare by saying, “Business leaders (must) recognize that their behavior is suicide, that it is suicide long term. To survive, long-term, they have to start opposing, rather than promoting, corporate welfare…This means stopping the subsidies, mandates and special privileges for business that enriches the haves at the expense of the have-nots.”

Mr. Koch’s call to end corporate welfare rings true for Planned Parenthood, the “family planning” corporation that received $528.4 million in federal funds according to its most recent annual report.

Planned Parenthood has been caught, yet again, engaging in ghastly acts as documented in a series of investigative videos from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP). As a result of CMP’s videos, elected officials from across the country have vowed to investigate and/or strip Planned Parenthood of taxpayer dollars. This led to the U.S. Senate holding a vote to defund Planned Parenthood last week –only to fail as Republicans couldn’t garner the 60-vote threshold to make it a reality. Previously, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to defund Planned Parenthood back in 2011.

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Congress Will Vote to Defund Planned Parenthood Today

The United States Congress is expected to hear a vote on defunding abortion giant Planned Parenthood today. Here’s more context behind this vote from Fox News:

The Republican-controlled Senate is set to vote Monday on halting federal aid to Planned Parenthood, a fast response to the series of unsettling videos exposing the group’s little-noticed practice of providing fetal tissue to researchers.

The measure is not expected to pass because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the other 53 Republican senators will need support from several Democrats to reach the 60-vote threshold, with some moderates on both sides still apparently undecided.

However, the effort appears to be another step in the effort by pro-life groups and others to restrict abortions and undermine Planned Parenthood, which provides health services, family planning and abortions in clinics across the country.

As a result of the ongoing investigations into Planned Parenthood and this forthcoming vote to defund Planned Parenthood, my sister and I compiled a video up at Counter Cultured several days ago spotlighting Millennial support to strip Planned Parenthood of its federal funding. Below is the video:

It’s already been featured on American Mirror, RedState, Hayride, Right Wing News, Red Alert Politics, while being mentioned by Susan B. Anthony List and March for Life.

Urge your Congressmen and Senators to vote to defund Planned Parenthood by tweeting #DefundPP, #DefundPlannedParenthood, and #PPSellsBabyParts. Although it’s not expected to pass, let’s pray and hope Congress does something right for once–despite reluctant Democrats and feckless Republicans.

New Counter Cultured Article: Free Market Should Punish Planned Parenthood

I’ve penned a new article up at Counter Cultured today. Below is an excerpt:

A new investigative video from the Center for Medical Progress has implicated Planned Parenthood for selling dismembered baby organs.

The video features prominent abortionist Dr. Deborah Nucatola, who serves as the national senior director of “medical services” at Planned Parenthood. She gloats about the “demand” for fetal livers, “intact hearts,” and lower extremities. (How sick and twisted is that?) Below is the video. Warning-be prepared to be disgusted:

Given Planned Parenthood’s bloody track record, it’s imperative to strip this big government entity of federal funding and watch them fail in the free market.

Planned Parenthood is notorious for its anti-life policies that are borderline eugenics. The organization, which bills itself as a “pro-woman” family planning entity, receives billions in taxpayer money to perform abortions. A March 2015 report from the Government Accountability Office revealed that Planned Parenthood received $1.5 billion in taxpayer money for the 2010-2012 period:

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Also linked at Right Wing News.

New Townhall Column: Online Abortion Class Demeans Free Thought at University of California

I’ve penned a new column for Here’s an excerpt:

The University of California (UC) system is one of the most reputed institutions of higher learning here in the United States. Boasting 10 campuses stretching from Davis in Northern California to San Diego in Southern California, the UC system is historically regarded for molding future leaders and pioneers. Unfortunately, intellectual diversity and tolerance of differing opinions are concepts largely absent in the UC system today.

UC-San Francisco (UCSF)—UC’s medical school—is one of the first universities offering a free online course on abortion. The free six-week course is titled “Abortion: Quality Care and Public Health Implications.” It is taught by Dr. Jody Steinauer, a noted pro-abortion OB/GYN and former president of Medical Students for Choice. The course started on October 13 and will conclude on November 24. It is open to the public for enrollment.

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